Sunday, September 04, 2005

Unnatural Disaster: Bush & Co.= Abysmal Failure

It has been 6 days since the worst natural disaster arrived on the shores of the Gulf coast; unprecedented and of epic proportion. I have been wordless since because the raging storm within me finds no words to express the intensity of my grief and sorrow for this horrific tragedy and malestrom of death, destruction and despair. It's impossible for me to view all this from one lens as more scenarios arise. It's impossible for me to isolate even one dimension of this catastrophe because of the emotional chaos I feel each time I see one more sorrowful story unfold. And it's impossible for me to see clearly through my rage.

The President of the United States is a abysmal failure of incredible magnitude. He is a fraud, a deceitful charlatan whose coldness and lack of empathy rings true about all his actions and words...and that is the ONLY truth about him. On vacation, a-strummin' and a-grinnin', toolin' around a golf course, this waste of human flesh waited FIVE days before he planted his feet on terra firma while our AMERICAN CITIZENS gulped their last breaths full of mud, slime, toxins, human waste and the by-products of decaying bodies. Mr. Compassionate Conservative...God's Fortunate Chosen Son...a day late and a dollar short..AGAIN. I really can't say anything more about him at this time; you get my point. But I will...soon...once I release this torrent of tears inside me now held back by my own levee of anger.

So, for now, let me direct you to this link: Click here: Air America Radio. I chose this site because it is well researched, truthful and I trust them. While you're there, listen to the live programming located on the left hand side of the site. I strongly recommend the Randi Rhodes Show aired every week day from 3pm-7pm and Mike Malloy, aired from 10pm - 1am. They're a strong antidote to the right wing liars. Please reach deeply into your souls and do what you can to help.


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