Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Over there, over there...."

Anyone want to place a bet with me that tonight's "address" the un-president is planning to give following his VETO to cut off the funding for Iraq will include several re-iterations of "we have to fight them there to keep the "turrists" from coming here?"

If Seung-Hui Cho were alive to cast a vote, I wonder what he'd say. But, since that can't happen, the only thing I feel obligated to state is, "Mr. Squatter - perhaps you may not have noticed as you've been a little busy engaged in cover-ups lately, I'd like to inform you that the "turrists," are already here. Always have been. Furthermore, Mr. Appointed One, they'll ALWAYS be here. But, hey, thanks for making sure with your war lust, you've created a whole lot MORE of them....over "there."

Mr. Resident?...You disgust me.

Btw, Sir. Happy Mission Accomplished Day.

**The thoughts and opinions expressed here belong to the author alone.

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elcymoo said...

No, the thoughts and opinions expressed do not belong to the author alone. I share them, and so do millions of Americans - in fact, a majority of them, at this point, and so do a good many military analysts.
The only mission Bush has accomplished is to turn the majority of the world against his and Cheney's abusive and corrupt regime. In the process, he's brought about the deaths and maimings of more Americans than suffered on 9/11.
Heckuva job, Bushie!