Thursday, July 28, 2005

Republicans Support the Troops!

Well, if I'd ever thought otherwise, this certainly cleared it up for me. I'm a-gunna run riyut out 'n git me one-a dem purty yello ribbuns for ma trunk...

Lying, filthy, hypocrites...

Thanks again, Elsie...and just when I'm supposed to be winding down!

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American vets from Iraq war not qualified to serve in public office, GOP US House candidate says in Ohio by John in DC - 7/28/2005 06:10:00 PM

This is bad, seriously. Paul Hackett is running as the first Iraq war vet to run for Congress, and now his GOP opponent, Jean Schmidt, just said that being an American vet from the Iraq war is the wrong kind of experience for a member of Congress. I kid you not.The Swift Boaters started it last year with Kerry, and Bush did the same thing to McCain in 2000. Slur a guy because he's a vet. And now we have a GOP candidate for Congress saying that service in the Iraq war apparently disqualifies you for being a member of Congress.Any US service members watching?

This is what I'm talking about. You think the Republicans are automatically your friends? Ask yourself why the only ones upset about all of you guys getting killed, maimed, sent to war based on a lie, not being given any plan to win the war, not even being given body armor three years after hostilities commenced - why the only people upset about all of that are Democrats?

Then listen to this woman.

Any questions?

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Elcymoo said...

Wasn't that one of the most disgusting things you've read? No wonder right-wingers think that Bush is so uniquely qualified to "lead the free world"! Check this snipe out, too.

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Hardball's ad on Hackett

"...Will his military service hurt his bid for office?"



Have you ever heard a promo as lame as this? If Hackett was a republican and FOX news was running the promo for H&C , it would go something like: "As a veteran of the Iraq war, can we afford not to have Hackett in Congress?"

Atrios writes: "It's tempting to write it off as just some really stupid promo copy without some deeper meaning, but I really think it reflects some deeper pathology. Boomers like Matthews (59 years old, who knew) who didn't go to Vietnam and today's 101st Fighting Keyboarders seem to really have contempt for those who served."