Friday, January 13, 2006

Condition critical!

Once Samuel Alito is confirmed, which appears increasingly more likely, we can kiss our democracy good-bye. For those of us who have been following his confirmation hearings over the past week, nothing could be more clear that our entire country hangs in the balance. It would be impossible to address all the issues involved given the space available but for those of you unable to watch, CSPAN repeats them each night at 8pm and I would venture to guess that they will be rerun this weekend. You are not getting the critical information you need to determine that his confirmation will destroy us because as we know, the main stream media nor the cable news networks exist except for the sole purpose of delivering bush progaganda. I urge you to research his despicable record and determine for YOURSELF that appointing him to the highest bench of our land is to willingly participate in the destruction of all we once knew and believed in as fellow citizens and all that our children and grandchildren will ever know.

From time to time, I've posted commentary from special people in my life and I'd like to share with you, a piece written by a very dear and incredible woman whom I'm honored to call my friend. She is a tireless patriot, an astute citizen journalist and a woman whose hands I'd put my own life into. Please give her your eyes, ears and mouth as you pick up the phone and do as she asks of us. I, will you?

From my friend...

I just spoke to Bidens office...about Alito.

The wonderful young man i just spoke to took alot of anger from me about Alitoi discussed this post from last night on DU..i would like to credit :HeatherDawn a welcome and new member to DUpost #24.

Unitary Executive and Adam Ciongoli ...

Unitary Executive and Adam CiongoliIt seems like a conspiracy that the Democrats don't ask Alito, or inform the public, regarding PNAC and the Unitary Executive theory.This is a link to an extensive history of the theory of the Unitary Executive and its implementation by the Bush administration:

Samuel Alito in a 2001 appearance before the conservative FederalistSociety, he said he continued to believe in the idea of the \"unitaryexecutive.\" That concept holds that the Constitution gives the president all federal executive power, and means Congress likely could not grant agency heads powers outside the president\'s reach. Another "smoking gun" I personally have noticed is Adam Ciongoli. Identified by Sen. Durbin during his 20 min. questioning session as Alito's "Corner Man" with whom Sen. Durbin had a dispute with during one of the breaks at Alito's confirmation hearing. He has been Alito's fiercest supporter and has been featured on all of the major news networks and identified only as a "former Alito Clerk" but he is much more than that. Adam Ciongoli has been described as John Ashcroft's right hand man and was one of the key drafters of the Patriot Act. He also was in charge of handling the flow of information, or lack thereof, to the 9/11 commission. He is currently general council for Time Warner. He is also a believer in the Unitary Executive theory.Time Warner owns CNN among other things. Why, oh why is the guy who wrote the Patriot Act working for Time Warner. Another thing I want to mention that they ask these Judges about their "Judicial Philosophy" but during the Presidential election no one asked Bush about his "Presidential Philosophy" (Unitary Executive Power)

Well that's a different topic all together.......................................................................I was so upset after reading this last night ..I couldn't sleep...and I was pretty angry when I spoke to Senator Bidens phone answerer...he referred me to today's NYT and said it said it is possible that none of the 9 Senators will vote for Alito but he did tell me I should be contacting Senator Nelson of Nebraska..that he could be the lone dem voting for Alito..please please please....may I ask each and every Du'er (and all citizens) to get on the phone and make a call to Nelson of Nebraskas office...and demand he not vote for Alito...ask your blogs to CALL AND WRITE..ASK YOUR family members, ASK YOUR FRIENDS..LETS flood this man with calls and letter, emails..faxes...we must hold Nelson of Nebraska accountable..Please no excuses ..get on those phones to Nelson's office...we must light a fire under!!! Thank you for listening...

As a flight crew with one of the Airlines of 9/11, I cannot sit back and see this man confirmed into my Supreme Court...and to see who was the gatekeeper of any meaningful investigation of 9/11 and the info that was made available..this is just despicable to it should be to all of you...the truth of 9/11 may never be known..and the gatekeeper and Alito will be partially responsible for that...think about it when you take your shoes off at the airport next time you fly! or when you are put on the "no fly list" because of your political alignments!

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