Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We Interrupt This Program for an Emergency Broadcast




We are undertaking a boycott of Air America Radio until further notice. And for those still seeking the truth, we are turning our attention to "

Today is a very sad day indeed.

But Mike will not be silenced and neither will we.

Got that, Rove?

Sorry, Joe. You're Irrelevent to My Priorities Right Now.

Besides, you're not even a Democrat anymore!!!

Hi, Friends -

If you've been following my Lieberman rants and waiting for a new installment, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm putting that aside for a moment to highlight something that I've hardly seen since the day it happened and I feel it deserves much more attention of the American people than the media presented , who have finished their recent propagandizing of, "The Guy Who Didn't Do What Rove Wanted Stupid People to Believe He Did." It's below, taken from from "Niagra Falls Reporter" written by Bill Gallagher, a brilliant writing on its own merit. With accordance and in utmost respect of a dazzling piece of artful humor, I would like to highlight a quote from a few days ago. Thank you, Sir Gallagher:

"Reporter Ken Herman of Cox Newspapers had the guts to call Bush out on his deliberate deception. Here's the exchange.

Bush: The terrorists attacked us and killed 3,000 of our citizens before we started the freedom agenda in the Middle East. They were ...

Herman: What did Iraq have to do with that?

Bush: What did Iraq have to do with what?

Herman: The attacks upon the World Trade Center.

Bush: Nothing. Except for it's part of -- and nobody ever suggested that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack. Iraq was a -- Iraq -- the lesson of September the 11th is, take threats before they fully materialize, Ken. Nobody's ever suggested that the attacks of September the 11th were ordered by Iraq."

Apart from the obvious illiterate-ristic and incoherence of bush's mental paragraph, those words I've highlighted are not the "whole" truth but one of more partial truths that are and still emerging. Enough for me to feel that the tides have begun to turn. More people are understanding more truths. Ned Lamont is a part of this and truthseekers everywhere MUST support his campaign. I don't give a damn WHAT party you're in. We are Americans first and WE are all in it together.

Now. Go back and read again from the governor's own words.

Thanks, all and oh, right...Peace.

It IS achievable. Together. I hope to see this entire country supporting Ned Lamont and I hereby anoint you ALL honorary CT'ers!

Let's go, Met's..opps...Let's Go, Ned!!!

"No one could have imagined that the levees would break." August, 2005

"No one could have imagined that they'd use airplanes as weapons." August, 2005

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Let's chat, Joe...

Pluto's no longer a planet. Lieberman's no longer a "combatant." What does it portend, oh what might it mean in the world according to bush?

Pluto was a respected, well known planetary staple for all those educated prior to its recent demotion. Wasn't it always so cute in its diminutive condition? I mean, who didn't like Pluto! It was the baby of the family for heaven's sake...the "junior" of the group. Sure, it wasn't a dramatic Saturn with its willowy rings; nor was it a monolithic Jupiter, the big one you'd never mess with. All I can think in my attempt to understand this is that a fundamental truth emerges from within Pluto's demise: Indeed, size DOES matter after all.

So, Joe...what in the planetary system are you doing here? One day you're a Democrat, one day you're a whole party! Then you wish to caucus with Democrats - but you "campaign," yes, CAMPAIGN (ya, Jane, that one's for you!) with Republicans! And what's THIS about...Glory be do my eyes deceive me? The Hawk is changing course? Your lust for war has been satiated? Oh, I know, it's just a small thing, a concession "if you will" (I like to talk like Cheney sometimes and I KNOW it appeals to you.) You simply want a your Republican colleague..I forget his name...oh, right, Christopher Shays. I LOVE when political expediency reigns and oh Joe, I know you love it too! Who among us can't love an opportunist? Especially when it comes to life and death matters? Why, look at your donors - beneficiaries of the war machine! Of course you love opportunity - who wouldn't given your coffers they've stuffed.

But Joe - you're kinda walkin' a fine line now, aren't ya? You just might be construed as a "flip-flopper" and we KNOW how politically incorrect THAT is. Just ask your old ex-buddy Kerry.

Hey, Senator Kerry! I'm gonna give YOU a couple of points for your politics around your comments re your ex-Democratic senator buddy. Not enough, however, to get MY vote again but for now, nice job! I am a liberal and I like to give credit where it's due.

Now, back to you, Joe...Being so "in touch" with your consituents as you claim to be, surely you must have noticed that Ned's got the momentum? Come on, you KNOW it! You INVENTED it! Just like your "new" friends like to say that President Gore "invented the internet!" NED'S GOT THE MOMENTUM....but WORSE for you, Joe, NED'S GOT THE BUCKS NOW!!!

Use all your senses, Senator...take a look at what your constituents, the majority that is, are saying, and doing...and when you do, you'll see that the tides have turned against you. Forget about the reasons, Joe, you were never really a detail man. It is what it is. The people of Connecticut, YOUR state, Senator Lieberman, spoke to you on August 8th. So far, you're still unable to hear what they said. Let me try to rephrase it in a way that I think you might understand.

We, the People of Connecticut, registered DEMOCRATS, whom you have sworn to serve, have given you a message. The message was clear. You can't hear it right now because you're still in shock that you are about to lose the power you've coveted for the past 18 years.

Power isn't lasting, Senator, unless you use it properly, with respect and that that respect applies to others you encounter while the Power is in your hands. Senator, you have ABUSED your power and you have done so at the people of Connecticut's expense. You have betrayed the principles of the party you claim allegience to.

We've got some dead people here in CT, Joe, really, really dead...and they have families whose grief and pain can never be explained to anyone unless you've experienced it yourself. Your decisions, Joe, have caused those beautiful people to be dead and those families their eternally gaping wounds. Things like that are NEVER forgotten, Senator, trust me. I lost a child not through war but in love. I get their pain. But I don't get how they reconcile their loss based on known lies. My heart bleeds for them.

And when we take it a step beyond, and look at your un-WAVERING support for that war's continuance, speaking for myself, I'd love to grab you by the shoulders and shake you, screaming in your face, why, why, why did you let this happen?

Do the right thing, Joe. Some say you're a "religious" man. "Thou shalt not kill" seems like a pretty universal spiritual and moral concept, doesn't it, Joe? Get in touch with your conscience. Look back on your career. And ask yourself one question...What role have you played since 2000, when you covered your bases in the senate even then, how many of those lives are you responsible for and what, for mercy sakes are you prepared to tell the God you believe in? Far be it for me to presume to be able to judge any one else's conscience but oh wow, if it were mine? I'd be pretty tied up in THAT psychological quaqmire, that's for certain.

I have voted you the responsibility of speaking and standing up for the values I believed in. You did that for a time. That time was over in 2000...but in 2002, when you had the dignity and grace to drop out of the race, I applauded you. You had the integrity then, Senator, but you're mixed in with a whole different crowd now, Rovian folk. I beg you: remember your roots.

At this moment, you are on a precipice. A crossroads. Make the right decision, Senator Lieberman. Bow out of the race now while you can with that same dignity and grace you displayed in 2002. Do it, Joe. Your positive legacy will remain in tact. For the most part. The clock is ticking, Joe. Time is on your side this moment but that is about to change depending upon what you do at this crossroad.

I'd love to meet you, Senator, and have a cup of coffee with you. I know you're the one of the two of us who knows the diner scene so I'll leave the logistics to you. You name the diner and the time and I would be so delighted to share some coffee and some kibbutzing with you.

But, back to Pluto where I think I must have been living these past 6 years as my eyes and ears couldn't believe what I've been seeing devolve. I guess my questions all boil down to this: is if a planet is no longer called a planet, does it still make a sound?

It's time, Senator. It's time.

Friday, August 25, 2006

A Little Witching Hour Psychobabble

Whirling, twirling, swirling in the madness..
Can you see it? Do you feel it?
A carousel of wild, unbroken horses racing toward
self destruction with a cowboy crazed holding the reins as the caliope plays Onward Christian Soldiers off key.
When will this nightmare end?

Have you never stood at the edge of a forest aware of all that is seen and all that is not? Solitary tree seen when Reason's left behind. The forest never did exist for those who were born blind.

Screaming soulspeak, seeking one who hears;
Dreaming soulshriek, sweating through the tears.
O, Darkest Damndest Lord of Night, Keeper of the Fears;
Cursed be your soulless Name, Evil to Mine ears.

My country 'tis of thee, sweet, sweet land of LIBERTY
of Thee I fight for do cry for would die for...
Once hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom's done, the terror-mongers won...

Until we rise again.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Give 'em Hell, Harry"..WHERE ARE YOU???

Senator Reid,

I chose the subject of "Crime" because you have nothing on this site that deals with the elections and, more importantly, what you are presently doing to Ned Lamont IS A CRIME, SENATOR, A CRIME...hiding in the shadows while you frantically try to figure out how you should position yourself in order to make the best move that will guarantee your "seat" as minority leader. You're outted.

Now, listen to me, a lifelong Democrat and listen to me good. I am a CT resident who is absolutely and justifiably FURIOUS with you and your cohorts who have done not ONE SINGLE THING for the candidate WE THE PEOPLE OF CONNECTICUT CHOSE as our Democratic senator to run against the detestable Joe Lieberman, your DLC buddy, in whom YOU made the HORRIBLE mistake in judgement in trusting this blight on our state while he stabbed you in the back. WHAT WHAT WHAT is it going to take to help you WAKE up and PERFORM the LEADERSHIP role you thus far do not deserve based on your lackluster performance??? I am SICK, SICK, SICK, of the spineless cowardice demonstrated by you and your cronies. Don't you understand yet what Lieberman means to our party??? What is it that can be shown to all of you for you to slink out of your shadows and get on board with those of us who are DEMANDING change??? Are you really as corrupt as you appear to be? Is it willful ignorance of the voice of the people??? WHAT, HARRY, WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO LIGHT A FIRECRACKER UP THE PART OF YOU THAT LIEBERMAN KISSES??? I am disappointed in you BEYOND belief and I can assure you that the grassroots and netroots you've dismissed are ON FIRE here; for as much as we've put into retiring Lieberman, we will devote that and much more into removing all you DLC'ers from office. Because you know what, Senator Reid? I AM FED UP AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

DO YOUR JOB! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! We ARE not stupid. We ARE not disengaged. We ARE totally disgusted with the lack of leadership you've demonstrated since you slunk into office citing your boxing expertise. Tell me, Harry, WHERE ARE YOUR GLOVES NOW???


I vow to you, VOW TO YOU, that I will work TIRELESSLY against any campaign you run in the future and I will summon up supporters like you've never seen to assist in my efforts. Get on board here. Get the message out. Get Lieberman out and get yourself HERE, NOW. The longer you sit and sweat, the less forgiveness you will find here in CT so as always, in looking out for YOUR best interests, it is MANDATORY that you wake up and come here.

If not, your feet WILL be held to the fire and YOU, Sir Leader, will also be held accountable. And for your present penance awarded you for your performance thus far, please know that I am posting this letter on my blog.

Do you hear the bell ringing to announce the first round??? Put up your dukes, Harry. Let's see whatcha got.

Disgusted Democrat,

Mary ***

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just so not to keep anyone in suspense..

I have resent my letter to Lieberlover State Rep. Jim Amann of Milford (original two blogs below) with a subject line of "Resend due to lack of response."

Seems to me three days is a fair expectation, no? Well, if not, you'll just have to pardon my impatience to see Joe Bushberman out of office, so, it's just going to have to do!

And just as a sidenote, don't bother calling the CT Secretary of State's office...seems that trying to get a straight message from them qualifies as an "impossible dream."

But, to Henry Lowendorf? You GO, Valiant Patriot! I'm with ya all the way!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Amann Away?

Fair and balanced as I strive to be, LOL, I just want to briefly report that up to the moment, I have received no reply from Jim Amann to the previous blog I posted. Perhaps Mr. Amann is away and enjoying a lovely vacation and simply hasn't read his email yet. A two day non-response is reasonable, right? Surely I can afford him the benefit of the, ok, Mr. Amann...still awaiting your reply as to whether or not you will behave as a good Democrat and support Ned Lamont. Day 2 and ticking!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

LieberLover Jim Amann: Show Us Who You Are!

You are on notice, Mr. Amann. We, the voters of Connecticut, have spoken. Now, are you going to listen???

Dear Mr. Amann,

I have been a Democrat my entire life - in fact, I began my political work in Milford during Joel Baldwin's successful campaign for mayor. I was subsequently appointed to the Milford Public Library Board as a member of the Democratic Town Committee; I served on the Building Committee and my name is one of those engraved on the cornerstone.

Now, let me advise you of a few things and please pardon what might appear to be my anger; because indeed, I am justifiably angry with you.

When you are a state representative, it is your duty to support the will of the people of your party. On primary night, the will of the Democrats was clearly expressed by delivering the vote for Ned Lamont. The voters have spoken loudly and clearly but I fear your personal loyalties are clouding your judgement on a personal level rather than professional. This is very disturbing. Believe me, I know how politics work.

For you to continue to support him is to do the same thing that he is doing, making a mockery of the decision we, the people of CT made and vicariously, that means you, too, have deserted your constituency. For that sir, there will be accountability. I trust you are aware that even Nancy DiNardo, party chairwoman, has done the only right thing and is now supporting Mr. Lamont?

Despite what the no such thing as "liberal" media would have us believe, that this was a referendum on the war exclusively, I have a big surprise for you: that is not the truth. Those of us who have worked tirelessly to rid ourselves of Zell Miller Democrats, KNOW Joe Lieberman's record and we KNOW the issues he has abandoned us on and though the war is ONE of them, it is far from the only issue. I will be most happy to provide you with that information should you be unaware of the real issues that forced this primary.

What Joe Lieberman, and you by association, are doing is the most destructive, divisive and disingenuous maneuver I have ever seen attempted in all my years of following politics. Zell Miller is a saint compared to what Lieberman is doing and I guarantee you, that should you continue to support this traitor to our party, we will not only lose a senate seat, but three other candidates' chances to win will be placed in serious jeopardy. Are you, in fact, a closet Republican who thinks it's ok for Karl Rove to unleash his minions into MY beloved state and run Lieberman's campaign from here on out? Where were you when John Edwards came here on Thursday?? Are you not a real Democrat? Are you in fact wanting to see CT turn red which thereby ultimately puts your OWN seat in jeopardy? Because that is exactly what's going to happen once Rove is done with his dirty work. Are you paying attention to Joe's new campaign advisors and where they come from??? If so, I find it very disturbing to think that you would continue to support a man who made sure that Sammy Alito and John Roberts are now controlling our Supreme Court, who you can count on NEVER to vote for a Democratic issue again. Don't you KNOW who these people are??? Do you not study national politics as you should being a state rep??? Because if you did, you would understand the nature of the dangers we face with this illicit administration in office and those dangers confront ALL of us, regardless of party affiliation.

Now, let me make myself very clear here. I am expecting to see a statement from you very soon that you are doing the right thing as a Democratic State Representative. You MUST honor the will of your party and support the candidate chosen by the voters of the State of CT whom YOU represent. Remember, lest you have forgotten, just who you work for. I am one of those "al Qaeda type" bloggers so defined by Dick Cheney based upon my vote. I have a lot of followers who read my blog and who, as you saw per the fake media, strongly influenced this race. Understand that I will take it as one of my personal causes to make sure that any current representative of our state who does not do his job in backing the candidate chosen by our own party will be a highly visible topic not only in my blog, but those of many others with whom I communicate.

Mr. Amann, this is about accountability, ethics and values. We are NOT going to put up with this kind of sellout and I guarantee you that the feet of all such politicos will be held to the fire and held accountable as we follow their questionable actions. Your support of Joe Lieberman is wrong, plain and simple, and I promise you that I will work tirelessly to make sure that politicians who dismiss the will of the people will find themselves just as much an outcast as Mr. Lieberman is.

I anxiously await your response which I will be including as a blog entry once you have stated your case as to why you would dismiss the integrity of the will of the people.


Mary ****

PS...My interest in Milford is because I grew up there and have many, many roots still there.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meet Mr. Lamont!

Today's blog is a departure from my favorite sport of playing with Joseph I. Lieberman; for as much fun as I take in skewering him, what follows is far more important than any delight I might derive from Liebersnarking. From of all places, the conservative, right-wing Wall Street Journal, our next Senator from CT, Ned Lamont, offers us a post-win editorial that not only speaks truth, but gives those unfamiliar with his positions a clear picture of his business background.

So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I offer you Ned Lamont in his own words.

The Democrats Mean Business
Washington needs an entrepreneurial approach.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT
In the past week, my victory in the Connecticut Senate primary has been labeled everything from the death knell of the Democratic Party to the signal of our party's rebirth. Beneath all of this punditry is a question that I want to face directly: how the experience I will bring to the U.S. Senate will help Connecticut and the Democratic Party during this time of testing for our country.

I ran at a time when people said "you can't beat a three-term incumbent," because I believed that President Bush, enabled by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, had weakened our country at home and abroad. We're weaker economically, because we're more dependent on foreign energy and foreign capital. Our national security has also been weakened, because we stopped fighting a real war on terror when we made the costly and counterproductive decision to go to war in Iraq.

My confidence that Connecticut was ready for a real debate and a real choice this year was founded not only on current events but also past experience. It was my career in business that shaped my outlook, and helped prepare me to run the race I did.

In 1984, with a loan from People's Bank, I started Campus TeleVideo from scratch. Our offer was unique: Rather than provide a one-size-fits-all menu of channels, we let the customers design their cable system based on the character of the community being served.
From the moment I filled out that loan application, I've been in every part of the business--pulling cable, hiring workers, picking a good health-care plan, closing deals, listening to customers and fixing problems. It's been profitable, and it's been instructive, a quintessentially American experience. Here, entrepreneurs have the freedom to be successful in ways the rest of the world admires.

These defining lessons of my business experience are central in my campaign: identifying the challenges that face our state and offering real solutions. Something clearly worked, because the voters decided to do what our Founding Fathers envisioned; they put their trust not in a career politician but in a concerned citizen and experienced businessman who promises to rock the boat down in Washington.

Here are the four lessons of my business life that I talked about every day on the campaign trail, and that have resonated with Connecticut Democrats:

• First, entrepreneurs are frugal beasts, because the bottom line means everything. In Connecticut, voters are convinced that Washington has utterly lost touch with fiscal reality. We talked about irresponsible budget policies that have driven the annual federal deficit above $300 billion and the debt ceiling to $9 trillion. Meanwhile, the government is spending $250 million a day on an unprovoked war in Iraq while starving needed social investment at home. I am a fiscal conservative and our people want their government to be sparing and sensible with their tax dollars.

• Second, entrepreneurs invest in human resources. Our business strives to pay good wages and provide good health benefits so that we can attract employees that give us an edge in a competitive marketplace. Well-trained and well-cared-for people are essential for every business these days, particularly in a global economy. It's getting harder and harder for American businesses to compete on price, but we innovate and change better than any economy on the planet. The quality of our work force is one of America's competitive advantages--if our education system fails our children and our employers, we'll lose the future.

That's why I talked about my work as a volunteer teacher in the Bridgeport public schools, which can't afford to be open later than 2:30 p.m., schools that send children home to an empty house. That's why my campaign offered a strong alternative to standardized tests and No Child Left Behind. That's why I believe in an employer-based health-care system that covers everyone, and providing tax benefits to small businesses so they can provide insurance without risking bankruptcy.

• Third, in a market-driven economy, entrepreneurs can never lose touch with what customers, suppliers and workers are saying. A great strength of our campaign is that we embraced the grassroots and netroots, suburbs and inner cities, and used the most advanced technology to empower our door-knockers and activists. We listened hard and respectfully to what voters told us, and gave them the confidence to trust someone new.

• Finally, entrepreneurs are pragmatic. Unlike some politicians, we don't draw a false strength from closed minds, and we don't step on the accelerator when the car is headed off the cliff.

By every available metric, the "stay the course" strategy in Iraq is not a winning strategy. Changing course is neither extreme nor weak; it is essential for our national security.

We start with the strongest, best-trained military in the world, and we'll keep it that way. But here's how we'll get stronger by changing course. We must work closely with our allies and treat the rest of the world with respect. We must implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and put in place real protections for ports, airports, nuclear facilities and public transit.

Good judgment is an essential part of good governance. But we're bogged down in Iraq, and hamstrung in the war against terror, by leaders who lacked judgment, historical perspective, openness to other cultures and plain old common sense. We offer something different.
But in the final analysis, the results of this election say less about me, and more about the people of Connecticut. They turned out in record numbers; they spoke every day with a simple eloquence and urgency about the country we love. They oppose the war and the fiscal nightmare crafted by President Bush and his allies. But their vote, finally, was one based on pragmatism and reality, on optimism and hope. And it is to these ideals and values that we plan to address my campaign in the months until November.

Mr. Lamont won the Democratic Senate primary in Connecticut last week.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear Mr. Vice President

I am an "Al Qaeda type" per the Lord of Darkness Cheney because:

*I voted for Ned Lamont - quick, FBI, lock me up!

*I gave Al Qaeda "exactly what they wanted." - When I do "give" gifts, I'm guilty of trying to give people exactly what they want - Christmas is such a trying time, you know?

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because I belong to the Democratic Party and thus, I stand for a "wholesale retreat in the broader campaign of terrorism." Um, there might be more truth than poetry in that, Herr Cheney - I DO support the broader campaign against YOUR domestic terrorism you've wrought against the good people of the United States.

*I am a Terrorist of the kind who wishes to "break the will" of the 20% something of your followers who so blindly accept the lies and propaganda you've made a career of since you had to lick your wounds from your coveted Nixonian dreams of power that were dashed for obvious reasons. I hate the stupidity your 20% fans demonstrate.

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because I voted against your little puppet Joe Lieberman who wants to "stay in the fight and complete the task" of destroying a country of innocents who do NOT threaten us either now or then with your lies that they possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. Joe likes lies and liars. I don't.

*I am an "AL Qaeda type" because I loathe people who politicize terror and who will do and say anything to impose the highest of terror alerts following a primary election where the voice of the people spoke and that speaking out happened to go against your evil agenda. We were just waiting to see what your retaliation would be and surprise...RED ALERT! RED ALERT! The planes are coming, the planes are coming!

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because I rejoiced in Ned Lamont's victory over your sniveling, smarmy "presidential enabler" Holy Joe Lieberman which deprives you of one more gulp of blood you lust for in your campaign to rule the world. Yup. That's me. I believe in democracy.

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because outing CIA agents is a threat to national security and it wasn't my handwriting that was found on the New York Times article on Valerie Plame.

*I am an "Al Qaeda type" because my facts and research inform me that we are NOT seeing the decline of insurgency as you tried to brainwash us into thinking that Iraq was not already engaged in a civil war. If that ain't civil war over there, then I'm whistlin' Dixie through my teeth that clench every time I even see your name. Raise the Union Jack and the Confederate Flag!

*I am an "Al Qaeda" type because I have not risen to the ranks of power which you've not only stolen, but have become the epitome of the Vice President OF Al Qaeda and if you aren't our very own homegrown terrorist supreme, then nothing is.

Look, Dick, you're outted, ok? Simple as that. You only make yourself look foolish or deranged when your needle appears to be stuck on your turntable. Are you SURE you're getting enough O2 to your brain? I find it difficult to believe that any supposedly rational and intelligent individual, evil though he or she may be, can publicly state the nonsense you and your minions echo mindlessly over and over again and expect that "Al Qaeda" types like me will to fall for it.

I am an American who LOVES my country and HATES those who try to do us harm. And that includes any who may live abroad or who occupy our sacred White House, Congress, and Judicial Branch. I will never stop speaking out against your crimes, NEVER, and if that makes me an "Al Qaeda type" who proudly voted for Ned Lamont, then so be it.

I thank you for the compliment.

Go "Cheney" yourself, okay?

MIKE MALLOY - 1/20/05

Click here: Ned Lamont for Senate

NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current President.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mean, Mad LapDog Lieberman on the attack!

I hope you know what you're doing, Joe. Maybe through the years you've heard that no one likes attack ads and dirty politics...well, in case you're behind on my blog, I've warned you about Karl Rove and if you keep it up, just go on ahead and throw your past good reputation out the window.

Was it really appropriate for you to attack Bernie Sanders, no less? Kos doesn't surprise me...after all, we know how you feel about those radical left wing bloggers who are bringing about another 9/11. Attack ads ALWAYS backfire, Joe...the American people actually do have morals and not only do we not care for those tactics, but, we also don't care much for traitors and losers who refuse to lie down.

Get out of the race, Joe. Please, get out of the race. You're on the verge of destroying any semblance of dignity you may have possessed in the early days. Visciousness doesn't become a Holy man - isn't that you? Would your rabbi be proud of you to know the kinds of tactics KKKarl is teaching you now you're embracing? Come on, the right thing, GET OUT...and please see the article below, courtesy of David Sirota, one of the voices of truth out here in Cyberspace, the Land that you Loathe. Enjoy! Oh, in case you don't know who he is, turn into the "debate" he had with Ms. Godless Coulter, whose praises you'll soon be singing in no time if you stick with the crowd you're running with.

Get out, Joe. Just get out.

Lieberman Viciously Attacks Bernie Sanders; GOP Rewards Him With Cash

By David Sirota

Connecticut's Manchester Journal Inquirer reports that Sen. Joe
Lieberman today unleashed a vicious attack on Vermont Independent
Congressman Bernie Sanders - a longtime progressive hero and the
leading candidate to keep Vermont's U.S. Senate seat out of GOP
hands. According to the newspaper, the Lieberman campaign sent out an
official email attacking, among others, Sanders and Markos Moulitsas
Zuniga, founder of DailyKos.

From now on, I am going to be referring to Joe Lieberman as De Facto
GOP Nominee Joe Lieberman and I urge everyone else covering this race
- bloggers, reporters, columnists - to do so in the interest not of
partisanship, but out of respect for objective accuracy. Over the
last few days, it's very clear that is what Lieberman is. RNC
Chairman Ken Mehlman is refusing to endorse the actual GOP nominee in
Connecticut, and is instead heaping praise on Lieberman. Same thing
for the White House, which is also refusing to endorse the actual GOP
nominee in Connecticut. Lieberman has been telephoned with a
supportive call from Karl Rove, GOP candidates accross the country
are rallying to endorse him, and a Swift Boat Vets-ish front-group
run by neocon leader William Kristol and Bush Iraq War spokesman Dan
Senor is beginning to air ads on behalf of Lieberman. Meanwhile,
Lieberman is parroting Vice President Cheney's talking points overtly
implying that Connecticut voters are Al Qaeda sympathizers, and now
attacking leading U.S. Senate candidates necessary to win back the
Senate for Democrats.

But even if you don't believe Lieberman is the De Facto GOP Nominee
in Connecticut from all of that, consider this new MSNBC story about
GOP donors rallying to fund Lieberman's general election campaign:

"Quite willing to speak was Bruce Bialosky, a leading Republican
donor in California, who said he will raise more than $10,000 for
Lieberman....On Tuesday night, once Lamont had defeated Lieberman,
Bialosky sent an e-mail to the 2,000 people on his political list
'expressing my despair over Lieberman’s loss in the primary' and
making it clear he’d raise money for Lieberman’s independent bid.
'I’ve never seen such a tremendous response' from his list, Bialosky
said...A Republican campaign fund-raiser based in Washington, who
spoke on condition that he not be identified by name, said, 'There’s
a definite sense among a significant number of the Republicans who I
deal with that Joe Lieberman is a man of principle and a man we
should support.' This fund-raiser said he’ll contribute money to
Lieberman’s campaign and raise money for him."
This comes on top of the fact that, according to MSNBC, "a number of
corporate PACs, such as the National Beer Wholesalers' PAC, have
already given Lieberman the maximum amount permitted."

My favorite in the MSNBC story is the one supportive Democratic
fundraiser, Mitchell Berger, who said he's supporting Lieberman
because “He did a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party two
years ago and raised a million dollars." Berger didn't mention that
Lieberman also headed down to Florida just weeks before the 2004
election, stood before Jewish audiences, attacked Sen. John Kerry (D)
and praised President Bush (R) on Israel issues - landing a big story
in the Palm Beach Post just before the vote. Wow, what a loyal
Democrat, huh?

But then, that's why Joe Lieberman is De Facto GOP Nominee Joe
Lieberman: because he and his friends like New Republic editor Marty
Peretz who refuse to openly support the idea of Democrats winning
Congress are really very angry, very hard core Republicans - and the
Republican Party's Big Money establishment knows it.

Primary Day: Mayor Picard in the Driver's Seat

John Picard, Mayor of West Haven, CT.

Let me say right off the bat; for the most part, I admit a generalized ignorance of local politics. It's nothing I'm proud of for sure; however, I do feel I can rationalize it somewhat. For the past six years, I have spent every waking, available moment, involving myself in national politics. Maybe you're thinking, "hey, that's no excuse" to which I'd say, "yeah, you're right" but truth be told, I was far more alarmed about the potential dangers to our country once the Supreme Court appointed a squatter to our White House vs. what might happen to the Saw Mill project. Thus, I claim full accountability for my failure to follow the political dynamics at the homestead. And since arrogance is considered a quality among politicians these days (yes, that means you, Joe Lieberman), I feel no shame in noting that my efforts paid off. Congratulations, Mr. Lamont. Onward to November!

When I got news several weeks ago of a petition floating around regarding the increase in taxes issue accompanied by a call to gather on the West Haven Green, I donned my peaceful protestor demeanor and headed out there on a sweltering Thursday just to see and observe what the ruckus was all about. The analysis of that event is for far greater minds than mine and besides, I've always hated math. I am not qualified to make a judgement on who's right and who's wrong but I will at least attempt to make what I consider a reasonable statement that applies to every single new, incoming administration whether it be local, state or federal. It takes time to assess the shenanigans of ALL previous administrations - especially when the previous administration was known for making quite a mess of things - no matter what side of the aisle you claim your seat in. Is there any one of us who can say upon starting a new, highly complex job, that we have mastered it within a matter of a few months? That certainly has never been my experience as a registered nurse - so I'd be hesitant to assign blame or judgement during the infancy of a new administration until an appropriate and reasonable amount of time has elapsed before I rushed to judgement.

I could go on and on regarding my assessment of the meeting dynamics I witnessed and was part of that evening on the Green and its transfer to Carrigan School but two things leapt out at me. One was the fact that Mayor Picard and the City Council members sat patiently and attentively while their guts were eviscerated by the anger and passion of citizens who firmly believe in the legitimacy of their cause. Takes a lot of courage to face an angry group of people, especially when it is foreknown that the group in question is not coming to offer you tea and crumpets. And it takes a lot of courage to identify yourself as a protester, particularly in Bushworld and challenge the old maxim, "You can't fight City Hall." Whatever the outcome of that evening, praise to all. We were witness to Democracy in Action.

No one has mastered the Politics of Personal Destruction and Character Assassination better than Karl Rove, THE political operative who pulls the puppet strings attached to all things George W. Bush and his merry band of thugs. The body politic has been brainwashed by acts of duplicity, deviousness and dirty tricks that has insidiously allowed acceptance of these diabolical tactics and become mainstream. I know. And I saw it that night. Personal attacks is now the name of the game; in fact, we have a whole new name for it: "Swift-boating." It would seem to me that when the Mayor and Councilpeople returned to their homes that evening, Maalox would have likely been their beverage of choice.

All this leads to a little story I'd like to share with you for which you will form your own opinion. That's a good thing. Informed opinions are generally best as I can attest to in reviewing my own level of discomfort in my ignorance of the issues being presented at that gathering.

On Primary Day, in working my district's polling place, I had the good fortune to encounter a wonderfully dynamic, intelligent and highly informed council woman who was one of my fellow sunbathers in the intense heat of that day as we "campaigned" for our candidates. (Psst...mine was Ned Lamont.) Later in the evening, nearing the flashpoint between dehydration and delirium, we were joined by Mrs. Picard who could be described as nothing less than a delightful, friendly and lovely young woman. Bolstering our spirits appeared to be her only agenda, and one that was greatly appreciated by diabetic feet which had no real business being out there. But what's a little pain when one is fighting for their country, right?

Shortly before the closing of the polls, her husband, Mayor John Picard, winding up his rounds of election sites, appeared and engaged with us as though we were simply a bunch of friends he'd popped in to see. He was contagiously friendly, genuine, free from any kind of power airs as he slipped into our group unobtrusively in a way that indicated great comfort among strangers while possessing a natural ease in genuine communication. By that time of the day, there was no question that I appeared as someone on their last legs of the Boston Marathon and every movement was an effort at that point. I'd parked my car across a wide street several feet down from a stop sign and it appeared to me at that moment, as far away as the North Pole. When I indicated my intention to move it up to the school in order to exercise the same right you have as a citizen of the United States, supervise the electoral count of the polling place, it garnered immediate attention. Oh, not necessary you say? Two words. Florida. Ohio. 'Nuff said.

As I began to make the longest journey of my life, I heard a male voice call to me, "Would you like me to get your car for you?" Stunned by such a random act of kindness that might not seem like such a big thing UNLESS your body was rebelling for things you shouldn't have done, I turned back to see which kind soul had offered me such a gift. And when I did so, I found myself looking directly in the eyes of our mayor. Initially overwhelmed, I shyly rebuffed his offer but there was something in his face and demeanor that resonated within me and that something was the kindness, generosity, authenticity and genuine offer to just simply offer assistance to a fellow human being. I hesitated a moment as I processed all this, and suddenly changed course and walked back to him, offering him my keys. He had nothing to gain, no agenda, no ulterior motive except to assist a damsel in distress.

I ask my fellow West Haveners to recall this moment the next time you think of bashing the man who drove my car. Yes, he can be challenged on his record and his administrative decisions and certainly, he showed his willingness to welcome just that. But before you resort to the Politics of Personal Destruction and Character Assassination, I ask you to consider a not so random act of kindness before you judge him. This was a man in a moment, a real life, genuine human being, and a man who happens to be our mayor. A good man. A good man who gives me no reason to question integrity and ethics while demonstrating a genuine desire to fix the wrongs he inherited. I don't know about you, but I believe I now have the fundamental reason as to why he deserves the respect and the opportunity to work through the highly questionable decisions of the previous administration. We the people, put John Picard in the driver's seat. He demonstrated to me that he's one man who can drive.

Karl Rove? Your politics are not wanted here.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor. As one single, human being, I commend you.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Media ignoring Ned Lamont? Surely not!

Well, thanks and appreciation to you, and Greg Sargent.

So no, we won't ignore this here. I think it's more than a bit safe to assume that we can FORGET the media here in CT. It will be interesting though, to see if any of the papers now change their endorsements. I wouldn't hold my breath though since KKKarl Rove's ridden into town on the back of a dying donkey but, stranger things have happened.

By the way, Senator Lieberman, have I told you yet today how ashamed of you I am? You could have at least PRETENDED to be a Democrat for a few more days, no? Might have given your claim as party royalty a bit more credibility, don't you think?

Just a tip from a psych nurse - when making large transitions in life, it's always good we prepare ourselves psychologically for the change in the best ways we can, which usually means it's the little things that matter. It might be a good idea to get out some paper and that pen that's probably dry from all the autograph demands you've had, refill the cartridge and start practicing this:

Mr. Joseph I. Lieberman.
Mr. Joseph Lieberman.
Joe Lieberman.
Joseph Lieberman.
J.I. Lieberman.
J. Lieberman.

Do a separate sheet for each. You never know what audience you'll be playing to.

That's your assignment for today.

Your friend,


CT-SEN: Media Ignores Lamont Demand For "Hack" Charge Apology
By Greg Sargent | bio
This is interesting. Yesterday Ned Lamont's campaign sent out a press release demanding an apology from Joe Lieberman's campaign for charging that Lamont supporters hacked Lieberman's Web site, causing it to shut down.

Now, you may recall that when the Lieberman camp made the charge, it was covered extensively by the major news orgs and networks -- on election day, when it could have influenced the outcome -- even though the Lieberman campaign had exactly zero evidence for the charge. Yet I can't find a single word today from any of the big news orgs about the Lamont campaign's demand for an apology. Given the maximum exposure they gave Lieberman's charges, are the news orgs really going to take a pass on covering this?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hey, Jove..oops, Rove and Joe..check this out!


allow an out-of-control, megalomanic, power thirsty at any cost, once respected, now disgraced Senator to disrupt and destroy the hope we have nourished and sustained that WE THE PEOPLE truly ARE this country and we will NOT accept his bid as a so-called "Independent Democrat." There's no such thing, It is ILLEGAL, you know, AGAINST THE LAW to use the name of either party when running as in Independent. Go ahead. Check it out. I spoke to the Secretary of State's office here in CT. He cannot have it both ways. Use your own eyes and ears to examine those in the media whom we can trust...they are speaking truth now...and use them to read the blogs and the newspapers on line that are turning against Lieberman...Not because it's a fun thing for them to do but because even THEY are fed up with the constant feeding of lies to us and are beginning to expose this administration for the horrors they have wrought upon our beautiful earth and all of life. Understand this if nothing else. The Republicans, with Karl Rove in charge, are engineering Lieberman's run.

Now, Mr. Rove, let me address a few things directly to you. You've made a mistake here. A serious, miscalculation, big political, strategic blunder here. It doesn't matter HOW much money and spin you put on Lieberman. We already know your gig and your style and the horrors you're cooking up in your little bag of dirty tricks. We will not accept this any longer because on Tuesday, Election Day, we delivered you a personal message. This is OUR country and you and your sick, evil agenda is being exposed as I write. You are going to have to face the truth, maybe for the first time in your life, who knows. I don't care. I have not the least bit of sympathy for the wretched life you've lived or for any excuses as to why you grew up to be such a diabolical man. Was it worth it? Are you all pumped up right now? Or are you scared? Are you frantically looking for a hidden way to gain back the very power you are losing now? Ok. Then come fact, no, let me rephrase that. 'BRING IT ON,' Roveboy. You're nuttin' but small potatoes to us. You don't scare us. You never did. We've sought and followed the truth of what you've done here and trust me. You ain't seen nuthing' yet.

But just one more thing and this is to you, Senator. Somewhere, deep down inside you, you were a really good guy and part of me feels very sad for you. But let me give you a bit of advice are playing with very dangerous people...just make sure you really know what you're getting yourself into, ok? You still have time to bolt. I know you don't like the way I've treated you but don't you remember? I invited you over for tea and you never replied! I can prove my previous writings...The invitation still stands.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

10 Reasons to Renounce Joe Lieberman

1. He actively supported(s) the bush-led Iraq war and has maintained vigorous support for one of the worst foreign policy decisions in US history. The daily cost is $250 million/DAY with more than $400 BILLION already spent. The human cost is 2,587 troops killed, 18,887 wounded and OVER 50,000 Iraq CIVILIANS killed.

2. Joe Lieberman believes that it is unpatriotic for Democrats to speak out against the war. (See NYT)

3. Joe Lieberman voted to confirm Alberto Gonzales for Attorney-General, the same Gonzales who rendered the brief for the bush Administration that justified torture and is presently writing legislation to protect them all from prosecution of war crimes.

4. Mr. Lieberman opposed the tightening of SEC rules on corporate governance which led to the scandals of the late '90's.

5. Holy Joe was one of only two Democrats that voted against the bill banning lobbying donations.

6. Lieberman voted FOR the disastrous Energy Bill that has opened the door to obscene and record profits for the oil companies (with all due respect to Kenny-boy Lay; may he rest in peace.)

7. He assisted Lynn Cheney in founding the American Council of Trustees and Alumni which targets university professors who criticize American foreign policy.

8. He voted to STOP the filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito who threatens Roe v. Wade and believes that women who are sexually assaulted should drive around town until they find a hospital that will support their right for emergency contraception, regardless of level of trauma.

9. Lieberman voted for a Jesse Helms' sponsored bill to cut off federal aid for SUICIDAL gay teens.

10. He spoke in FAVOR of efforts to privatize Social Security while quietly voting against it.


11. The Kiss

No matter where you live, please take the time to contact ALL your federal representatives and senators to demand that they urge Joe Lieberman to face his loss with integrity and remove himself from the Democratic Party he has renounced while deceptively claiming to run as a Independent Democrat.* For him to do less is an act of treason against the same party he has pretended to be part of since our White House was occupied. CT needs your help. The United States need your help. The entire world needs your help.

He has spit in our faces.

*N.B. Per the Ct. Secretary of State's office, it is not legal to use the name of either party when running as an Independent.

MIKE MALLOY - 1/20/05

Click here: Ned Lamont for Senate

NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current President.

James Fetzer, Ph.d

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006





MIKE MALLOY - 1/20/05

Click here: Ned Lamont for Senate

Monday, August 07, 2006


I am not ashamed to beg. I am begging you to go to the polls tomorrow and vote for Ned Lamont. If you've ever trusted me with anything, trust me with this.

May whatever it is you believe about religion, hold on to that. The Spirit of us all must be moved so WE can RE-MOVE whatever darkness has descended on our America, the Beautiful. Remember 9/11. Remember the truths. With deepest gratitude to the author for sharing, I offer you the following:

The Message in the Coming Lieberman Defeat: It’s More than the War
This piece is time-sensitive. And as it might have an impact, I’d call it time-urgent.

This piece, I am hoping, could help to pre-empt the media from defining the message of the election in those terms that continue to protect and serve the Bushites. Conceivably it might also help to inspire the Connecticut insurgency to come out Tuesday in greater numbers.

If, when you read it, you also believe this piece could serve some useful purpose, I hope you will help to disseminate it ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Especially if you know people who might be able to spread the word in Connecticut itself, that could be valuable.

Postscript: This piece has been posted on the Action Forum of If you believe that this piece warrants being featured prominently, one way you can help achieve that is to go to that MoveOn site and vote to give it a high rating. Higher rate pieces are given higher priority treatment. The site on which this piece appears there is


The Democratic voters of Connecticut –apparently about to reject Senator Joe Lieberman in Tuesday’s primary—are poised to send the national Democratic Party a message. And the media are poised to help the Democrats, and the nation as a whole, to misinterpret it.

It’s all about the war in Iraq, the media will tell us.

But this over-simplification obscures the heart of the matter: that citizens are not only opposing the war but are struggling for a way to deal with America’s present deeper crisis.

A former advisor to Lieberman, quoted in a recent article in The New Republic, explains why rank-and-file Democrats are furious with Lieberman but not with his fellow war-supporter, Senator Biden: “Here’s somebody [Biden] who voted for the war, continues to say that we should be there, but is absolutely critical of Bush and how he handled it. And so, as a result, he gets a pass. It’s how Lieberman talks about the war that people can’t stand. He comes across as not necessarily being pro-war but being pro-Bush.”

So it’s not ultimately about the war, and we must not allow ourselves or the public to be otherwise persuaded. It’s about this particular president and all the damage his regime is inflicting on America. It’s Lieberman’s being a help and a support for the Bush presidency that’s given rise to this grassroots rage against him.

By rejecting Lieberman, Connecticut’s grassroots Democrats are seeking to send a message to their party about how appalled they are at this Bush presidency, and thus also at any Democrat who does not understand how profound a threat this regime is to all they hold dear.

The same Democrats who oppose this war are also, and most fundamentally, appalled by the dark and dangerous nature of this regime that now rules our country.

They are appalled by the power grab, and the dismantling of the Constitution and the assault on the rule of law.

They are appalled by the debasing of our national discourse by this regime’s shamelessly deceitful and manipulative tactics.

They are appalled by the Swiftboating of anyone who stands against them, the smearing of opponents from John McCain to John Murtha.

They are appalled at the scent of fascism, and they worry about the future of our democracy.

They are appalled by the use of so much power to engorge those at the very top at the expense of everyone else, but especially of the most vulnerable.

They are appalled by their great nation throwing its weight around like an arrogant bully, making us increasingly feared and hated even by old friends.

This is the president to which Lieberman has lent his voice and his prestige as a former Democratic nominee for the vice-presidency, thus helping to legitimize this destructive regime.

The opposition to the war in Iraq is part of this, but it is also a way of bringing the larger picture into focus. For even the Iraq war is not just the Iraq war. It’s also a manifestation of the evils and the defects of the whole regime.

The Bushites lied us into this war. Thus this war is also emblematic of the systematic dishonesty of this administration.

The Bushites showed a contempt for international law both in the way they drove toward war and in their subsequent indifference to legally justifying their invasion once the supposed WMDs proved non-existent. The war in Iraq is therefore representative of the general lawlessness of this regime.

The war in Iraq also transformed the image of America in the world from a flawed but mostly trustworthy leader into a dangerous bully, with the populations of even our closest traditional allies coming to see the United States as the kind of ruthless power from which we used to be known for protecting the world. So the Iraq war also exemplifies the ways that this Bushite regime has betrayed America’s basic values.

In their arrogant over-estimation of their understanding, the Bushites failed to listen to experts about what success would require in Iraq. Their catastrophic botching of the post-invasion job, therefore, epitomizes the larger pattern of ignorance and arrogance and incompetence that has made a mess of so much else besides Iraq.

But, judging from their coverage of Lamont’s primary challenge to Lieberman, the media will announce to the country, after Lieberman is presumably rejected, that the Democratic grassroots are simply anti-war.

Some may assume that this simplification and distortion just reflect an innocent cluelessness on the part of our media. But this distortion fits too well with so many other “failures” of the media.

For one thing, the mainstream corporate media have systematically played down the story of the extraordinary nature of this Bush presidency. Here we have a regime that has taken the United States faster and further down the road to fascism than many of us would ever have thought possible. And the corporate media have virtually “missed” this story –one of the biggest in American history.

And so now they see the antipathy toward Lieberman as being an “anti-war” vote, not an expression of profound alarm about the transformation of America now being wrought by dark forces.

This distortion by the media serves the Bushites in another way as well: Construing the message simply as “anti-war” plays nicely into Karl Rove’s attempt to transform the Bushites’ most conspicuous failure into a club to beat the Democrats.

If the Democrats’ opposition to this disastrous war can be squeezed into the old “anti-war” frame –in which the Republicans can characterize the Democrats as wimpy doves, as “cut-and-runners,” as subverters of American honor—then the Republicans might yet again turn their catastrophe into yet another fear-based mid-term election victory.

“Single-issue” Democrats dumping Lieberman merely over the war would feed into that story-line.

But explaining the real meaning of this voter rage against Lieberman would help expose the Iraq war as the devastating political liability for the Bushites that it deserves to be, and it makes the war issue safer for the Democrats.

When the war is presented as the fraud that it is, as the fruit of lies and arrogance and incompetence that it is, as one mess among many created by a presidency that has betrayed America’s trust as well as its oath of office, then the repudiation of the war becomes a matter of protecting our national honor, not of abandoning it.

Perhaps most importantly, in rejecting Lieberman, the Democratic voters of Connecticut would be expressing not only their anger at Lieberman for actively helping the Bush administration, but also their deep frustration with their party leaders for failing to stand up boldly against the Bushites.

Millions of Democrats around the country applauded when Senator Feingold came forward with his resolution to censure the president for his clearly illegal conduct. But then they were bitterly disappointed when the rest of the party ran away from that resolution, allowing that little movement toward truth-telling to evaporate.

The Congressional Democrats’ cravenness in the face of the Bush administration’s crimes and lies has been the source of enormous angst and consternation among their constituents for some time. And until now all the grassroots efforts to get the attention of the national Democrats and to stiffen their spines have been largely unavailing.

But now comes this Connecticut uprising. Through this grassroots repudiation of a powerful Democratic Senator, the rank-and-file Democrats of that state are sending a message to the national party in the language that politicians best understand.

That message is not to be “doves” about this war so much as it is to be hawks about reining in this dangerous regime and hawks about preserving our constitutional democracy.

America needs for the national Democratic Party to understand and to heed that message.

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MIKE MALLOY - 1/20/05

Click here: Ned Lamont for Senate

NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current President.

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