Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jesters and Fools...

Nice goin' with the Daeschle affair, Mr. Hopey-Changey. Who's doin' the vetting these days oh, but never, mind..he's "such a nice man" and all. The IRS never minds a simple mistake, right?

I see that "stimulus" is going rather well. Guess all that sweet talk to those non-believin' Republicans went over big..but actually, all the better because once again, you'll be able to blame the "it" of the day on other people, as usual. Messiahs can doeth no wrong. Just ask ask Chris Matthews or any of those jokers over at MSNBC for that matter.

If it hadn't been just so damn funny watching Biden the Buffoon flub President Hillary's oath, especially given the blood-curdling look The One shot him after his faux pas mocking Roberts, I'd have called that poetic justice any day of the week.

Had to wonder what Mr. Hate All Republicans No Matter What Malloy thought about Judd's appointment. So, took a run over to his blog and lo and behold, he's got not a word to say on it. Literally. Must be weird to be in a position where in order to continue railing against the "flying monkey right," you have to embrace one into your flock. Sorry 'bout that, Mike. If you just hadn't swigged the Kool-Aid, yanno? Um, we did try to tell you, remember? Ya. Sure you do. Looks like you better find some new material cuz that blog's lookin' pretty thin there. Gettin' pretty old listening to the Republican bashfest when under one party rule. You better hope they get some juice into that Fairness Doctrine cuz otherwise, Mike, well, how do YOU spell "i-r-r-e-l-e-v-e-n-t?"

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