Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Is There Life Out There?"....

Uhm..ummm...well, helloooooo anyone else noticing out here that the entire world seems to be coming apart???

It, whatEVER "it" is, had already gotten into the fabric by the time many began to wake up the past several years but now, it's coming apart at the seams...a rate increase perhaps??? But, did ya HEAR that what I just said???? IT'S COMING APART AT THE SEAMS.

Still not angry enough? Really. Then, really! Just WHAT is it going to take??? Don't tell meee - just FIND it! Somewhere! Ask the RIGHT questions, ok?

And for the sakes of all the gods and goddesses, if you understand or care to know nothing more about the rest of any of it, understand this:

Republican? Democrat? Independent. Lieberman Indepentent dependent CT Dem or WHATEVER that "other" party is - IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! THEY'RE ALL THE SAME...CORRUPTION IS CORRUPTION. WE NEED TO CLEAN IT UP. ALL OF IT AND IT'S A GREAT PLACE TO START: CLEANING!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Laugh A Minute That Jokester Prez!

Um, Mr. Presiopenmouthinstertfootdent -

Guess they don't know this song in Kenya or wherever it is you are really from...shame on you for your deplorable remarks regarding the Special Olympics...who raised you anyway???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Let me be the first to wish the new president St. Patrick Day greetings:

Happy St. Patrick's Day, President O'bama. mean it's NOT O'bama? And here I thought IRELAND had your original birth certificate!

Well, sorry for the faus pax if that's not the case...but you can just SAY you're Irish for the day, right? Hell, why not...everything else you say lasts for a day or so before you change it. Well, maybe that's a little harsh..."earmarks" did take a little longer and so did the economy you blasted McCain for saying was "fundamentally strong." Oh, you're such a fey little imp, aren't ya, eh?

Well, never mind. It's all what you say it is, isn't it, Mr. O'President. With or without a teleprompter.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Nightmare from Hell

In that teeny tiny glitch in the space between Daylight Savings Time and whatever hellish realm I'd been in moments before, contemplating once again the nightmare that just won't quit, I had a brief but real "hope" that just maybe, some sort of cosmic clock might click into gear and I would suddenly realize it was over...that bush really WAS out of office and that once again, I would recognize my country.

So much for hope, once perceived as a virtue; now, merely a four letter word.

It is, or was I suppose I should say for accuracy's sake, utterly inconceivable to me that anything following the bush administration could be worse. I'd have said, should anyone have asked, that no; it would simply be impossible that the threat to our ""democracy *wink wink nudge nudge* could be anything greater than the darkness that reigned over this once great land. Surely I would have found a way to rationalize it - I might have and did say things like, well, pendulums always swing back the other way, or in the grand scheme of things, this too shall pass kind of stuff we all think when we attempt to console ourselves during times of crisis. Maybe I'd have even found some humor in it all or attempted to assign some sort of profound meaning for living through a present I'd desperately wished was past.

But, ffffool me once....shame on...uh, uh, fffool me HOLY HALLELUJAH, BATMAN, bUSH TOLD US!!!! "Don't get fooled again" and will SOMEONE, ANYONE, PLEASE TELL ME...HOW THE HELL DID WE???

What IN the name of "holy" IS this sacrilege I see plastered all over the pretend news networks, the internets, grocery store rags and just about anything where image takes form? Who IS this pretender and WHERE did he come from??? Oh, right, I forgot...the Kenya thing is just a conspiracy theory and the prime minister of Britain is just a pesky unwelcome intruder who knocked on the White House door interrupting recovery from Wednesday Happy Hour(s). And there's 59 states in Barakistan too and don't you forget it! Ohhh, how naive am I to have believed that nightmares end or furthermore, can get worse. Because, they can. And did.

Can someone, ANYONE please bail ME out of this one? Once I'd have said oh sure, SOMEONE can. And I'd have gone merrily along my way, checking in with trusted sources and resources - those who I believed told me truths. But I'd never have expected that in so doing, I'd discover that the eerie, creepy, bone-chilling glaze in their eyes would inform me that they, too, had joined the ranks of the mind-snatched worshippers prostrate before the throne of The Sainted One. Am I the only one seeing the madness here? The grand Illusion? The great Lie? The corruption beyond all previous definitions and last but hardly the least, audacity of arrogance?

I'm sick to death of it. Sick of Democrats. Sick of Republicans. Sick of Congress, of shysters Frank, Dodd and Schumer. Sick of Pelosi and the wax museum she stepped out of and her partners in crimes, Reid and Boner. Sick of Fox, the New York Times and Washington's too. Sick of the flying White House pressed into service every time the Campaigner in Chief feels like a joy-ride in his new toy at our expense. Sick of Air America and the terminal NovaM. Sick of Limbaugh, Hannity and Blitzer, Dobbs and Schuster. And Katie and Campbell and Sawyer too. Every lying, corporate-owned tongue - they all make me sick. And I could go on but I won't because it would make me sicker still.

What don't you get yet about where we're heading? What is it that makes you froth at the mouth over this tele-prompted, velvet-tongued whitened sepulchre? This thing that oh yes indeed is worse than bush??? I really want to know because you scare me. You freaks that worship the golden calf are responsible for the fall that's all but over except for the thud. The least you could do is inform the rest of us who DO love this country what it is that blinds you from recognizing that you've been had. You're not Democrats or Progressives or Liberals. You're sheep....exactly what you claimed you'd loathed when you called your peers Freepers or wingnuts. Only worse...because you'd thought yourselves better. And THAT'S the audacity of arrogance. You sold out the truth. And never once thought of the children. And for that I hope there is a hell for that's where you all belong.

ALL INCUMBENTS OUT! EVERY, LAST ONE OF THEM! And THAT would be cleaning house!
It is WELL beyond the time to throw the money-changers out of the temple. OUT! OUT! OUT! ALL OF THEM!!!