Monday, June 06, 2016

Do You Know the Way to San Jose - Or Out?

No, I'm NOT going to let this go, "this" being the domestic terrorism run rampant at Donald Trump's San Jose rally several days ago that appears to be a cluster*uck of many forces converging; including but not limited to a stand down order by the mayor to the SJPD, questionable membership of the PD chief in the allegedly racist group "La Raza," Hillary Clinton, George Soros,  and Bernie Bros to name a few. Remaining silent, as MLK said, is complicity and I will continue to decry this deliberate, encouraged and APPLAUDED violence by Leftists; (formerly known as a subgroup of traditional Democrats no longer in existence HELLOOOOOOOO) the result of years of liberal policies, rhetoric and political correctness, as being acceptable when one disagrees with them. Their message is one of tolerance and advocacy for peace and justice  (aka Social Justice Warriors or SWJs) when as I have been pointing out, is really that of hypocritical outrage and an authoritarian imposition of an entire school of beliefs that began to take shape in the 60s. 

Clinton says Trump is dangerous? What IS dangerous is the failure to recognize, define and understand the source of what has made this country cross a line that may very well be what defines THEM vs us. Build the GD wall already - a necessity now because of failed immigration policies and lack of enforcement of existing laws by BOTH parties for entirely different reasons. It's not the solution but a start to containment of a MULTITUDE of issues we face so that MAYBE some rational solutions can be made. With the leftists out of control attempting to enforce their beliefs on mainstream America by encouraging and enacting violence and blaming the victims, it truly IS now or never. 

It IS coming to your doorstep. Failure to see that has many origins I'll collapse into one larger movement many, including myself, see as the concerted effort called the Numbing and Dumbing Down of Americans (my words but all mean the same) via such media as sports, reality tv, gaming, tech devices, social media, liberal education, left-wing biased cable news networks such as CNN and MSNBC
and the lethal squeezing of the middle class whose members arrive home so tired each night after doing the bidding of their masters that their minds become ripe for the brainwash of the populate in a constant messaging of liberal GOOD and anything else BAD.  It's now reached fevered pitch as demonstrated by what occurred in San Jose and presented to us by the media as "protesting" against that hateful Donald Trump and his racist supporters.  Hell, after a few beers downed in a state of utter exhaustion, I'd believe anything too.  My voice here is one in hundreds who have objected to what was displayed and rationalized all over our airwaves this past weekend as "protest" and a colossal enactment of blaming the victim rather than unspeakable acts of violence against people whose right of assembly and free speech was trampled upon .   There's nothing groundbreaking here but I could not in good conscience let this moment history may very well look back to and define as the moment the 2nd Civil War of the United States began pass without going on the record.

Which colors will you be wearing?  Red, white and blue or green, white and red?  If the former, you better make sure your uniform is non-flammable.  

Beyond disgust and outrage here.  Just beyond.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monsters Everywhere...

Conspiracy theorists have a great deal in common with the Establishment on both sides of the aisle. They don't like their fellow Americans and show utter disdain for their normalcy and insistence on loving their country because only they can write the script on what patriotism ought to be; they believe themselves to be morally superior and to possess occult wisdom of the daily issues THEY believe are important; they consider their intellectual level to be far superior to their peers when the majority I've encountered have barely more than a high school diploma (B.A. or B.S. to Establishment types); they preach their message with self-righteousness and condescending indignation that demonstrates further the scorn they have toward the uninitiated or non believers in their Scripture of Skepticism and so it goes. Nothing. Nothing can shake their belief in the bogeyman, existential or otherwise. This kind of thought process I am convinced is the natural outcome of many many years wearing the uniform of the social justice warrior. There is no redemption when one believes the sun rising each day is the moon moving in reverse. Luckily, most of them don't vote. They can't find the ever elusive perfect candidate.

Far leftists and CTs * (often but not always one and the same) also fear Trump bc nothing but nothing can shake the impenetrable blockade around their politically corrected brainwashed brains that can only regurgitate the themes of social justice ills they alone are endowed with the wisdom to fix: preoccupation with all things pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel that trumps (no pun intended) their absent sense of patriotism and allegiance (considered to be pathological as evidenced by indignant proclamations regarding their own country while somehow believing they're appointed to school the rest of us by way of scolding us into our shamefulness); oftentimes lashing out at their favorite whipping post aka the United States military; the evils of modern medicine even though they have no education in it except perhaps self-help books and Google which is college to them and so it goes. Jesus Christ himself wouldn't get their votes if He was running but that's mostly because they're either proclaimed atheists or they allow themselves to tentatively embrace a religion likely because it serves a familial, social and cultural need. Hypocrisy is not a word in their vocabulary.

 *CT henceforth to mean "conspiracy theorists" which some may have noticed is my pet theme of late. Sorry but someone has to say it.  


Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Worldwide Crucifixion

In case you haven't noticed, a very public crucifixion is in progress not only here in the United States but all around the globe and the insurgent this time is Donald J. Trump.

Love him or hate him as there appears to be no in-between for this particular slaughter, the violence surrounding him makes one wonder why he just doesn't say "F*ck it - who needs this?" and go back to his enormously successful life of comfort and wealth (despite what the pundits tell you) in the interest of his own and his family's personal safety.

I could go into a very detailed analysis of all of this but much has been done already in snippets that if combined would make something Freud would be proud of but I'm not.  Instead, I'm just going to shake my head in abject disgust and once again caution you that the media in this country is about as corrupt as it gets; that the Congress is too and that the elites running the show make Red Reddington look like Captain Kangaroo.  I wonder what it is that lets people hoping for changes in their lives think the solution ought to be violent and out of control, mob mentality rabid behaviors?  If I want peace, should I pick up a sword and stab my neighbor?  If I want to be noted and respected, should I scream and shout and gesture obscenely to the person standing quietly next to me?  Can someone please explain this to me?  

When this kind of crap happens, I end up with a sense of outrage at the perpetrators of such behavior and ultimately wind up angered and frustrated beyond words to the point I want to grab them myself and put them in a padded OR LOCKED cell until they can demonstrate appropriate and in control behaviors.  Never do I look at them and say oh, wow - ya, man, let's talk about your issues and I'll see what I can do to help you fix them.

That is why Donald Trump is a far better human being than this sick society will give him credit for and that is why he is the only one I can consider strong, courageous and extremely big-hearted.

Plus, he's not Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton and God save us, Bernie Sanders.

Any questions?  Shame on everyone who has participated in this as a player or spectator.  We were already in a downhill spiral but this bullshit just put our descent on steroids.  God help us.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Look Who's Talkin'.....Again!

And so, we meet again and certainly well,  shall we say interesting, to be back here after many false starts and stops in my mind since the last time I dazzled liberals with my stunning insights.
 I haven't exactly been in hiding but I surely have been speechless as I've stood in terrifying awe watching the rate of progression toward the destruction of the America I grew up in.  Wow.  But every now and then, I have this urge to pop off about this or that lest I explode and social media has taken care of a lot of that...sort of.  That, too, happens to be one of my pet gripes but that's for another day.  I'm a bit rusty so I'm just going to engage in a bit of babble to get my sea legs again.  No, I haven't been ill or in jail or committed.....yet... but occupied elsewhere doing IMPORTANT things like art and photography and ya, still the jewelry from time to time.  For those who continued to contact me telling me how much you missed my snotty, snarky little voice, let me assure you that I have not changed.  In fact, I'm probably worse than ever but that, as always, is for my audience to decide.  And I absolutely have not changed my stance on the occupant of the White House - and sad to say, I far underestimated the "fundamental change" I warned about at the time which brings us to where we are.  Wish I'd been wrong all along.  As usual, I'll write when my muse urges me and maybe even between times - we'll see.  I'm as sickened as ever and even more than I could have imagined so refasten your seat belts and welcome back to a front row seat within the wanderings of my mind.  Hope all are safe and well. 

*Reminder for full disclosure - I am a former liberal.  The truth can be verified in the archives.

**My photo