Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Yes We Can" Run from Rezko...

but we can't hide, huh, Senator Obama?

So sorry about your losses - hey, remember THIS neo-con gem? "You lost. Get over it."

Obama, time to call us about Rezko: (312) 321-2417 :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES ::

Sen. Obama, time to call us about Rezko: (312)

March 4, 2008

Jury selection began Monday in
the trial of political influence peddler Tony Rezko. This would be the time --
before a single witness takes the stand -- for
Barack Obama to finally share every detail of his relationship with Rezko.

Rezko stands accused of funneling state business to
companies that lined his pockets and made campaign contributions to Gov.
Blagojevich. Rezko allegedly directed $10,000 to Obama's 2004 campaign for the
U.S. Senate.

The criminal charges against Rezko in no way implicate
Obama in any wrongdoing, but they do raise the question of dealings between the
two men.

As recently as Sunday, on ABC's
"This Week" program, Obama's campaign strategist, David Axelrod, insisted that
Obama has fully responded to every question posed by reporters. But this is not

For months, Sun-Times investigative reporters
have had a standing request to meet with Obama, face to face, to get answers to
questions such as these:

• How many fund-raisers did
Rezko throw for Obama?

• Obama is donating $150,000 to
charity that Rezko brought into the campaign. But how much in all did Rezko

• Did Rezko find jobs for Obama backers in the
Blagojevich administration or elsewhere?

• Why did Obama
only recently admit -- after Bloomberg News broke the story -- that Rezko had
toured his South Side mansion with him in 2004 before he bought it?

Dribs and drabs of people's lives have a most unfortunate way of
coming out in trials.

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