Tuesday, August 09, 2005

When I was thirsty you gave me to drink..

Cindy Sheehan, prior to April 4, 2004, was a wife, mother and what we might say an ordinary, middle American woman. But ordinary she is not since that fateful day; this woman learned the worst news a mother can ever face. Her son, Casey, 24 years old and on his 5th day serving in Iraq was killed by the opposition. Her pain was unspeakable but as she moved through the stages of grief, she was able to put that grief into action and created the "Gold Star Mothers," a group dedicated to learn the truth and to support, comfort and console one another. When she was able to mobilize her grief and shock, she began to seek answers to very hard questions, the first being "why did my son die?"

Her quest for the truth has now brought her a mile outside Crawford, Texas. Her mission is to simply speak to the President and pose the questions that she and others deserve to have answered. Why? Why did her son die? She gave her life's blood to the blood thirsty, vacationing Brush Clearer and now, on her third day out in the hot, dry, climate surrounding fake ranches, the only thing she could surmise is that there must be a whole lot more brush than was there on his last vacation. He has no time to meet with a woman whose child lies in a coffin in the ground that came back to this country in the dark of night, away from the cameras, away from her, away from our view. Several sources now claim that this broken hearted lady, whose life is forever changed, stands to be arrested on Thursday as a "National Security Threat." Oh, how the heavens will weep should Cindy find herself in an orange jumpsuit. There is much more I could say but this is the priority...She and her supporters, and oh, how I wish I could be there, are in desperate need of water and food. The fake ranch certainly won't be providing it. But I wonder if we can. $5, $10, even $1 would be greatly appreciated..."When I was thirsty you gave me to drink..." Below are two addresses that checks can be mailed...I have a contact in Crawford that is managing donations and if sent to the addresses below, Cindy can be nourished by our hands. This is not political...it is a human matter. A little water for a grieving, haunted woman who only wishes to speak to the executor of her son? I'm not urging anyone to act in any way that doesn't feel right. I've never used my blog in a financial way but Cindy Sheehan, whom you can look up simply by a Google search, is a brave, courageous woman who is seeking truth. Can we help make her journey a wee bit easier? Losing a child, having no ability to rationalize the senseless, hurting in ways that cannot be spoken of unless one has traveled the road of losing a child, is something she deserves to know and paying a visit to the one who altered her life and her family's life needs is how she walks her journey, hopefully to find her way to the truth and just maybe some peace. She camps out for me, for you...let us give her a drink of water?

9142 E.5TH

P.O. BOX 710218
DALLAS, TEXAS 75371-0218

Should she be arrested, any donations will go to her legal defense. And should that happen, it is very clear that not only freedom of speech is being denied but the right to peacefully assemble is gone with the wind. My heart is heavy tonight. I, too, lost a child...not through war but a brain tumor; I understand her pain. We can never quench her desire to bring her soldier home to her; but we can quench her thirst. "Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted." Where are you, George? Can you comfort and console?

As I receive more information, I will offer it to you. Thank you, brothers and sisters for hearing my plea

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