Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Memoriam with Hearts Joined

Do not weep for me for I have not gone.
I am the wind that shakes the mighty Oak.
I am the gentle rain that falls upon your face.
I am the spring flower that pushes through the dark earth.
I am the chuckling laughter of the mountain stream.

Do not weep for me for I have not gone.
I am the memory that dwells in the heart of those that knew me.
I am the shadow that dances on the edge of your vision.
I am the wild goose that flies south at Autumn's call and I shall return at Summer rising.
I am the stag on the wild hills way.
I am just around the corner.
Therefore, the wise weep not.
But rejoice at the transformation of my Being.

Author Unknown -

Not to be confused with Mary Frye's original

For all affected by the unspeakable tragedy at Virginia Tech -
April 17, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus In the Mourning, Noon and Night

Shock jocks, building blocks, living life in lies,
Judge and jury one and all, scoffing Freedom Fries.
Who among us holds the honor to cast the first of stones
While deep inside the seeds of hate run secretly, deep within our bones?

Oh, not me you say, proclaiming your righteous moral codes,
Have you looked inside a mirror lately? Do you see a prince or toad?
Dialogue be damned, money paves the way,
Corporate greed disguised as outrage, the order of the day.

Spare me your platitudes, your ill-placed reasoned lies,
Show me your actions, your charities, wanna bet I'd be surprised?

Whitened sepulchres await us all;
Our choice, of course, so it is said.
Though nonetheless, Hypocrisy's the way
That Spirit claims Her dead.

If nothing else, I've learned one thing;
In truth it must be said,
Crucifixion's not enough
To satisfy and pacify the thrill that violence brings.

The rabid throngs stand armed and ready to pound the lusted nail;
Be careful where you place yourself or is your soul for sale?

Since creation through destruction that we're hell-bent to achieve,
We are who we are, nothing less could I believe,
History has shown us our nature
And for that I deeply grieve.

From rocks and stones, to arrow and bow,
Our toys have arisen by that which we sow.
But by far our most dangerous weapon in our arsenal of woes,
Is the mouths from which the hate-filled speech doth carelessly flow.

I will not, could not ever speak for you,
I'd like to think redemption awaits whether "hoe," or "spic" or "jew."

Cast your stone upon the ground, don't worry, there'll be another day
But once and for all can we not truly ask ourselves
If Love can be the way?

"Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be."
Kurt Vonnegut

It is the ONLY right and Holy thing to do.

MIKE MALLOY - 1/20/05

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