Thursday, March 10, 2016

Look Who's Talkin'.....Again!

And so, we meet again and certainly well,  shall we say interesting, to be back here after many false starts and stops in my mind since the last time I dazzled liberals with my stunning insights.
 I haven't exactly been in hiding but I surely have been speechless as I've stood in terrifying awe watching the rate of progression toward the destruction of the America I grew up in.  Wow.  But every now and then, I have this urge to pop off about this or that lest I explode and social media has taken care of a lot of that...sort of.  That, too, happens to be one of my pet gripes but that's for another day.  I'm a bit rusty so I'm just going to engage in a bit of babble to get my sea legs again.  No, I haven't been ill or in jail or committed.....yet... but occupied elsewhere doing IMPORTANT things like art and photography and ya, still the jewelry from time to time.  For those who continued to contact me telling me how much you missed my snotty, snarky little voice, let me assure you that I have not changed.  In fact, I'm probably worse than ever but that, as always, is for my audience to decide.  And I absolutely have not changed my stance on the occupant of the White House - and sad to say, I far underestimated the "fundamental change" I warned about at the time which brings us to where we are.  Wish I'd been wrong all along.  As usual, I'll write when my muse urges me and maybe even between times - we'll see.  I'm as sickened as ever and even more than I could have imagined so refasten your seat belts and welcome back to a front row seat within the wanderings of my mind.  Hope all are safe and well. 

*Reminder for full disclosure - I am a former liberal.  The truth can be verified in the archives.

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