Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Every once in a while...

Every once in a while, you have the remarkable experience to encounter the rare and raw form of genius whose voice MUST be heard. When you find it, you are mandated to share it with others and in keeping with my standard of seeking, supporting and screaming for Truth, I offer you the necessary, unedited words of a voice in the wilderness, a man I am honored to call my friend.

his skirt is a little short for the rest of the ensemble , isn't it?
Bush will not be impeached - probably not even if both Houses of Ill Repute become dem controlled in November next. I restate - nearly all the dems (=DINO) are the natural constituents of POOTUS - they are rich scum who have generally not done any real work in their lives , and Bush's policies are aimed at consolidating power into the hands of the gigantic businesses nearly every single one them could be found to be heavily invested in and otherwise beholden to. I really do not think that a political solutrion will happen. However , I am really glad that the poll numbers are slipping , that MSM has atleast some fairly frequent sparks and glimmers of Truth peeking out from behind Oz's curtain - if the great , overwhelming majority of the stupid-ass American public realizes it has little to eat , can't afford gas to go out and look for
a job that is discovered to be extinct , that even the mediocre medical care available today is no longer within their reach , that any foolish insistence on exercising First Amendment rights will get them a goon-squad visit - and we are headed there so quickly and have such a short distance to go that digging in our heels now will merely burn the soles off our sneakers - IF the overwhelming majority We The Bumfuzzled Nitwits can slap ourselves awake enough to see this , there might be enough to accomplish what was once accomplished in the late 1700s against our enemy , Mad King George I . I am very afraid that the same method will prove necessary - for our
entire government has been subverted and re -formed into a machine of enslavement.

Thank you, Tom. You keep my hope alive.

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