Sunday, October 01, 2006

Forgive but Never Forget

Uh, Mayor Picard and Representative Amann,

You know, you still have time to restore your honor with the Democratic Party and reverse your support for the Do-Nothing for 18 Years Senator Lieberman.

You can simply say the truth - you've done your research and discovered new reasons why you simply can't back this warmongering, chickenhawk, backstabber who has done us here in CT so very, very wrong.

Look to John Edwards, a former vice-presidential DEMOCRATIC candidate who so gracefully and humbly explained his poor choice in voting for this despicable war based on LIES that the NIE PROVES. If he can do it, you can do it. Too bad you missed him in New Haven. You'd have seen a fine example of a REAL Democrat. I guess you were busy.

Now come on here...we KNOW the truth now...maybe you're just a little slower in getting there...after all, you're both busy men trying to represent DEMOCRATS, right?

We can forgive you. We really can. But not if you're going to align yourselves with an immoral man who pretends he's the opposite and does more and more each day to harm our beloved country. Do you really get what you've done here? Do you understand that what you're saying is that despite the facts that are now known about Joe's deadly and duplicitous betrayal of our country for his own personal gain that you are standing with him because of EXPERIENCE???? Experience is not synonymous with excellence, ethics or expertise. Experience means having a record to run on, a history of working FOR your constituency and NOT what's best for what you believe is an office you are ENTITLED to. The only experience you're supporting is that of a man who has time and time again stabbed us in the back. Are you REALLY sure this is what you want us to know about both of you? That you condone:

His behavior re Teri Schiavo
His vote for torture
His alliances to Big Pharma (and his wife's)
His allegiance to BIG corporate lobbyists
His spitting on women in need of sexual trauma aftercare
His surgical attachment to bush the Betrayer - oh, give me some tongue, baby
His allowing RNC and BIG Republican fundraisers INCLUDING Mr. Penis Pump
HIS negative campaign tactics custom designed by Rove
His history with the DLC
His admonishment to those of us who exercise our 1st Amendment soon to be taken away right to criticize the government courtesy of the New York Times....

and so much more but reading my own writing here is beginning to make me sick. I think if you've now done your research, you know the real Joe Lieberman and I'm sure you've seen your mistake. But, as I said, that's ok. We will forgive you. Just do the right thing, the ONLY thing that will save your own hides when you contemplate your next run for office.

Fix it. Do it now. I'll even write your press releases for you.

We will forgive you now for your "mistake," BUT...

If you do not correct it, WE will NEVER forget!

*The opinions and thoughts above are expressly those of this writer

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Amendment IV to the Lost Constitution of the former United States of America



B.A. said...

Hi Mary! Nice blog you got here.

It's admirable of you to forgive people, but in Jim Amann's case, I guess I lack that trait.

I live in his district. I've posted articles slamming his lack of loyalty to the Democratic Party, and believe me when I say this: I intend to make his life miserable every chance I get.

His arrogant dumbness and blind support of a proven Bush lackey is damaging the chances for other Dems to get elected this November. Amann is at least partially responsible for anything bad that might happen, and I'll make it my mission in life to remind him of it every time he shows his stupid, trecherous face at a public event.

Anyway...thanks for the support! :)

Mary said...

Thank you, b.a. I don't attend to it (the blog) as often as I should b/c keeping up in bushworld requires more than a 24hr day! I can't tell you how delighted I am to see you here! What an honor!

I had to laugh as I read your comment because the truth of the matter is I lied...LOL! I was being coy with these dumbheads. I have NO intention of forgiving them! Can't. I'm a

I'd like to acknowledge to my other readers that as I write this reply, the commenter I'm responding to is perhaps one of the most wonderful, brilliant, passionate patriots I've ever encountered on the internets. He's an example of the kind of freedom fighter I imagine in my own mind and have no trouble at all imagining as one of the key players in organizing the first "tea party." And all I can say is it is people like him and his peers that we even have a Ned Lamont Campaign "again."

But back to point, I USED to live in his district and I think it's a very good thing I no longer do. Did you hear he was appointed prez or some kind of position of authority in the "Dems for Joe" new swiftboaters? I've taken him to task in several previous blogs and I'll tell you one one of them I let him know I'm not disappearing either and maybe we need to turn up the temp. a little more? I'll certain cross a town line to travel for justice. We have GOT to rid ourselves of all these vipers for all of the obvious reasons for those who have been following and for those newly awakening by totally embracing the words that "We are the People" and speaking with one voice. That's what I think has to happen and it starts within each one of us. That's really all I can say. I wish to God I knew how we must do it. I know we need more youth. Think about how just the visuals between Ned and Joe would affect the younger population? I'm middle-aged and the physical difference just makes me want to barf. So how about more pics of the two of them side by side just for the female psychological perspective. We know lizards when we see them! LOL! I'd start there!

b.a. - thank you from my heart. I'm with ya, bro.