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Happy Birthday, John....

My poet, priest and prophet - and my brother.

Thank you, John

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Tale of The One....

In searching for a source to give credit to, all I could obtain was the fact that the following was written by "A Pastor's Wife." So, it is to this insightful, brave and patriotic woman, whoever and wherever you are, that I give full credit to for nailing the apocalyptic nature of the Reign of The One. It's simply a brilliant piece.


And it came to pass in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land called America, having lost their morals, their initiative, and their will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that person known as “The One.

He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but He hypnotized the people telling them, “I am sent to save you. My lack of experience, my questionable ethics, my monstrous ego, and my association with evil doers are of no consequence. For I shall save you with Hope and Change.

Go, therefore, and proclaim throughout the land that he who preceded me is evil, that he has defiled the nation, and that all he has built must be destroyed.”

And the people rejoiced, for even though they knew not what “The One” would do, He had promised that it was good; and they believed.

And “The One” said “We live in the greatest country in the world. Help me change everything about it!” And the people said, “Hallelujah! Change is good!”

Then He said, “We are going to tax the rich fat-cats.”

And the people said “Sock it to them!”

“And redistribute their wealth.”

And the people said, “Show us the money!”

And then He said, “Redistribution of wealth is good for everybody.”

And Joe the plumber asked, “Are you kidding me? You’re going to steal my money and give it to the deadbeats??”

And “The One” ridiculed and taunted him, and Joe’s personal records were hacked and publicized.

One lone reporter asked, “Isn’t that Marxist policy?”

And she was banished from the kingdom!

Then a citizen asked, “With no foreign relations experience and having zero military experience or knowledge, how will you deal with radical terrorists?”

And “The One” said, “Simple. I shall sit with them and talk with them and show them how nice we really are; and they will forget that they ever wanted to kill us all!”

And the people said, “Hallelujah!! We are safe at last, and we can beat our weapons into free cars for the people!”

Then “The One” said, “I shall give 95% of you lower taxes.”

And one, lone voice said, “But 40% of us don’t pay ANY taxes.”

So “The One” said, “Then I shall give you some of the taxes the fat-cats pay!”

And the people said, “Hallelujah!! Show us the money!”

Then “The One” said, “I shall tax your Capital Gains when you sell your homes!”

And the people yawned and the slumping housing market collapsed.

And He said, “I shall mandate employer- funded health care for EVERY worker and raise the minimum wage. And I shall give every person unlimited healthcare and medicine and transportation to the clinics.”

And the people said, “Give me some of that!”

Then He said, “I shall penalize employers who ship jobs overseas.”

And the people said, “Where’s my rebate check?”

Then “The One” said, “I shall bankrupt the coal industry and electricity rates will skyrocket!”

And the people said, “Coal is dirty, coal is evil, no more coal! But we don’t care for that part about higher electric rates.”

So “The One” said, “Not to worry. If your rebate isn’t enough to cover your expenses, we shall bail you out. Just sign up with ACORN and your troubles are over!”

Then He said, “Illegal immigrants feel scorned and slighted. Let’s grant them amnesty, Social Security, free education, free lunches, free medical care, bi-lingual signs and guaranteed housing…”

And the people said, “Hallelujah!!” And they made him King!

And so it came to pass that employers, facing spiraling costs and ever-higher taxes, raised their prices and laid off workers. Others simply gave up and went out of business and the economy sank like unto a rock dropped from a cliff. The banking industry was destroyed. Manufacturing slowed to a crawl. And more of the people were without a means of support.

Then “The One” said, “I am the “The One” – The Messiah – and I’m here to save you! We shall just print more money so everyone will have enough!”

But our foreign trading partners said unto Him, “Wait a minute. Your dollar is not worth a pile of camel dung! You will have to pay more …”

And the people said, “Wait a minute. That is unfair!!”

And the world said, “Neither are these other idiotic programs you have embraced. Lo, you have become a Socialist state and a second-rate power. Now you shall play by our rules!”

And the people cried out, “Alas, alas!! What have we done?”

But yea verily, it was too late. The people set upon “The One” and spat upon him and stoned him, and his name was dung. And the once mighty nation was no more; and the once proud people were without sustenance or shelter or hope. And the Change “The One” had given them was as like unto a poison that had destroyed them and like a whirlwind that consumed all that they had built.

And the people beat their chests in despair and cried out in anguish, “Give us back our nation and our pride and our hope!!” But it was too late, and their homeland was no more.

You may think this is a fairy tale, but it’s not.

It’s happening RIGHT NOW !!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey, Progressives, Read It and Weep!

This is why this fella is a professor and I am not! I'd like to take every single bot I know (well, is it really possible to "know" people who have abdicated their brains to false gods and graven images?) and liberal/progressive hysterics, project this article on every wall of a locked, padded cell and allow them out only when they can repeat it verbatim, and, GET IT!!! Until I can figure out how to do that, all credit to Professor Green and Thanks, Prof - you're dynamite!

Now I'm Really Getting Pissed Off


Hey did you hear about the iconic African-American guy who plays golf, and whose relationship with the public is in a free-fall lately?

No, as a matter of fact – I’m not talking about Tiger Woods.

You know, I’ve really been trying not to write an article every other week about all the things I don’t like about Barack Obama.

But the little prick is making it very hard.

Like any good progressive, I’ve gone from admiration to hope to disappointment to anger when it comes to this president. Now I’m fast getting to rage.

How much rage? I find myself thinking that the thing I want most from the 2010 elections is for his party to get absolutely clobbered, even if that means a repeat of 1994. And that what I most want from 2012 is for him to be utterly humiliated, even if that means President Palin at the helm. That much rage.

Did this clown really say on national television that “I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of you know, fat cat bankers on Wall Street”?

Really, Barack? So, like, my question is: Then why the hell did you help out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street? Why the hell did you surround yourself with nothing but Robert Rubin proteges in all the key economic positions in your government? Why did you allow them to open a Washington branch of Goldman Sachs in the West Wing? Why have your policies been tailored to helping Wall Street bankers, rather than the other 300 million of us, who just happen to be suffering badly right now?

Are you freakin’ kidding me? What’s up with the passive president routine, anyhow, Fool? You hold the most powerful position in the world. Or maybe Rahm forgot to mention that to you. Or maybe the fat cat bankers don’t actually let do that whole decision-making thing often enough that it would actually matter...

But, really, are you going to spend the next three interminable years perfecting your whiney victim persona? I don’t really think I could bear that. Hearing you complain about how rough it all is, when you have vastly more power than any of us to fix it? Please. Not that.

Are you going to tell us that “I did not run for office to be shovel-feeding the military-industrial complex”? But what – they’re just so darned pushy?

“...I did not run for office to continue George Bush’s valiant effort at shredding the Bill of Rights. It’s just that those government-limiting rules are so darned pesky.”

“...I did not run for office to dump a ton of taxpayer money into the coffers of health insurance companies. It’s just that they asked so nicely.”

“...I did not run for office to block equality for gay Americans. I just never got around to doing anything about it.”

“...I did not run for office to turn Afghanistan into Vietnam. I just didn’t want to say no to all the nice generals asking for more troops.”

Here’s a guy who was supposed to actually do something with his presidency, and he’s turned into the skinny little geek on Cell Block D who gets passed around like a rag doll for the pleasure of all the fellas with the tattoos there. He’s being punked by John Boehner, for chrisakes. He’s being rolled by the likes of Joe Lieberman. He calls a come-to-Jesus meeting with Wall Street bank CEOs, and half of them literally phone it in. Everyone from Bibi Netanyahu to the Japanese prime minister to sundry Iranian mullahs is stomping all over Mr. Happy.

And he doesn’t even seem to realize it.

Did you see him tell Oprah that he gave himself “a good solid B+” for his first year in office? And that it will be an A, if he gets his healthcare legislation passed? Somebody please pick me up and set me back on my chair, wouldya?

I am seriously beginning to worry that this cat is delusional. He has lopped off twenty full points from his job approval rating in less than a year’s time, falling now below fifty percent. His party, once dominant in generic congressional election poll questions, is today almost even with hated Republicans in the public mind. Last month, Obama’s inverted coattails (don’t even ask where those go) got two Democrats clobbered running for governor in New Jersey and Virginia. The otherwise obnoxious George F. Will (very) rightly points out that in Kentucky, “a Republican candidate succeeded in nationalizing a state Senate race. Hugely outspent in a district in which Democrats have a lopsided registration advantage, the Republican won by 12 points a seat in Frankfort by running against Washington”. Wow. Obama is now wrecking state senate races! What’s next? Will local Republican candidates for sheriff win office just by opposing the embarrassment in the White House who chooses abysmal policies and then refuses to fight for them, lest he should ruffle any feathers?

“For Democrats, the red flags are flying at full mast," said Democratic pollster Peter Hart in a recent AP article. "What we don't know for certain is: Have we reached a bottoming-out point?”

Au contraire, Peter. Au contraire. I think anyone more sentient than a newborn amoeba can answer that question. The first thing to note is that the economy is not coming back anytime soon, if it comes back at all. Unless, of course, you’re a fat cat Wall Street banker. Then you’re just fine, because the Bush-Obama administration took care of you quite nicely, thanks very much. The rest of us poor slobs out here in real-world land, on the other hand, got a “jobs summit”.

I can’t even begin to describe how insulting Obama conducting a “jobs summit” is to me, or what an unbelievably ham-fisted piece of public relations that was for the White House, which is increasingly showing itself not just to be sickeningly regressive, but also fully inept. I think I speak for a whole lot of Americans when I say that, one year into his stewardship over a destroyed economy that was actually atomizing for at least six months before inauguration day, I don’t want my president sitting around a table, running a dog-and-pony show, pretending to kick around ideas on how to generate jobs. I wanted him to have those ideas, himself, before he was inaugurated. I wanted those to be real ideas, that produce real jobs for real Americans who are really hurting. I wanted that to be, and still be, the be-all and end-all of his presidency, not some distant fourth-place priority, behind healthcare and the White House dog selection process. And, especially not some fourth-place priority behind jive healthcare reform.

Which brings us to the second answer to Mr. Hart’s question. If Democrats think they’ll be screwed next November because of unemployment, wait till Congress passes this healthcare monstrosity. Or doesn’t. At this point, either way they’re gonna get slammed for it, and rightly so.

If they don’t pass anything, they will be seen as unable to govern. This perception will be quite true because they will have failed to pass a major piece of legislation, despite having 60-40 majorities in both houses of Congress and control of the presidency. It doesn’t get much better than that for a governing party in the American system. But it will be true in an even more profound sense, because the whole priority structure of the Democratic agenda is wrong. Sure, people want healthcare reform right now (especially if it were to miraculously also have the virtue of being authentic healthcare reform), but what they really want, overwhelmingly, is jobs. This choice of priorities is the equivalent of, say, invading Iraq when you’ve been attacked by people in Afghanistan. Surely no president would be that stupid, right? Surely any political party would realize the costs of having priorities so divorced from those of the voters, right?

On the other hand, the Democrats and their hapless president are probably in worse shape if they actually pass this legislation. Especially now that it’s been stripped of nearly every real progressive reform imaginable, it has become an incredibly stupid bill, from the political perspective. It will force people who can’t afford it to spend a giant amount of money on lousy insurance, without any real choice to hold down costs, and it will fund this by hacking away at the Medicare budget. No wonder an insurance industry lobbyist broadcast an email last week declaring: “We WIN. Administered by private insurance companies. No government funding. No government insurance competitor.”

But here’s a little riddle that any sixth-grader can easily figure out, although it seems to have eluded the brain trust at the White House: If insurance companies are winning big-time, then who is doing the losing? Something tells me that if Democrats are dumb enough to pass their own legislation, voters will provide them the answer to that puzzle in November of 2010, and then again two years later. What could be stupider than saddling thirty-five million Americans with a new monthly bill that will probably represent the second or third biggest item in their budget, in exchange for crappy private sector health insurance that is unlikely to pay out when needed, and wastes a third of the dollars paid in premiums on bureaucracy and profits anyhow? Slapping big fines on them if they don’t pony up for the insurance, perhaps? Yep, that’s in there too.

This bill alone could mobilize legions of people to go to the polls and vote for whichever party didn’t do it, and I’m pretty sure the GOP won’t be shy about reminding Americans who that is. I mean, if Democrats were searching for legislation less likely to win them votes, why didn’t they just bring back slavery or the debtor’s prison? Why not come out for pedophilia? It would have been so much more efficient. At least they wouldn’t have spent the last year looking like idiotic bunglers who, in addition to sponsoring really unpopular ideas, also inadvertently left their testicles at the coat check and have spent the last thirty years trying to find their way back to the gala.

Ah, but wait! If you order now, there’s more!

As I understand it, the bill doesn’t even actually force insurance companies to cover people, at least in the sense that they can charge prohibitive amounts to those with whatever they define as pre-existing conditions. You know, like the young woman who had a policy but died when she was denied cancer treatment because she had a bad case of acne as a teenager.

This will be a total train wreck for the Democratic Party. Already, the public opposes the plan by a ratio of 47 to 32 percent. And they haven’t even been handed the bill for it yet. And they haven’t even had their premiums skyrocket yet. And they haven’t even seen insurance corporation executives buy small countries for use as second homes with the increased compensation they will be floating in. And they haven’t even found out what this does to their Medicare yet. And they haven’t even seen the impact on the national debt yet. And they haven’t even realized that the ‘good’ parts of the bill don’t go into effect until FOUR YEARS from now.

You know, elite Republicans may be sociopaths, and they may be lower on the moral totem pole than your basic cannibal, but they’re not stupid. I bet they’re salivating at the idea that this thing passes. I bet they’d even have Olympia Snowe vote for it if necessary, just to put it over the top. They must be laughing their asses off at this gift. All they have to do is oppose it right down the line, then say “Told ya so!” at the next election, squashing the pathetic Demognats, one after the next. Hey, even if worse comes to worse and the thing eventually becomes popular, they can always wait a decade or two and become champions of the new publically beloved healthcare system – just like they did for Medicare, Social Security, civil rights, etc.

This is President Nothingburger’s great gift to America, along with doing nothing about jobs, doing nothing about the Middle East, nothing about civil liberties, nothing about civil rights, and now doing nothing at Copenhagen. Regarding the latter, the world is literally on fire, and he jets in, gives a speech haranguing the delegates that “Now is not the time for talk, now is the time for action”, then splits even before the vote in order to beat the snowstorm headed to the east coast that might delay him getting home to his comfy bed. I’m not kidding. You can’t make this shit up, man.

This guy is killing me, though at the same time I still can’t quite figure him out.

Here’s what I get: This president is a corporate hack. Like Bush or Clinton, he has constituents, alright – but you and I are not on that particular list.

Here’s what I don’t get: He is radically tanking, at a moment when people no longer have patience for those kind of politics anymore.

Here’s what I get: This president has his fingers in many pies, as he needs to, ranging from global warming to economic implosion to two wars abroad to massive federal debt.

Here’s what I don’t get: Why does he bother to do these things in a way that pleases no one, and only dramatically undercuts his own political standing? Why does he refuse to make anyone his enemy, thus making everyone his enemy?

Is he just massively deluded? I wouldn’t have thought so, but watching the guy give himself a very good grade for 2009 – straight face and all – during the same year he’s lost twenty points off his job approval rating, and at a moment when even blacks and gays are deserting him, you know, you have to wonder.

Is he happy just to be a one-term president – just to say he’s been there and done that, and then sell some more books – even if he is reviled as one of the worst in history?

Maybe. But what about the rest of us?

The rest of us, indeed. It’s been quite some time since anyone in the White House ever cared about that sorry pack of rabble.

Obama looked like he could’ve been something different. He ain’t.

So this is it, folks.

Change you can believe in?

More like bullshit you can take a bath in, if you ask me.

David Michael Green is a professor of political science at Hofstra University in New York. He is delighted to receive readers' reactions to his articles (, but regrets that time constraints do not always allow him to respond. More of his work can be found at his website,

Monday, December 28, 2009

Full Text of the Constitution of the United States | Freedom Documents

Might be nice to actually read what it is you're about to say farewell to before you ring in the New Year. You gotta love how President Obama* is allegedly a "Constitutional" lawyer - I say "alleged" because I don't know about you but I, for one, have not seen any records of his college transcripts - anyone? Anyone?

Full Text of the Constitution of the United States | Freedom Documents

Saturday, December 26, 2009

American Thinker: The Cloward/Piven Strategy of Economic Recovery

Hate to have to make any bots out there actually "think" but I'll give it a stab. Hope y'all liked the lumps of coal and wood you got in your stockings from Harry Reid and his band of pirates. Aw, what the hell....go have another cup of eggnog...might as well get a good start toward New Year's and your "fundamentally change"-ed (yes, past tense - CHANGED) country courtesy of President Obama* from.....from.....from....?????

American Thinker: The Cloward/Piven Strategy of Economic Recovery

Monday, December 21, 2009

Where ARE You, America??? I Can't Find You!

If you don't know what that sniveling coward Harry Reid is doing (well, tongue-in -cheek here as no one really does), then suffice to say, welcome to "socialized" medicine that isn't even THAT but something far worse even imaginable, and, shame on you and shame on those treasonous criminals who "represent" us. Obviously, you either no longer care about America or, you never did. The whys of that could fill 10 gigabytes but the short answer is that you've been duped into apathy, complacency and are invested in a status quo that only the anesthetized believe exists.

I'd say the current Congress is a joke if it weren't so dangerous and destructive to the very principles we were founded on as a nation. In case you haven't noticed, they have, behind closed doors, mocking the transparency The One "promised" we'd have, constructed a health-care bill that you have no idea what serious ramifications it yields....unless you've read it and understand what they, once again in the middle of the night, are trying to shove down the throats of a majority on both sides of the aisle who are SCREAMING "No! - WE do not WANT this!" They think we're stupid - that we won't even notice what they're doing but will in fact think, "oh, these wonderful, patriotic, outstanding representatives are even willing to work on Christmas Eve! What heroes! What beacons of virtue are they!"

And who ARE these people who keep returning them to Congress? Who ARE you jesters and fools who continue to: 1. not vote; 2. vote on party label; 3. vote blindly, totally uniformed on the issues and policies your candidate supports; 4. vote on popularity and name recognition, and 5. have NO idea what's going on except for what you see onFacebook, Ipods, and anything your fingers could possible "text" on.

What happened to "universal healthcare?" Remember that? Oh, well how about a "public option?" Where did that go? And still, you keep lowering the bar and giving these filthy handed politicians a pass as you continue to "hope" that just maybe your Anointed One is going to pull out some kind of miracle from his arrogant nose and save your collective, lobamatized souls? Yes, I KNOW Tiger Woods is more important and needs your time and attention but HE'LL be able to afford whatever Harry Crybaby Reid and Nancy, Queen of CorruptionPelosi want to dish out to you that YOU will NEVER be able to afford. Nor your children, your grandchildren and theirs. Go do the research yourselves.

While you're at it, check out the numbers of "uninsured" this bill would cover. Is it what you had in mind when you heard your Savior flip numbers back and forth citing oh, what was it now...40 million? 30 million? Or 57 like the number of states he think he rules? A simple task for you, eh? Go find out.

Has bribery crossed your minds? How about threats? Seem reasonable given what we've been seeing play out here? Do you even know your Senator's name??? How about your own which seems more apropos given what I've seen of the ignorance of those who believed in the greatest Deceiver of modern times? Did you just not know that there are Democrats and Socialized Democrats or even what the difference is? Guess I already know the answer to that.

If this bill ultimately passes and you've done nothing to stop it, then you deserve to go down as a follower of The One who successfully destroyed our democracy. The whines of your liberal/progressive voices (what a laugh given I'd once been one until Socialized Democrats stole my party in the primaries) will be heard from here to hell where you belong for sitting on your hands, supporting a fraud and crying, oh YES, Daddy, pleaseeeeee hit me again. It feels SO good when you hurt me. Protecting the abuser is what the abused do best. YOU and your fellow bots are who the rest of us have to thank for what we now have before us.

Remember. The Roman Empire fell. And so too, can we. We are right on the cliff, hanging on desperately while these thugs in Washington continue to try to hoodwink us. And on Christmas Eve no less. Isn't there some kind of hidden irony in that? Just wait and see what this bill does to your already shrunken paychecks. Just wait and see what happens when you visit an ER and "no one's home" to care for you. Or when you're denied that service you need because you simply don't meet the criteria stated on a checklist some Insurancecrat has designed.

The current liberal mantra of justification is that "oh, well, it's just a start - at least we have something" and when you proceed to ask them just what they mean by that, the blankness of their stares trumps the fogs of London. Even who gives them their marching orders doesn't support the bill - but at this point, thebots are marching to their own beat of denial well beyond the ability to hear logic and reason....or, FACTS.

What a tragic day for this country. The story is worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy. Only worse. And where will YOU be when it's time for YOUR knock at the door?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need

"For the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers" - John Denver

I love this charitable site - They don't hound you and you can browse for schools in your own cities and donate to the particular academic interests you may support. In this time of giving, I hope you'll take a look at what they do. An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need

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The Liebaggers...

Well, a man who tells it like he sees it - so, welcome to the club, Sir, cuz I see it the same way too.

Pelosi and Dodd - Consider yourselves on notice. I haven't even BEGUN to toy with you! But since you remain enthralled with the illusion of The One, I'll be doing everything I can to send you your pink slips. So, let's hear from an average American below - oh, that's right - he's probably only one of the "angry mob" or surely a "teabagger." Keep buying that rhetoric, Bots, cuz your days in office are numbered. You should all be tried for treason.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Buyer's Remorse, Michael Moore?

Well, hells bell, Mike...YOU were driving his bandwagon! Gee, aren't you being a little harsh on The One? Thanks to liberals like you who were intoxicated with an illusion while you suspended your critical thinking skills during the primaries, we now have MORE war - so, Mike and the rest of you maniacs who did NOT do your homework on Barry Soetero, how's that hope and change workin' out for you???

Since this is an open letter, forgive me if I borrow it. Unfortunately, now you know the answers to the questions you posed.


An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Dear President Obama,

Do you really want to be the new "war president"? If you go to West Point tomorrow night (Tuesday, 8pm) and announce that you are increasing, rather than withdrawing, the troops in Afghanistan, you are the new war president. Pure and simple. And with that you will do the worst possible thing you could do -- destroy the hopes and dreams so many millions have placed in you. With just one speech tomorrow night you will turn a multitude of young people who were the backbone of your campaign into disillusioned cynics. You will teach them what they've always heard is true -- that all politicians are alike. I simply can't believe you're about to do what they say you are going to do. Please say it isn't so.

It is not your job to do what the generals tell you to do. We are a civilian-run government. WE tell the Joint Chiefs what to do, not the other way around. That's the way General Washington insisted it must be. That's what President Truman told General MacArthur when MacArthur wanted to invade China. "You're fired!," said Truman, and that was that. And you should have fired Gen. McChrystal when he went to the press to preempt you, telling the press what YOU had to do. Let me be blunt: We love our kids in the armed services, but we f*#&in' hate these generals, from Westmoreland in Vietnam to, yes, even Colin Powell for lying to the UN with his made-up drawings of WMD (he has since sought redemption).

So now you feel backed into a corner. 30 years ago this past Thursday (Thanksgiving) the Soviet generals had a cool idea -- "Let's invade Afghanistan!" Well, that turned out to be the final nail in the USSR coffin.

There's a reason they don't call Afghanistan the "Garden State" (though they probably should, seeing how the corrupt President Karzai, whom we back, has his brother in the heroin trade raising poppies). Afghanistan's nickname is the "Graveyard of Empires." If you don't believe it, give the British a call. I'd have you call Genghis Khan but I lost his number. I do have Gorbachev's number though. It's + 41 22 789 1662. I'm sure he could give you an earful about the historic blunder you're about to commit.

With our economic collapse still in full swing and our precious young men and women being sacrificed on the altar of arrogance and greed, the breakdown of this great civilization we call America will head, full throttle, into oblivion if you become the "war president." Empires never think the end is near, until the end is here. Empires think that more evil will force the heathens to toe the line -- and yet it never works. The heathens usually tear them to shreds.

Choose carefully, President Obama. You of all people know that it doesn't have to be this way. You still have a few hours to listen to your heart, and your own clear thinking. You know that nothing good can come from sending more troops halfway around the world to a place neither you nor they understand, to achieve an objective that neither you nor they understand, in a country that does not want us there. You can feel it in your bones.

I know you know that there are LESS than a hundred al-Qaeda left in Afghanistan! A hundred thousand troops trying to crush a hundred guys living in caves? Are you serious? Have you drunk Bush's Kool-Aid? I refuse to believe it.

Your potential decision to expand the war (while saying that you're doing it so you can "end the war") will do more to set your legacy in stone than any of the great things you've said and done in your first year. One more throwing a bone from you to the Republicans and the coalition of the hopeful and the hopeless may be gone -- and this nation will be back in the hands of the haters quicker than you can shout "tea bag!"

Choose carefully, Mr. President. Your corporate backers are going to abandon you as soon as it is clear you are a one-term president and that the nation will be safely back in the hands of the usual idiots who do their bidding. That could be Wednesday morning.

We the people still love you. We the people still have a sliver of hope. But we the people can't take it anymore. We can't take your caving in, over and over, when we elected you by a big, wide margin of millions to get in there and get the job done. What part of "landslide victory" don't you understand?

Don't be deceived into thinking that sending a few more troops into Afghanistan will make a difference, or earn you the respect of the haters. They will not stop until this country is torn asunder and every last dollar is extracted from the poor and soon-to-be poor. You could send a million troops over there and the crazy Right still wouldn't be happy. You would still be the victim of their incessant venom on hate radio and television because no matter what you do, you can't change the one thing about yourself that sends them over the edge.

The haters were not the ones who elected you, and they can't be won over by abandoning the rest of us.

President Obama, it's time to come home. Ask your neighbors in Chicago and the parents of the young men and women doing the fighting and dying if they want more billions and more troops sent to Afghanistan. Do you think they will say, "No, we don't need health care, we don't need jobs, we don't need homes. You go on ahead, Mr. President, and send our wealth and our sons and daughters overseas, 'cause we don't need them, either."

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. do? What would your grandmother do? Not send more poor people to kill other poor people who pose no threat to them, that's what they'd do. Not spend billions and trillions to wage war while American children are sleeping on the streets and standing in bread lines.

All of us that voted and prayed for you and cried the night of your victory have endured an Orwellian hell of eight years of crimes committed in our name: torture, rendition, suspension of the bill of rights, invading nations who had not attacked us, blowing up neighborhoods that Saddam "might" be in (but never was), slaughtering wedding parties in Afghanistan. We watched as hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were slaughtered and tens of thousands of our brave young men and women were killed, maimed, or endured mental anguish -- the full terror of which we scarcely know.

When we elected you we didn't expect miracles. We didn't even expect much change. But we expected some. We thought you would stop the madness. Stop the killing. Stop the insane idea that men with guns can reorganize a nation that doesn't even function as a nation and never, ever has.

Stop, stop, stop! For the sake of the lives of young Americans and Afghan civilians, stop. For the sake of your presidency, hope, and the future of our nation, stop. For God's sake, stop.

Tonight we still have hope.

Tomorrow, we shall see. The ball is in your court. You DON'T have to do this. You can be a profile in courage. You can be your mother's son.

We're counting on you.

Michael Moore

P.S. There's still time to have your voice heard. Call the White House at 202-456-1111 or email the President.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ain' Gonna Study War No Mo-ah...


Question for ya -

If George W. Bush had ordered more troops for Afghanistan, you'd be saying __________________ just WHAT exactly???

Oh. That's right. The Usurper in Chief is your Messiah. Silly me. I forgot.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I beg you, faithful readers, BEG KNOW I was a liberal Dem through and's all HERE right in this blog! Go back! Read my archives! And you already KNOW I speak to you from the depths of my breaking heart and deeply troubled mind and spirit.....THIS ADMINISTRATION IS A NIGHTMARE....You DIDN'T read his was ALL right there!!! (exemption here for those who did)...He is hell-bent on DESTROYING our country as we once knew it. You MUST MUST MUST get involved. You MUST MUST MUST do the research and stop trusting this despicable traitorous media. You MUST MUST MUST stop confusing "progressivism" with "liberalism" and thinking in terms of two parties - THERE ARE NO TWO PARTIES....THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT and serving ONLY themselves! NOT you! NOT me. But THEMSELVES! And, they are robbing YOU, your CHILDREN, THEIR children's children of the futures we could only dream for them. They MUST be shown that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge here and what they're doing to us is a SIN of the HIGHEST order. I don't CARE if you're a Republican. I don't CARE if you're a Democrat. What I CARE about is that YOU are an American - just like me - and our government has been HIJACKED!!! All the pieces fit now. Obama is HERE to usher in his version of new world order - DON'T YOU GET THAT??? Don't you KNOW your history??? Can you NOT separate yourself from the label you wear and use your eyes, your ears and your brain to figure out what's happened here???

This is it, fellow Americans. If we don't get these usurpers out of OUR White House, OUR House and OUR Senate, we are done. Over. Screwed to the wall.

Our ONLY hope is the mid-term election. That is IT. And then, in 2012, we complete the second phase of house-cleaning and vote EACH and EVERY one of these despicable thugs OUT OF OFFICE.

Who will come to lead us??? Is it YOU??? And if the answer isn't "yes," it's "me" because I CAN do "hope and change" with my vote and their punishment, then I don't know, America, I guess it's just good-bye.

Oh, and Reid, Dodd and DLC with your stinkin' emails to me today announcing your "Big News?" Here's some BIG NEWS for you. We are coming for you, oh yes we are. And WE, the REAL Americans you have dismissed, maligned, ridiculed and insulted will rejoice in the streets the day WE give YOU the pink slips when we meet again at the polls.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Obama Outrage!

Hey, Pelosi -

Even WITH all that Botox floating around, it's no skin off YOURS and your liberals' noses that the new government recommendations for breast cancer screening just defy all medical logic....

but I assume that will apply to your daughter and granddaughters too???? Hey, Michelle - how 'bout you and YOUR daughters? These changes ok by you?

How 'bout YOU, Mrs. DeLauro - a breast cancer survivor....this ok with you too?


Just what I'd imagine.


And by the way, it is WITH pleasure that I'll be purchasing and reading Sarah Palin's new book!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vile, Filthy Corruption!

This Congress MUST go! Get it, fellow American? All of them! Democrat. Republican. Well, maybe Bernie can stay, but sorry, Joe, for old time sake, you have to go too. (though I do love your stance to filibuster on Healthcare Travesty HR #Up Our Asses again)

What don't you get yet - even you who can't be bothered paying attention to your duty as an American to watchdog those who represent you - just WHAT is it YOU don't GET about what's going on here??? You need a Beck, a Limbaugh, a Rhodes or a madmann Olbermann to inform you??? You forgot your job description as an American citizen somewhere after YOUR birth certificate?

Progressives - you've been outted. Liberals? Grow up. Conservative folk - knock off the proselytizing - and you "Party" people? Please...just make it official...surround DC in the biggest protest circle possible and fire into center - better yet; take your party labels and your perverted understandings of words like reality, history, truth, patriotism, freedom, republic, democracy, socialism, terrorism, fascism, marxism, bias, research, corporatism AND JUST LOOK 'EM UP, OK?????? Can you just MANAGE to do just that??? I KNOW the farm on Facebook needs attending - I KNOW you gotta get your dose of Simon and the Susan Doyles of the world...and YES, you need to know if Jon Eight Kate but for GOD's sake open up your eyes and just see what's going on here!

Dennis Kucinich is the ONLY congressperson who bothered to explain his principled vote. And it sure wasn't for what that other so-called body of "representatives" did to you when they screwed you royally Saturday as they worked sooooo hard on a b00-hoo unscheduled workday. Disgusting, revolting, obscene don't even come close to describing their performances on CSPAN.

But I'm not talking to them. They're, pardon the pun, SWINE.


*Sanders and your steps...maybe someday I'll be able to say "vote them all out EXCEPT" for you.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Obama's Katrina Moment

H/T to Youtube...the Usurper in his own words:

My heart and deepest condolences go out to the victims, families and the larger military family touched by this unspeakable act of jihad violence wrought upon our most precious national treasures.

"PTSD" MSM speculates? No, sorry, that pig don't fly. But thanks to yet another act of terrorism, who knows how many can legitimately carry that diagnosis now...How profoundly tragic.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is it possible.....

Is it possible, Mr. President, to sit your ass down for 24 hrs and do some WORK????

Is it possible for you to knock off the campaigning mode and at least TRY to become a president???

Nothing personal, but I'm SICK SICK SICK of seeing your face plastered all over my t.v. - sick of hearing that phony accent you use when talking down to people....sick of your arrogance...sick of your empty rhetoric...sick of the red herrings you raise...sick of the czars...sick of your inept foreign policy....sick of your apologizing and blaming America for the world's ills....sick of your photo-ops, sick of your petty, mean arrogance and your rooster bearing...sick of your lack of experience exemplified by your lack of understanding the Bill of Rights and freedom of the press...sick of being called a racist and watching you race bait every chance you get...sick of your irresponsible and unprecedented spending, sick of your lies about Obamacare, sick of your bots, sick of community organizers...sick of watching you try to pretend you're JFK hoping we make an impossible connection...I can't BELIEVE what you've done and continue to do to the country of MY birth...the philosophies you embrace and act upon illustrating your regard for socialism and Marxism....remember, it was you after all who challenged us to judge you by those you associate with...ya...YOUR words, not mine. No one really paid attention when you said you were about to change this country "fundamentally." Yup...that's what you said. Little did the bots know just how literal you were but those of us who had your number knew what you meant. And I won't even raise the topic of Afghanistan...or the Patriot Act....or gay rights...or Guantanamo Bay...I mean you've onlyyyy been there 10 months, right? Besides, it's all "the past administration's" fault as you remind us again and again and again.

I really, really REALLY wish you'd resign. I wish you'd decide this job is WAY over your head and decide to do the right thing by the American people and cut your losses and leave town. I really wish someone in the House had the moral fortitude necessary to draw up articles of impeachment and save this country from your "fundamental" change. Believe me, I KNOW you'd never do narcissist in good standing would. So I guess the only hat we have to hang our hats on is that America WILL wake up and boot you back to just wherever it really is that you came from and give us our country back. By the time you move along here, it will be unrecognizable. Please. Please RESIGN!!!

So, is it possible, America? Is it possible we can throw out ALL the koolaide...ALL of it that BOTH sides are intoxicated with...Can we do it? Though he'd like to think so, this is NOT Obamanation. Remember OUR roots???

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - author in question.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"A New Kinda Wah"

Earth to Oslo...Earth to Oslo!

Attention, please!

Your new peace prize candidate has just declared another war, yes! Another one! And, it's on Fox News!

Well, thank God at least. Heaven forbid any news outlet speaketh against the Almighty One, King of the World - it's WRONG, dammit, just WRONG to present the other side of the story, unlike the Chris Tingle Legs Matthews, Mentally Deranged Olbermanns and Nakita Brezinkis of GEMSNBC who lost all journalistic ethics eons ago feeding you your daily dose of propaganda pablum. CNN at least has Lou Dobbs but we can go ahead and include them among the group of O sycophants too.

I am so relieved, so goddamed relieved that this administration continues to blow our taxpayer dollars on things of importance. Troops - are you listening? Your needs just took a back seat that blows you right out the back seat and under The One's bus already in danger of blown tires and serious front end misalignment.

It is kinda weird that I'm defending Fox News, huh? I'll give you that. But it's also kinda weird that we no longer have ANY cable mainstream media that will even REPORT on the issues that are concerning those of us who see that there are two parties - the Republican and the Obama Party, two heads of the one monster. Fox, though many things disturb me about them as well, are the ONLY ones who at least attempt to shine light on the deliberate dismantling of what remains of this democracy and so for that, I'm going to give them credit. And thanks for ACORN and Van Jones, Glenn. Guess it's true where there's smoke there's fire. BAD Fox News! BAD, BAD, BAD!

We've been taken over, folks. If you don't get that by now, then by all means, crawl back into your caves with your dog-earred copies of The Communist Manifesto and dream. Karl Marx would be very proud of you. And I bet Michelle Who Is Recently Proud of Her Country would be too.

VOTE THEM OUT! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM (except maybe Feingold - he flips though so not quite sure about him but let's give the benefit of the doubt for the moment) CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS AND TERM LIMITS!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize???

"War is Peace."

George Orwell - "1984"

We have arrived.

Friday, October 02, 2009

David Lechermen..

Oh, David, David, David - how noble art thou to seek nobility in the court of public opinion for your hmm, trangressions with staff shall we say?

And YOU, YOU of ALL people had the balls to do what you did to Sarah Palin?

Personally, I don't give a damn what you do so long as you don't hurt anyone. But really now, you expect one like me to support your career by listening to your drivel and buying from your sponsors?

No thank you.

I hope you find this a "teachable moment."

Brazil Gets the Torch...

Oh, this is rich! Guess Baby doesn't always get what Baby wants....geesch...and all that "sacrifice" She Who is Recently Proud of America made? Oh, woe is me...however will we pay for that waste of fossil fuel and manpower...maybe The One ought to try warming his chair in the Oval Office for a change and pay some attention to the enormous problems he still seems unable to solve. That damn IOC - well, they must be racists I guess.

Congratulations, Brazil! Let the games begin!

Marathon Obama Man

A coupla things:

Could someone tell the Campaigner-in-Chief that the selection is over and he can IMMEDIATELY stop firing up the engines of Air Force One and its twin and halt these daily joyrides to wherever he feels like going from day to day? And same for his wife who recently is proud of her country from making "sacrifices" to go to Denmark to shill for the C-I-C to Mistake in Chief! What is his gallivanting costing us, dear friends??? Because you do know that WE pay for all his trips, don't you?

How utterly embarrassing. Never has a sitting president inserted himself into the Olympic process....most are busy doing other important running this country...and more specifically, figuring out what to do with Iran, Afghanistan and the disaster he's created with his rush rush rush toward demolition of healthcare as we once knew it. What is this about? Certainly it's not for any particular great pride in our country - behold the apology tours to get a better sense of just what he thinks of, what's the gig here? Maybe it's true that mobsters stick together at all costs...or, maybe, he just has nothing better to do since his incompetence since taking office has clearly been demonstrated with each undertaking he's rapidly failing on. Payback, friends, paybacks, right, Valerie?

I'm SICK SICK SICK of seeing his face (or hers) plastered all over my tv. I'm sick of seeing him in the grocery store - the book store - and even commercials for God's sakes....I can't escape him and I WANT HIM OFF MY TV!!! But his megalomaniacal narcissistic ego seems to know no bounds.

Are you waking up yet, Bots? Is he paying your utilities and electric bills yet as you'd though he would? Putting food on your table yet? Buying you new cars? Or is the kool-aide you drank begun to wear off yet and suddenly you're realizing your emperor has no clothes? For some of us, he never did. But there's still time for you to come to your senses. Really. Mid-term elections are coming and I see majorities no longer in the dems cards....and should that happen, we've got a real shot at making Barack Soetero a one-termer IF you do the research and discover what this latest brand of thuggery is all about. You might be quite surprised when you do REAL research and shut down Obama Channels MSNBC and CNN.

You may have missed the UN playlets last week but if you paid attention, you'd see that quite a group of world leaders were not taken in or impressed by this snake-oil salesman, who, because of his lack of experience, has no clear idea as to what he's doing. And the others who are still taking his measure, don't seem to be very impressed with Mr. Hopey-Changey. He's so out of his element that it's just pathetic to watch. No matter how high he puts that nose of his in the air, they're not fooled.

So once again, let me scream in desperation: VOTE ALL INCUMBENTS OUT! THEN, ELECTION LAWS REFORMED AND THEN, TERM LIMITS! This is the ONLY long-term strategy that can work to save our republic. Every. Last. One. Of. Them!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers

Thank you, sister, friend and mentor for a lifetime of treasures that I could never express fittingly in words. There's a searing pain in my heart today for your family, Peter, Noel Paul and your global family who understood the light you brought to this world. To think I will never see you perform again is mitigated only by the knowledge that it is through your music that your message and spirit will live through all the generations you have inspired. I'd like to think that your "Johnny" Denver is with you this moment singing a new harmony with a new verse to "Leavin' On a Jet Plane" with children gathered 'round you as the bells of freedom toll in the distance.

You will live forever in my heart. "Such as gift has been given that can never be taken away." - JD

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Then so be it. I am a Racist.

There is a choking rage inside me. It's foul. Bitter and bloody with a bile tasting of outrage and fury. I am sickened with disgust and anger toward those I must direct it and should you find yourself among them, then, good I say. I want you to FEEL it. No apologies. No explanations. And most of all, no excuses.

Maureen Dowd. Mike Malloy. Joan Walsh. Eugene Robinson. President Jimmy Carter. Randi Rhodes. And every single one of you vile hypocrites who DARE to call those of us who disagree with the present "administration" racists. Shame on you. No! Spit on you!!! How can you shame the shameless??? You...the supposed enlightened ones. The ones purporting to be the morally superior - the champions of the underdogs, the downtrodden. Whitened sepulchers in the TRUEST sense of the phrase are you.

Unable to defend this mistake in the White House that you drunkenly and blindly followed as the very sheeple you mocked without question - WHOSE conscience was it soothing when you voted for a man you tricked yourselves into believing was the answer to the causes you celebrated as you smugly called yourselves activists for Civil Rights??? No. Martin he ain't.

How DARE you conclude that people who DO have bona fide, legitimate reasons for not supporting not only the campaign of The One you assigned divine properties to but the thus far failed policies, positions and actions he's undertaken since ascending to his throne??? You, who would have otherwise been discerning, cautious, carefully examining facts and records, whirled yourselves into a state of brain-washed frenzy that surpassed anything Falwell and his ilk could have whipped up in a crowd of thousands. You suspended your critical thinking skills for what exactly??? A candidate of experience? Leadership? Upstanding associations? Principled views? Brilliance demonstrated through original rhetoric?? Voting consistently for the causes you espoused? Fie on you. Willing to shill, shilling at will, whose guilt were you attempting to assuage?

Oh, surely it must be the PH.D's in psychology you possess that place you in positions to pronounce racism as the disease afflicting those who refused to jump on your swerving bandwagons. Surely you're privy to the hearts and minds of those who sincerely question the Perennial Candidate and denounce their dissent with a blind dismissal and conclude - oh well, they're all racists. Again, how dare you?

You're playing with fire and you participate in a dangerous game. Unable to comprehend that you have become the very things you've mocked, you fail to see your own role in playing the race card - each and every time you find yourselves unarmed and defenseless in explaining how it is that your candidate just doesn't seem to be doing the things you HOPED he'd do. Well I have a surprise for you. Had you DONE the research, you'd have already have KNOWN he wouldn't be doing the things he seduced you with as he spoke his velvet words. You FELL for it and now, you can't admit you were wrong. And I mean YOU, so-called Progressive Liberals, a label I, too, once carried. He's sold you out - hey, did you notice? Where's your healthcare? Where's your ending of the war? Where's even your damn public option you so desperately sought??? Yet already, I notice it's all ok with you. You just change the goal posts, making excuse after excuse after excuse as you willingly participate as spectators in this Kabuki theatre playing out before your glazed eyes.

Each and every time you call out someone as being a racist when they disagree with your pseudo god, you unwittingly reveal the depth of your own. Do you eat, breathe and think in colors??? Do you have nothing of substance to fall back on when you attempt to defend the President of the United States who I remind you was voted in with a majority of WHITE voters who evidently were able to "overcome" the issue/non-issue of the color of one's skin? And for that matter, did you happen to notice when you read his books (which you obviously didn't as demonstrated by your inability to read between the lines and make a far better assessment than you did) that HE HAD A WHITE MOTHER??? Your accusations of racism don't even fit the bill so to speak.

ACORN is now a surprise that has caught you all off guard...and why should you even care about the facts? Psst...they were all there...well before he strode to Mt. Olympus. You were negligent in your roles as those who consider themselves opinion makers. You were deaf, dumb and blind. The war(s) continue - you know - those pesky little things that used to keep you awake at night. Well, I, the RACIST, am STILL awake at night, worrying sick about our troops. And where are you??? Why, busy calling those of us who HAVE kept the faith RACISTS. So GO AHEAD, CALL me a racist! Your opinions no longer matter to me. You're jesters. Fools. And paid ones at that. I wonder if that makes you similar to the fine folks at ACORN who facilitate prostitution for a living? The ones people like Charles Gibson know nothing about? Odd. We knew. How come didn't you???

Malloy - who guffawed and instigated many a rant against "the bush crime family" had NO problem whatsoever calling him a chimp and far worse, (and for the record, neither did I) nor spoke up in outrage when bush was boo'ed over and over again by the Democrats. I guess there was damn good reason Mr. Malloy would note many times that he believed the Feds were listening to his show....and with good reason. Hypocrisy at its finest here. A self-proclaimed "truthseeker." God, you make me want to puke.

Randi Rhodes - how lovely of her to actually call US the "N" word only she didn't use "N." And called Hillary a "whore." Oh yes...let's censure Joe Wilson but of course. I'm not going to detail the rest of these folks who are dangerous with a microphone or a pen. But I AM going to point out that you are doing everything possible to instigate those who really MAY be racists into actions that might result in the very things you proclaim to be against. Intellectual masturbation is usually harmless - except when it manipulates and encourages potential violence and further divisiveness...seems to me you won't be happy until you DO piss off enough people who are fed up and take to the streets but not for the reason you're peddling.

You make me sick. All of you. Your "Audacity of Hope" is the mirror image of the audacity of despair - how sad that I expected better from you. You're pissing off the wrong people. The ones you OUGHT to be pissing off are your own "flying monkey" left - those who are lying down and letting this administration toy with the dreams you'd HOPED would what have you got? From single-payer to public option to triggers and co-ops. How's that for meshing with your agenda? Well, from what I've seen, I guess it's ok with you as you continue to scratch your sorry asses and wonder what went wrong. I place the blame SQUARELY on you. MY hope lies within REAL Americans. Those who are fed up, see the lies continue and have the courage to voice their dissent - you know - DISSENT - the thing you ALL cried was patriotic. But, I guess that only applies when it's YOUR dissent.

So, you take your "racism" and your race cards and SHOVE THEM. Shove them good and hard till they come out your eyeballs and maybe, just maybe, it will be then that you see the light and see the horrific crimes, yes, MORAL crimes you're committing each and every time you call us racists. Your emperor has no clothes. Maybe in the light of day, some day at least, you'll have the guts to see and admit that. But from what are I see, YOUR brand of Kool-Aide is addicting. And, like all intoxicants, eventually, it will poison you. Let's hope you can save yourselves before that occurs.