Thursday, September 23, 2010

America's "Inferno"

Ya, well, long time, no see....or write as the case may be.

Not much to say actually - if you don't understand by now that the United States of America is crumbling right before your eyes well, there's not much I can contribute to influence your willful blindness and dereliction of your duty as an American to watch the supposed watchdogs of our Constitution and democracy.  We're screwed, my friends, and I hope, for your sake, you know that because if you don't, you're gonna wake up and be mighty shocked one day when you realize that your childhood is unrecognizable from what you were taught to expect when you became adults.  Ya, I'm talking to you, all you late teen and twenty, even thirty something-ers.  You are going to pay dearly for your Facebooks, Twitters, Twatters, Myspaces, Deadspaces between your ears and believe me, none of us on the other side of the 60's is going to feel one bit of smug satisfaction to be able to say we "told you so."

I started this blog after the bloodbath in Fallujah....sick and disgusted over what I saw happening and oh, what a journey it's been.  From shock and awe to hope and change I've watched the dismantling of my country and I'm reaching the point where it's crystal clear to me that there's not a damn thing more I can do about it. 

I hear The One, who's been running for re-election since he was anointed, has a new campaign slogan....I guess we're ditching the hopey-changey thing for now but keeping the hope part somewhat alive.  My opinion?  He'd be smarter to tell his beloved illegal aliens that he's adopting a more truthful border protection program and the first step will be to hang a banner clear 'cross the whole deal that will forever immortalize one of his no-doubt famous poets Dante and it will say, facing outward of course, "Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

Now THAT would be the first move to truth.