Monday, December 26, 2005

High Crimes and Misdemeanors!

Let this be our mantra. Let this be spoken aloud daily. Let there be no person you encounter where this does not pass your lips. NOT ONE DAY may this pass our attention. EMBRACE and ENGRAVE it into the fabric of your being. HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS!!!
May Mercy and Blessings be ours.
Love to all,


Ann said...

I agree! We won't have a Constitution to quote if we don't promote this phrase from it now.

Elsie said...

Count me in, too. I came across an excellent commentary earlier today, about how even conservatives are taking this seriously, and the tactics we can use to defend our civil liberties.

My Republican Family Discusses Impeachment
by Cather
Mon Dec 26, 2005 at 01:11:39 AM PDT
So The other night I went with my Grandad (who is celebrating his 90th birthday as of the 26th) to see Syriana. He said he couldn't follow it, and asked me "who were the good guys?" He couldn't understand that the good guys were being played by Sir Not Appearing In This Film. I love him even though he hasn't voted for a democrat in his entire life. Ever. That's tough for me, but he's my grandad. Tonight, at Christmas dinner, I brought up the "I" word...

Cather's diary :: ::

I have been working over the past several days-- since being back in East TN for the holidays-- to discuss politics with him. He loves his Kool-aid, but I was able to score points when I admited that the Right-Wing-Agenda has done a better job than the Progressive Community at talking about values and morals. Try this with your friends sometime. Use these very words. Commit yourself to making just one or two points. Keep them easy to digest, and start contrasting the Right-Wing-Agenda with the Progressive Community. For example, I mentioned that the Progressive Community is beginning to see the light, and some of us have begun to discuss the values we have long held-- which inform the policies we believe in. The Right-Wing-Agenda, by contrast, has been taling about values and has done an amazing job of talking, but as far as I can see, they have been unwilling to act morrally on these suposed beliefs. When I did this, I was amazed that Grandpa started to agree with me.

So tonight I dropped the biggest bomb on any conversation that has ever occurred at any table at which our family has ever dined. The whole family (only ten including in-laws and an out-of-towner) was there for Christmas dinner. Impeachment. Those three syllables shook the table with impact and import. There is something pithy to be said here, but it's nearly 3 am, so it's elluding me at the moment. The shocking thing? Everyone at the table (especially my uber-republican grandpa) agreed. Bush's actions warrant an impeachment trial.

This is an amazing breakthrough, and nothing short of miraculous for this sort of consensus to happen in my family. The entire conversation turned from "should he be impeached" to "should he be removed for his actions" and very quickly from there to "will he be impeached and removed". Tomorrow, when they turn on the TV, and read the paper, at every turn, I want them to see the story of W and his wiretaps. I want to see every news outlet discussing the "i" word-- question it if they want, hell, even decry it as ridiculous, but mention it. Make the bastards deny it! I have been reading diaries about avery stickers for a few days now. If that's your thing, great! The more that happens, the more real it will seem for Americans everywhere.

This brings me to today's sermon: Talk with your families about this, folks. Ask your Republican uncle if an impeachment would be successful given the evidence available, or would more be needed. Ask your Ann Coulter quoting sister-in-law if she has heard any buzz about a possible impeachment. That's my favorite question, because she just heard some buzz. The more I find out on this issue, the more willing I have become to talk about it, and the one thing I have found that everyone in my family can assent to is that the Constitution is a sacred document to this country. I am amazed at how quickly the topic caught on at the table, and wanted to invite others to share similar stories if they have them...

...season's greatings...

Anonymous said...

It wasn't brought up at my table because we are all of the same mind. It was just my children and my daughter's boyfriend.

I hope everyone is aware of the report that in a meeting discussing the Constitutionality of the Patriot Act, Bush said, "I wish everyone would quit throwing the Constitution in my face. It's just a g-d piece ofpaper."

Mary said...

Excellent reminder and thanks for bringing that up. Apart from his measurable actions, nothing he's said so far about the Constitution has been more despicable. Gee, I wonder when the mainstream will notice his remark! I'm not holding my breath.