Saturday, December 23, 2006

And so "this is Christmas".....

Let's see...where did I leave off? Ah, yes...we won the House and Senate...and, I simply must leave it at that as I still haven't found my voice. It's a complex matter whenever one is caught between a time that ought to be joyful yet smacks of sorrow because I don't know about you but it seems to me we didn't quite get the head of the hydra. I've refrained from comment quite deliberately because my mind is having a great deal of trouble making sense of most of what's happened SINCE we won the House and Senate. And I'm quite befuddled because:

*I thought We the People sent out a resounding chorus of "I ain' gonna study war no more" yet, he wants to deploy more troops and looks like he'll probably get his way...

*We stood for the sacredness of the Constitution but but but "impeachment is off the table."

*Some of those in power who agreed with us and wished to get OUT of Iraq are planning to vote for spending yet MORE dineros to FINANCE this war they no longer believe in. Is it me?

*The Iraq Study Group - what a MARVELOUS job they did studying bush's war plan...change a word here, substitute a phrase there, re-entitle a few things and VOILA! They made nothing out of nothing and looks like no one should be firing up the engines carting our "brave freedom fighters" or the "liberators" who've discovered a whole new level of war sport out there in what once was the holiest of all lands.

*Einstein said (here's where you should leave, neo-cons - genuises are not generally your forte) that the definition of INSANITY is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Though insanity is an overall theme in this administration, the insanity I'm speaking of here is the kind of insanity that swarms over supposedly sane, elected leaders and supposedly sane, American electorate who can sit down in front of their daily dose of Big Brother's Ministry of Truth and view a president stand before the world in front of a lectern and deliver an address that makes him look and sound totally batshit crazy and say NOTHING!!!

I may be a psychiatric nurse and possess a wee bit more knowledge than the average lay person but trust me - a two year old has the ability to identify that the cowboy engaged in war crim...oops, war GAMES, gets a free pass from EVERYONE...some might call it the "elephant" in the room but in my heart of hearts, I'd wish it to be a cow or a horse. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG HERE??? WE HAVE AN AMENDMENT TO TAKE CARE OF AN INDISPOSED PRESIDENT! HE'S CRAZY! MEDICATED! DON'T YOU SEE IT YET??? WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR YOU TO DO SO??? Are you REALLY waiting for Santa to drop through the chimney? Beliefs held by children are not so different from those who can sit back and watch this poor, demented man, the spokesman for our NATION stand up in front of the world and babble and slur his speech like someone who just got out of an ECT treatment! Until his insanity is addressed, this country is going nowhere except to the line that marks sanity and the abyss. I've seen it for 6 years now and still, when I turn on C-Spam or the so-called network news, I don't see anyone announcing that the President of the United States of America has been placed in 4 point restraint, removed from the White House on a stretcher and involuntarily admitted to the psychiatric unit at Walter Reed Army Hospital. THAT'S my Christmas wish, my weekly wish, my daily wish, my every single moment it doesn't happen wish.

But alas, I told you from the start I was a dreamer...except now, I seem to be living a nightmare. Will anyone come by and wake me up??? Will it be you, Dennis? John? C'mon, John...I met you in New Lord what a specimen...Obama, no, not you...but enjoy your ride...if you just weren't so DLC-ish, I could abide you...Dodd? Biden? Vilsack? Oh, please, sit down and stop waving your hands. Who, WHO is it going to be who leads me and those of you who share my values out of our collective nightmare? Santa? Maybe it will be you after all.

So, Merry Christmas and a HO! HO! HO!

Deliverance and Penitence May We All Know.

"Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with Me,"

Let us truly remember what it means to be free.


Rose Covered Glasses said...

There are good points in your article. I would like to supplement them with some information:

I am a 2 tour Vietnam Veteran who recently retired after 36 years of working in the Defense Industrial Complex on many of the weapons systems being used by our forces as we speak.

If you are interested in a view of the inside of the Pentagon procurement process from Vietnam to Iraq please check the posting at my blog entitled, “Odyssey of Armaments”

The Pentagon is a giant, incredibly complex establishment, budgeted in excess of $500B per year. The Rumsfelds, the Administrations and the Congressmen come and go but the real machinery of policy and procurement keeps grinding away, presenting the politicos who arrive with detail and alternatives slanted to perpetuate itself.

How can any newcomer, be he a President, a Congressman or even the new Sec. Def.Mr. Gates, understand such complexity, particularly if heretofore he has not had the clearance to get the full details?

Answer- he can’t. Therefore he accepts the alternatives provided by the career establishment that never goes away and he hopes he makes the right choices. Or he is influenced by a lobbyist or two representing companies in his district or special interest groups.

From a practical standpoint, policy and war decisions are made far below the levels of the talking heads who take the heat or the credit for the results.

This situation is unfortunate but it is absolute fact. Take it from one who has been to war and worked in the establishment.

This giant policy making and war machine will eventually come apart and have to be put back together to operate smaller, leaner and on less fuel. But that won’t happen until it hits a brick wall at high speed.

We will then have to run a Volkswagen instead of a Caddy and get along somehow. We better start practicing now and get off our high horse. Our golden aura in the world is beginning to dull from arrogance.

Anonymous said...

It's gone - we had 1 shot... 9-11 and bush lost it all; They were so arrogant...The world was behind us; we could have ended it in Afghanistan, with many supporting us,especially Russia who lost there ..But as the statement read, bush knew nothing and the neo cons led him and us into hell,PLUS OVER 3000 DIED AND 15,000 WITH LIMBS MISSING, BUT WE DID STOP THE TERRORISTS AND TOOK CONTROL OF THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION,OH WAIT DAH.......THAT'S RIGHT. THERE WERE NO TERRORISTS IN IRAQ TILL WE INVADED AND NO W.O.M.D WERE FOUND EITHER...


Mary said...

rose covered glasses -

Please forgive the tardiness of my reply..the holidays and a sudden stealth attack of some galloping upper respiratory crud has befallen me. I want you to know I was/am deeply taken by your comment and I think it deserves more "air time" so I wonder if you might consider allowing me to make it an actual blog entry rather than a comment? My heart and soul took in your words to the extent that I feel moved to share them with more truthseekers. Thank you so much for all you've already given. When I return to reality post illness, I'll fully checkout your blog. Just wanted to thank you and let you know I'm listening to the profound wisdom and truth in your message. ( that I think about it, "listening," it's kinda scary imagining that it's taking the pResident 2 wks so far to LISTEN!...Well, onward to more propaganda viewing. Tonight's show is Operation Execution...if nothing else, we can take heart in knowing that indeed, insanity abounds.) Peace, brother.