Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers

Thank you, sister, friend and mentor for a lifetime of treasures that I could never express fittingly in words. There's a searing pain in my heart today for your family, Peter, Noel Paul and your global family who understood the light you brought to this world. To think I will never see you perform again is mitigated only by the knowledge that it is through your music that your message and spirit will live through all the generations you have inspired. I'd like to think that your "Johnny" Denver is with you this moment singing a new harmony with a new verse to "Leavin' On a Jet Plane" with children gathered 'round you as the bells of freedom toll in the distance.

You will live forever in my heart. "Such as gift has been given that can never be taken away." - JD

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Then so be it. I am a Racist.

There is a choking rage inside me. It's foul. Bitter and bloody with a bile tasting of outrage and fury. I am sickened with disgust and anger toward those I must direct it and should you find yourself among them, then, good I say. I want you to FEEL it. No apologies. No explanations. And most of all, no excuses.

Maureen Dowd. Mike Malloy. Joan Walsh. Eugene Robinson. President Jimmy Carter. Randi Rhodes. And every single one of you vile hypocrites who DARE to call those of us who disagree with the present "administration" racists. Shame on you. No! Spit on you!!! How can you shame the shameless??? You...the supposed enlightened ones. The ones purporting to be the morally superior - the champions of the underdogs, the downtrodden. Whitened sepulchers in the TRUEST sense of the phrase are you.

Unable to defend this mistake in the White House that you drunkenly and blindly followed as the very sheeple you mocked without question - WHOSE conscience was it soothing when you voted for a man you tricked yourselves into believing was the answer to the causes you celebrated as you smugly called yourselves activists for Civil Rights??? No. Martin he ain't.

How DARE you conclude that people who DO have bona fide, legitimate reasons for not supporting not only the campaign of The One you assigned divine properties to but the thus far failed policies, positions and actions he's undertaken since ascending to his throne??? You, who would have otherwise been discerning, cautious, carefully examining facts and records, whirled yourselves into a state of brain-washed frenzy that surpassed anything Falwell and his ilk could have whipped up in a crowd of thousands. You suspended your critical thinking skills for what exactly??? A candidate of experience? Leadership? Upstanding associations? Principled views? Brilliance demonstrated through original rhetoric?? Voting consistently for the causes you espoused? Fie on you. Willing to shill, shilling at will, whose guilt were you attempting to assuage?

Oh, surely it must be the PH.D's in psychology you possess that place you in positions to pronounce racism as the disease afflicting those who refused to jump on your swerving bandwagons. Surely you're privy to the hearts and minds of those who sincerely question the Perennial Candidate and denounce their dissent with a blind dismissal and conclude - oh well, they're all racists. Again, how dare you?

You're playing with fire and you participate in a dangerous game. Unable to comprehend that you have become the very things you've mocked, you fail to see your own role in playing the race card - each and every time you find yourselves unarmed and defenseless in explaining how it is that your candidate just doesn't seem to be doing the things you HOPED he'd do. Well I have a surprise for you. Had you DONE the research, you'd have already have KNOWN he wouldn't be doing the things he seduced you with as he spoke his velvet words. You FELL for it and now, you can't admit you were wrong. And I mean YOU, so-called Progressive Liberals, a label I, too, once carried. He's sold you out - hey, did you notice? Where's your healthcare? Where's your ending of the war? Where's even your damn public option you so desperately sought??? Yet already, I notice it's all ok with you. You just change the goal posts, making excuse after excuse after excuse as you willingly participate as spectators in this Kabuki theatre playing out before your glazed eyes.

Each and every time you call out someone as being a racist when they disagree with your pseudo god, you unwittingly reveal the depth of your own. Do you eat, breathe and think in colors??? Do you have nothing of substance to fall back on when you attempt to defend the President of the United States who I remind you was voted in with a majority of WHITE voters who evidently were able to "overcome" the issue/non-issue of the color of one's skin? And for that matter, did you happen to notice when you read his books (which you obviously didn't as demonstrated by your inability to read between the lines and make a far better assessment than you did) that HE HAD A WHITE MOTHER??? Your accusations of racism don't even fit the bill so to speak.

ACORN is now a surprise that has caught you all off guard...and why should you even care about the facts? Psst...they were all there...well before he strode to Mt. Olympus. You were negligent in your roles as those who consider themselves opinion makers. You were deaf, dumb and blind. The war(s) continue - you know - those pesky little things that used to keep you awake at night. Well, I, the RACIST, am STILL awake at night, worrying sick about our troops. And where are you??? Why, busy calling those of us who HAVE kept the faith RACISTS. So GO AHEAD, CALL me a racist! Your opinions no longer matter to me. You're jesters. Fools. And paid ones at that. I wonder if that makes you similar to the fine folks at ACORN who facilitate prostitution for a living? The ones people like Charles Gibson know nothing about? Odd. We knew. How come didn't you???

Malloy - who guffawed and instigated many a rant against "the bush crime family" had NO problem whatsoever calling him a chimp and far worse, (and for the record, neither did I) nor spoke up in outrage when bush was boo'ed over and over again by the Democrats. I guess there was damn good reason Mr. Malloy would note many times that he believed the Feds were listening to his show....and with good reason. Hypocrisy at its finest here. A self-proclaimed "truthseeker." God, you make me want to puke.

Randi Rhodes - how lovely of her to actually call US the "N" word only she didn't use "N." And called Hillary a "whore." Oh yes...let's censure Joe Wilson but of course. I'm not going to detail the rest of these folks who are dangerous with a microphone or a pen. But I AM going to point out that you are doing everything possible to instigate those who really MAY be racists into actions that might result in the very things you proclaim to be against. Intellectual masturbation is usually harmless - except when it manipulates and encourages potential violence and further divisiveness...seems to me you won't be happy until you DO piss off enough people who are fed up and take to the streets but not for the reason you're peddling.

You make me sick. All of you. Your "Audacity of Hope" is the mirror image of the audacity of despair - how sad that I expected better from you. You're pissing off the wrong people. The ones you OUGHT to be pissing off are your own "flying monkey" left - those who are lying down and letting this administration toy with the dreams you'd HOPED would what have you got? From single-payer to public option to triggers and co-ops. How's that for meshing with your agenda? Well, from what I've seen, I guess it's ok with you as you continue to scratch your sorry asses and wonder what went wrong. I place the blame SQUARELY on you. MY hope lies within REAL Americans. Those who are fed up, see the lies continue and have the courage to voice their dissent - you know - DISSENT - the thing you ALL cried was patriotic. But, I guess that only applies when it's YOUR dissent.

So, you take your "racism" and your race cards and SHOVE THEM. Shove them good and hard till they come out your eyeballs and maybe, just maybe, it will be then that you see the light and see the horrific crimes, yes, MORAL crimes you're committing each and every time you call us racists. Your emperor has no clothes. Maybe in the light of day, some day at least, you'll have the guts to see and admit that. But from what are I see, YOUR brand of Kool-Aide is addicting. And, like all intoxicants, eventually, it will poison you. Let's hope you can save yourselves before that occurs.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hypocrite Pelosi!

You forgot about this, Madame Speaker?

Friday, September 04, 2009


Any of you who have followed this blog since its inception would have had no trouble at all labeling me a card carrying liberal. And had you done so, I'd have said, "ya, and proud of it!"

Fast forward now to November '08. Specifically, the day after Election Day.

It wasn't easy nor impulsive the day after when I changed my lifelong affiliation with the Democratic Party to re-register as an Independent. Right up to that time, I believed that I stood with the party that represented the values and ideals I espoused though the erosion of that belief began as I watched the primaries unfold in horror while watching liberals, progressives and Dems self-destruct before my very eyes as I saw them begin to march in lock-step with their candidate - The One. The "one" WHAT I wondered to myself as I saw people I'd trusted appear to take total and complete leave of their sanity in embracing a candidate with no experience, frightening connections to Bill Ayers, The Rev and ACORN, obvious racism to anyone who understands that not just one color of skin can qualify one as racist, arrogance beyond anything we'd seen to date, and oh, so much more beyond the scope of this discussion. It was a decision necessary for me in order to be able to live with my own conscience which doesn't allow me to affiliate with an entity I pretend to belong to for the sake of societal labeling. Though a Democrat, there were times I did vote for a Republican because for me and many others like me, I don't vote for the party but for the person, policies, records, values, platforms, etc. Admittedly, we didn't have much of a choice in 2008 given we've done nothing but continue to vote for career politicians and putting our own selves in the position of always having to choose between the lesser of two evils. But for that, we have only ourselves to blame. Which, by the way, is why I continue to hammer that we need to vote out all incumbents and impose terms limits. Also another story.

After all the "hard werk" that was done in the early to mid 2000's, I couldn't wait for the moment that the bush cabal would be history - you see, I believed that nothing could be worse than that administration with its illegal wars, crimes against humanity, war crimes, the economy, global warming, and all the other issues typical liberals were screaming about during those years. I knew that though the reign of terror was devastating to live through, at least it was finite. 2008 had the promise of a new dawn with the polls showing that finally, it looked like the Dems could pull out a victory that could not only repair the damage done to our nation but could restore and renew our country in the eyes of the world. Ya. That's what I thought. How 'bout you?

So, how naive was I? Delusional perhaps? Maybe. But worse, I was wrong. Dead wrong. I hear my mother's voice in my nightmares: Beware the devil that you know versus the one you don't and man, was she ever right. WTF is this devil and how come we STILL don't know him???

Hope and change we can believe in. What was that supposed to mean? Did anyone know? Do they now? I sure don't. What I do know is that the specific changes promised have yet to materialize; in fact, the changes are the only thing he keeps changing...first it was single payer healthcare, then public option, well, then maybe not so much and now, it's the "spirit" of the public option we're channeling - but that's only after the back room deals were made with Big Pharma and insurance companies of course - wasn't there something in that lofty campaign rhetoric promising to "change" K street or is it only Emeril who believes that "pork fat rules?" Pelosi calling us "unAmerican" when we protest and dare ask questions so angrily that I thought the sutures behind her ears would split...Conyers can't even be bothered reading bills he'll sign without his attorney present which is probably ok given how much time HE'S having to spend with lawyers with the little "trouble" he's got going on...Barney Bailout Frank insulting constituents as they exercise their rights as Americans in holding legislators accountable and on and on and on....The leaderless Republicans barely have to lift a finger - they'll win scores next round simply by default now that the Dems have managed to dismiss us and spit on us for daring to question their corruption. Why can't Americans wrap their collective mind around the fact that BOTH parties are corrupt as the day is long? Why do we keep sending them back to Congress so they can screw us again without even having to beg for more?

And ya gotta love the "death panel" business...first it's there, then it's not, then no, it never was, and then they're removing from the bill what never was and oh, what's a person to think! Well, after much fancy dancing, they cleared it up as death panels in the bill at all....BECAUSE....IT'S IN THE STIMULUS BILL!!!:

H.R 1EH, pfd version: pgs 445, 454 and 479 refer to the electronic encoding of medical records; pgs. 442-446 refer to the national coordinator of health; pgs. 511, 518, 540-51 define "meaningful user"; and pg 464 refers to the comparative effectiveness.
Signed on February 17th.

Anybody know whether we're still in Iraq? Oh, what's that? More troops to Vie..oh, Afghanistan? Well, now wait just a minute...wasn't the candidate of hope and change going to end the war(s)? Must have heard that from someone else. But that's least he closed Guantanamo....didn't he??? Oh no, THAT'S right...Eric Holder's holding "investigations" - but don't worry, Cheneydevil, he's already said it's one of those pesky limited know the kind...where hands are tied before the ink is dry...just ask Patrick Fitzgerald if you have any questions, ok? But please, do us a favor though and crawl back in your coffin. I'm sick of seeing you and the rest of your kinfolk in front of the camera...the light's not good for you and you're hurting my eyes, ok?

I hear our Foxophobic obsessed Dear Leader will be taking to the airwaves again (and again and again and again) but this time, it's the children's attention he wants. Homework and all!!! Will he be grading it too? Giving them stickers with his face on it? Or sending them to Guantanamo Playground if they fail to find a way to support their president given he's retained the right to secret rendition?

And the swine flu "pandemic." Don't even get me started. But if you want to avoid exposure, then stay the heck out of Massachusetts...their senators have lost their minds and passed a bill making compliance mandatory and those who don't submit are subject to forced quarantine and a 1K it? Maybe they should have done a little research on the WHO (no, not Pete Townsend) and the CDC before they came up with this dastardly piece of legislation. Go look it up if you don't believe me. I don't do your work for you - I have enough of my own just trying to follow the day to day corruption. I wonder if there's a Swine Flu Czar - geesch - I've lost count - talk about a pig in a poke.

And yet another treat awaits us as the "Messiah" will give yet another doublespeech when the Congressthugs return to OUR House after their month long vacation earned from working sooo hard on our behalf. I wonder if he'll be ordering them to take whatever new insurance scheme he comes up with as their OWN policy? Ya think? And surely the kiss-ass, wolves in sheep's clothing AARP will stand in endorsement, wanna bet? How many thousands of educated seniors have dropped AARP now? Kudos to them but clearly not enough yet. They all don't get that he's not in it for their best interests - just like the Jews. Well, maybe they'll both be waking up soon....THAT'S the kind of "hope" I can believe in. The same kind I feel as I watch his approval rate falling daily in the polls....

A cup of tea, anyone?

VOTE THEM OUT! ALL OF THEM! Then, election reform and TERM LIMITS!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Congresswoman Diane Watson and the Race Card

In her own words, Watson puts her racism on display for all:

H/T to Youtube

I think it's pretty clear by now who the real racists in this country are - IF you've been paying attention.