Friday, October 08, 2010

"Go Plan Your Father's Funeral..."

So out of curiosity, wondering if perhaps the Mike Malloy Flying Monkey Left contingent has come to their collective, "progressive" senses, I took a stroll over to his blog moments ago and what did I discover but a wonderful rant extolling Liz Cheney to "go plan your father's funeral." should you care to check for yourself.

I am thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of myself that I, too, was one of Malloy's followers.  And they have the "audacity" to call the right wingers and Tea Party folks "hateful?"

Sorry, Malloy - you help your cause not one bit when you flaunt your hatred, genuine though it may be, out there for others who might not know you for the tool you are and randomly encounter your despicable, hypocritical vitriol hoodwinked by following the lead of "truthseeker."

Makes one wonder what you'd feel if someone advised your daughter the same, huh?

So in the fine, liberal tradition, let me close with a sigh of sadness and frustration and a quote from surely one of your heroes...."oh when will they ever learn?  Oh, when will they, ever learn?"

Monday, October 04, 2010

"Ffool me uh, once...."

CT voters...Is there REALLY anything else you need to know???