Saturday, December 17, 2005

Something left to Fear

We have something to fear all right but it's not what you might think. This Administration is a huge rat caught in a trap and these thugs will do anything to stay in power.

This latest shredding of the Constitution and abuse of power along with the veiled Novak accusation that the President knows who leaked Valerie Plame's name to the same reporter, Novak himself, could potentially be the straws that break this administration's back.

We are all at risk.

Lies, lies, and more lies.

Make your disaster plans and hope for the best, unite as Americans in every way possible; refresh our memories with the history of who WE the People are and reclaim our democracy.

Forget about right, forget about left, forget Republicans and Dems alike...we are bigger than all of that. Remember the words of Patick Henry, and the sentiments of all of our Founders: "Give me liberty or give me death."

We cannot bring liberty to a peoples when we are on the verge of losing our own. If we truly are the people of God that so many claim to be, then now is the time to act like it. Live it. Breathe it with one another. No more fighting each other. We have a country to save. We have to get all of them out of power, legally and peacefully...all those who are living a luxury life on our hard earned money while our own brothers and sisters languish in New Orleans and Mississippi...the children..

There are many out here who could run for office with no experience and no money to begin with and do the jobs they do...What is it they do anyway? They certainly don't represent us. They want to torture. They want to give more tax cuts to the rich; charge us more to live. Destroy our planet with rulings always in favor of the corporations; they want us ill and unable to afford medicines that are inadequately tested. They want us to receive care from healthcare providers that is dangerous because of the financial constraints insurance companies have placed upon them reducing patient/staff ratios, lowering their reimbursment rates while increasing the cost of care and keeping the profits for themselves. I am a nurse. I know.

Pay attention to the internet media...all the cable networks lie. They are owned by only a few corporations. What does that suggest to you? Propaganda is their product. Read newspapers, talk to one another. Pay down your personal debts. Help all those you can so we can reconnect as citizens of this country.
And pray. To whatever God you believe in, pray. And beg that He/She/It or Whatever will show Mercy on our Souls. We are giving our permission to genocide. Each and every time we pay a tax. Each and every time we let our legislators go unchallenged. Each and every time we accept another rise in gasoline and heating oil prices. Each and every time we remain silent as Diebold moves to our state. Each and every time we think supporting our troops means slapping a yellow magnet on our trunk. So long as someone is out there fighting for an illegal war while we can have fun driving around to obtain the goods that support our selfish status quo, we spit upon our troops.

In the name of that God you claim to believe in, it must stop. We must stop. We must fix it. Take ownership of all we have done, forgive each other and then speak with one voice: "Give me liberty...or give me death."

Then we will know what to do.

Peace to all in the season of The Peacemaker,


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