Tuesday, April 28, 2009

*D* Skusted

Is it time for the duct tape yet? Oops...right - wrong administration - I must be very confused. Swine - not to be confused with Congress - though I do hear that pork's ok - seem a perfect metaphor for all of them ironically - or, not.

So how 'bout that cesspool of charlatans, jesters, and fools scramblin' 'round looking for cover on such insignificant matters like oh, let's say torture for one.

Ya gotta love it, huh? How will historians even begin to annotate activities that really didn't exist once the proclamation of "The United States 'dunt' torture" was made but wait, didn't it? Why, glory be! I guess the documents and tapes and videos and whatever else now destroyed were hidden under a DIFFERENT gavel in the United States House of Representatives cuz the person wielding another gavel at the time claimed she was "briefed on enhanced interrogation techniques" - yet...well hell's bells - suddenly, this is news to her! I'm gonna cut her some slack here though - could very well be she was MUCH too busy at the time with her buddy Rep. Harman who allegedly was engaged in a wee bit of collusion that surely couldn't go unrewarded without a chairwomanship of one of the most powerful committees in the House that Nancy built, right? Let's be reasonable here - Pelosi couldn't POSSIBLY have known all that's about to be unfolded in the coming weeks while the "angry left" tries to expose what it is that entertained a few "bad apples" in the wee hours of the night. Pardon me while my brain sizzles as I watch the sickening spin on the cue ball as they run for cover behind the 8 ball.

Boy, that Arlen Spectacle has a nerve today, huh? Trying to get control of the ball and nearly bawl at the podium as he sooo struggles with the painful decision to desert camp. Poor dear - those bad bad right wingers whose tent just wasn't big enough for his fragile ego - Heaven knows he's made the ONLY ethical choice seeking to align himself with the fine folks who brought us the Messiah-in-Chief - no doubt he'll fare MUCH better with a "D" after his name - all the poor guy wanted to do was support the stimulus package and now he has to take his toys and go home! It's not going to be REALLY fun though till Holy Joe takes HIS rightful place and trades HIS "D" in for an "R" - are we having fun yet? (Psst...yoohoo....Senator Dodd...where ARE you???)

Look. If you don't know it yet, and there's no excuse if not, it's all an illusion. Ya. That's right. Smoke screens and mirrors. Because WTP haven't connected the dots nor performed one of our truest duties of patriotsim, which is to watchdog these thugs elected/selected into office, we're on the brink of Destructogeddon, (h/t to my evangelical friends of ALL sects) and this country is going to hell in a hand-basket. I can't even begin to propose any solutions because for the most part, I'm thunderstruck by all I'm seeing here but I have come to a few conclusions and here they are:

1. Every single incumbent - "Out, out damn spot!"* Got that??? Every last one of them. If you've been only semi-catatonic the last 10 years, you already know why. The rest of you? To hell with you too...I have no use for "bots" of any flavor.

2. Election reform - from finance laws to term limits. Let me say that again a little louder...TERM LIMITS!!! It was NEVER intended that our representatives are ordained for a lifetime...don't you understand stand, Reader, that once they get the taste of the capital "P" power that it does indeed corrupt absolutely??? YOU'RE LOOKING AT IT!!! WHAT don't you get????

And don't even get me started on the media - I did find it mildly amusing how diligently Fox covered the so-called "tea-bag parties" - their fervor for their never-ending quest of "fair and balanced" nearly brought a tear to my eye as I recalled searching for media coverage of the Iraq WarWhatWar protests - what a piece of work. Rupert Murdock did Gail Wynand up real proud, huh? They've elevated hypocrisy to nearly an art form although CNN and MSNBC should be congratulated at least as "also rans." Why do we continue to allow them to (figuratively speaking of course) waterboard us over the airwaves with their propaganda without so much as an ounce of intellectual curiosity as to why bailouts, corporations, Wall St., pandemics, chemtrails, vaccines, missing white girls (not very many lately, notice?) and on and on and on ad nauseum are the things predetermined for us to think about???

Trick question for ya. Which is worse....the people who render torture (including those who order it)....or, the people who know about it - and - look away?

Ya. I'm in a bad mood. In a big way. Hope. Change. Moving forward is making me dizzy. And anyway, I'm far more concerned about how the dog in the White House is adjusting - I can't bear to think of the Oval Office being pissed on, can you?

*William Shakespeare: "MacBeth."

Monday, April 06, 2009

Hail Barry...

Just wonderin' since I can't bear looking at the Fake News any longer....but I heard that the Exalted One was in the Czech Republic today...so, was he riding an ass through the villages as the commonfolk laid down their palms for him?

Since they like him so much in Europe, how 'bout he stays there? Works for me.