Saturday, October 29, 2005

Patrick Fitzgerald: A Face of Truth

Listening to Patrick J. Fitzgerald yesterday, laying out the terms of indictment against I. Lewis Libby, VP Chief of Staff and Liar Extraordinaire, I couldn't help but feel a mixture of emotions as I considered the enormity of the charges he was painstakingly revealing to the traitorous press as well as to "we, the people."

Any of you familiar with the rubber robotic talking puppetman, Scott McClellan, WH press secretary whose daily mantra appears to be "I'm not going to talk about an on-going investigation," must have been refreshed as I to see the honorable Mr. Fitzgerald speak without stumbling, clear eyed and clear headedly answering the questions posed to him by the mercenaries who sat before him, already planning how they would spin out whatever answers Mr. Fitzgerald was at liberty to disclose. No one in their right mind (no pun intended) could possibly consider that partisanship was his driving force and anyone who did won't be reading this entry anyway. There was no partisanship at all.

For 5 years, we have sat on our couches and watched the death throes of truth in an already dying media while concurrently watching the birth of blatant progaganda spreading over our airwaves. Up until recently as reflected by the polls, it would have seemed that the majority of Americans didn't even know what they were witnessing, and sadly, probably didn't even care. What has been passing for news to the average, dumbed and numbed down American is swallowed hook, line and sinker to the extent that several years ago, I began to wonder whether or not newsprint paper would be placed on the "Endangered Species" list. But to watch this Special Prosecuter speak to us with nary a stolen glance at his notes as he made unwavering, consistent eye contact with his audience demanded that I compare his presence to the freak show we've been treated to day after day after day by this administration, its cronies and its lapdog press.

Patrick Fitzgerald was telling the truth. You knew it. I knew it. It didn't matter what side of the aisle you were on. We all knew it. But the side of the aisle you're on would most likely ultimately be the place from which you responded to what you were seeing and hearing as evidenced already by the so-called cable "news" channels. Yet, still, as he represented the face of truth and whatever remains of our justice system, he offered us the caveat several times that the fundamental premise of what that system is based upon is "innocent until proven guilty." Remember those words, Mr. Starr?

The oceanic dichotomy between Kenneth Starr, a man whom I'd often wondered if he was in a position to stand up from behind his table without the presence of an embarrassing protrusion on exhibition below his waist, is staggering. Never more was the difference between perversion and patriotism more on display than in drawing a comparision between these two representatives of justice.

Regardless of what lies ahead for the cabal of criminals whose support is crumbling daily, and regardless of how many of these same criminals are caught, yesterday we saw something we have not, as a nation, seen in over five years when our country was newly stolen as we slept. We got to listen to one man say..."we had to act. We had to" all because knowing the "whole truth and nothing but the truth" is what led him.

And now it's our turn, those of us who still care about the truth and justice and honor, integrity and peace. Will yours be the letter that convinces your congressperson to call for a congressional investigation? Will your call contain the words that finally snaps your representative and senator to attention and understand that this time, we mean it?

Our country has been taken over. And if you didn't grasp that yesterday, you never will.

Thank you, Mr. Fitzgerald, for reminding me that America is still worth fighting for but only, ONLY, if we are willing to fight together.


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