Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is it possible.....

Is it possible, Mr. President, to sit your ass down for 24 hrs and do some WORK????

Is it possible for you to knock off the campaigning mode and at least TRY to become a president???

Nothing personal, but I'm SICK SICK SICK of seeing your face plastered all over my t.v. - sick of hearing that phony accent you use when talking down to people....sick of your arrogance...sick of your empty rhetoric...sick of the red herrings you raise...sick of the czars...sick of your inept foreign policy....sick of your apologizing and blaming America for the world's ills....sick of your photo-ops, sick of your petty, mean arrogance and your rooster bearing...sick of your lack of experience exemplified by your lack of understanding the Bill of Rights and freedom of the press...sick of being called a racist and watching you race bait every chance you get...sick of your irresponsible and unprecedented spending, sick of your lies about Obamacare, sick of your bots, sick of community organizers...sick of watching you try to pretend you're JFK hoping we make an impossible connection...I can't BELIEVE what you've done and continue to do to the country of MY birth...the philosophies you embrace and act upon illustrating your regard for socialism and Marxism....remember, it was you after all who challenged us to judge you by those you associate with...ya...YOUR words, not mine. No one really paid attention when you said you were about to change this country "fundamentally." Yup...that's what you said. Little did the bots know just how literal you were but those of us who had your number knew what you meant. And I won't even raise the topic of Afghanistan...or the Patriot Act....or gay rights...or Guantanamo Bay...I mean you've onlyyyy been there 10 months, right? Besides, it's all "the past administration's" fault as you remind us again and again and again.

I really, really REALLY wish you'd resign. I wish you'd decide this job is WAY over your head and decide to do the right thing by the American people and cut your losses and leave town. I really wish someone in the House had the moral fortitude necessary to draw up articles of impeachment and save this country from your "fundamental" change. Believe me, I KNOW you'd never do narcissist in good standing would. So I guess the only hat we have to hang our hats on is that America WILL wake up and boot you back to just wherever it really is that you came from and give us our country back. By the time you move along here, it will be unrecognizable. Please. Please RESIGN!!!

So, is it possible, America? Is it possible we can throw out ALL the koolaide...ALL of it that BOTH sides are intoxicated with...Can we do it? Though he'd like to think so, this is NOT Obamanation. Remember OUR roots???

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - author in question.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"A New Kinda Wah"

Earth to Oslo...Earth to Oslo!

Attention, please!

Your new peace prize candidate has just declared another war, yes! Another one! And, it's on Fox News!

Well, thank God at least. Heaven forbid any news outlet speaketh against the Almighty One, King of the World - it's WRONG, dammit, just WRONG to present the other side of the story, unlike the Chris Tingle Legs Matthews, Mentally Deranged Olbermanns and Nakita Brezinkis of GEMSNBC who lost all journalistic ethics eons ago feeding you your daily dose of propaganda pablum. CNN at least has Lou Dobbs but we can go ahead and include them among the group of O sycophants too.

I am so relieved, so goddamed relieved that this administration continues to blow our taxpayer dollars on things of importance. Troops - are you listening? Your needs just took a back seat that blows you right out the back seat and under The One's bus already in danger of blown tires and serious front end misalignment.

It is kinda weird that I'm defending Fox News, huh? I'll give you that. But it's also kinda weird that we no longer have ANY cable mainstream media that will even REPORT on the issues that are concerning those of us who see that there are two parties - the Republican and the Obama Party, two heads of the one monster. Fox, though many things disturb me about them as well, are the ONLY ones who at least attempt to shine light on the deliberate dismantling of what remains of this democracy and so for that, I'm going to give them credit. And thanks for ACORN and Van Jones, Glenn. Guess it's true where there's smoke there's fire. BAD Fox News! BAD, BAD, BAD!

We've been taken over, folks. If you don't get that by now, then by all means, crawl back into your caves with your dog-earred copies of The Communist Manifesto and dream. Karl Marx would be very proud of you. And I bet Michelle Who Is Recently Proud of Her Country would be too.

VOTE THEM OUT! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM (except maybe Feingold - he flips though so not quite sure about him but let's give the benefit of the doubt for the moment) CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS AND TERM LIMITS!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize???

"War is Peace."

George Orwell - "1984"

We have arrived.

Friday, October 02, 2009

David Lechermen..

Oh, David, David, David - how noble art thou to seek nobility in the court of public opinion for your hmm, trangressions with staff shall we say?

And YOU, YOU of ALL people had the balls to do what you did to Sarah Palin?

Personally, I don't give a damn what you do so long as you don't hurt anyone. But really now, you expect one like me to support your career by listening to your drivel and buying from your sponsors?

No thank you.

I hope you find this a "teachable moment."

Brazil Gets the Torch...

Oh, this is rich! Guess Baby doesn't always get what Baby wants....geesch...and all that "sacrifice" She Who is Recently Proud of America made? Oh, woe is me...however will we pay for that waste of fossil fuel and manpower...maybe The One ought to try warming his chair in the Oval Office for a change and pay some attention to the enormous problems he still seems unable to solve. That damn IOC - well, they must be racists I guess.

Congratulations, Brazil! Let the games begin!

Marathon Obama Man

A coupla things:

Could someone tell the Campaigner-in-Chief that the selection is over and he can IMMEDIATELY stop firing up the engines of Air Force One and its twin and halt these daily joyrides to wherever he feels like going from day to day? And same for his wife who recently is proud of her country from making "sacrifices" to go to Denmark to shill for the C-I-C to Mistake in Chief! What is his gallivanting costing us, dear friends??? Because you do know that WE pay for all his trips, don't you?

How utterly embarrassing. Never has a sitting president inserted himself into the Olympic process....most are busy doing other important running this country...and more specifically, figuring out what to do with Iran, Afghanistan and the disaster he's created with his rush rush rush toward demolition of healthcare as we once knew it. What is this about? Certainly it's not for any particular great pride in our country - behold the apology tours to get a better sense of just what he thinks of, what's the gig here? Maybe it's true that mobsters stick together at all costs...or, maybe, he just has nothing better to do since his incompetence since taking office has clearly been demonstrated with each undertaking he's rapidly failing on. Payback, friends, paybacks, right, Valerie?

I'm SICK SICK SICK of seeing his face (or hers) plastered all over my tv. I'm sick of seeing him in the grocery store - the book store - and even commercials for God's sakes....I can't escape him and I WANT HIM OFF MY TV!!! But his megalomaniacal narcissistic ego seems to know no bounds.

Are you waking up yet, Bots? Is he paying your utilities and electric bills yet as you'd though he would? Putting food on your table yet? Buying you new cars? Or is the kool-aide you drank begun to wear off yet and suddenly you're realizing your emperor has no clothes? For some of us, he never did. But there's still time for you to come to your senses. Really. Mid-term elections are coming and I see majorities no longer in the dems cards....and should that happen, we've got a real shot at making Barack Soetero a one-termer IF you do the research and discover what this latest brand of thuggery is all about. You might be quite surprised when you do REAL research and shut down Obama Channels MSNBC and CNN.

You may have missed the UN playlets last week but if you paid attention, you'd see that quite a group of world leaders were not taken in or impressed by this snake-oil salesman, who, because of his lack of experience, has no clear idea as to what he's doing. And the others who are still taking his measure, don't seem to be very impressed with Mr. Hopey-Changey. He's so out of his element that it's just pathetic to watch. No matter how high he puts that nose of his in the air, they're not fooled.

So once again, let me scream in desperation: VOTE ALL INCUMBENTS OUT! THEN, ELECTION LAWS REFORMED AND THEN, TERM LIMITS! This is the ONLY long-term strategy that can work to save our republic. Every. Last. One. Of. Them!!!