Monday, December 21, 2009

Where ARE You, America??? I Can't Find You!

If you don't know what that sniveling coward Harry Reid is doing (well, tongue-in -cheek here as no one really does), then suffice to say, welcome to "socialized" medicine that isn't even THAT but something far worse even imaginable, and, shame on you and shame on those treasonous criminals who "represent" us. Obviously, you either no longer care about America or, you never did. The whys of that could fill 10 gigabytes but the short answer is that you've been duped into apathy, complacency and are invested in a status quo that only the anesthetized believe exists.

I'd say the current Congress is a joke if it weren't so dangerous and destructive to the very principles we were founded on as a nation. In case you haven't noticed, they have, behind closed doors, mocking the transparency The One "promised" we'd have, constructed a health-care bill that you have no idea what serious ramifications it yields....unless you've read it and understand what they, once again in the middle of the night, are trying to shove down the throats of a majority on both sides of the aisle who are SCREAMING "No! - WE do not WANT this!" They think we're stupid - that we won't even notice what they're doing but will in fact think, "oh, these wonderful, patriotic, outstanding representatives are even willing to work on Christmas Eve! What heroes! What beacons of virtue are they!"

And who ARE these people who keep returning them to Congress? Who ARE you jesters and fools who continue to: 1. not vote; 2. vote on party label; 3. vote blindly, totally uniformed on the issues and policies your candidate supports; 4. vote on popularity and name recognition, and 5. have NO idea what's going on except for what you see onFacebook, Ipods, and anything your fingers could possible "text" on.

What happened to "universal healthcare?" Remember that? Oh, well how about a "public option?" Where did that go? And still, you keep lowering the bar and giving these filthy handed politicians a pass as you continue to "hope" that just maybe your Anointed One is going to pull out some kind of miracle from his arrogant nose and save your collective, lobamatized souls? Yes, I KNOW Tiger Woods is more important and needs your time and attention but HE'LL be able to afford whatever Harry Crybaby Reid and Nancy, Queen of CorruptionPelosi want to dish out to you that YOU will NEVER be able to afford. Nor your children, your grandchildren and theirs. Go do the research yourselves.

While you're at it, check out the numbers of "uninsured" this bill would cover. Is it what you had in mind when you heard your Savior flip numbers back and forth citing oh, what was it now...40 million? 30 million? Or 57 like the number of states he think he rules? A simple task for you, eh? Go find out.

Has bribery crossed your minds? How about threats? Seem reasonable given what we've been seeing play out here? Do you even know your Senator's name??? How about your own which seems more apropos given what I've seen of the ignorance of those who believed in the greatest Deceiver of modern times? Did you just not know that there are Democrats and Socialized Democrats or even what the difference is? Guess I already know the answer to that.

If this bill ultimately passes and you've done nothing to stop it, then you deserve to go down as a follower of The One who successfully destroyed our democracy. The whines of your liberal/progressive voices (what a laugh given I'd once been one until Socialized Democrats stole my party in the primaries) will be heard from here to hell where you belong for sitting on your hands, supporting a fraud and crying, oh YES, Daddy, pleaseeeeee hit me again. It feels SO good when you hurt me. Protecting the abuser is what the abused do best. YOU and your fellow bots are who the rest of us have to thank for what we now have before us.

Remember. The Roman Empire fell. And so too, can we. We are right on the cliff, hanging on desperately while these thugs in Washington continue to try to hoodwink us. And on Christmas Eve no less. Isn't there some kind of hidden irony in that? Just wait and see what this bill does to your already shrunken paychecks. Just wait and see what happens when you visit an ER and "no one's home" to care for you. Or when you're denied that service you need because you simply don't meet the criteria stated on a checklist some Insurancecrat has designed.

The current liberal mantra of justification is that "oh, well, it's just a start - at least we have something" and when you proceed to ask them just what they mean by that, the blankness of their stares trumps the fogs of London. Even who gives them their marching orders doesn't support the bill - but at this point, thebots are marching to their own beat of denial well beyond the ability to hear logic and reason....or, FACTS.

What a tragic day for this country. The story is worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy. Only worse. And where will YOU be when it's time for YOUR knock at the door?

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