Sunday, January 29, 2006

If your voice ever counted..

It would be now, my friends. Never before have we stood on the precipice of destruction - we've never been taken over before. Time is too important to offer yet another editorial on the reasons's all right here... "We told these truths to be self-evident," both the broader truths of our Founding Fathers as well as the truths we have before us today.

We know the truth. And this is why we must not allow Samuel I. Alito to become the key that closes the final door to Democracy. The final loss of the last branch of our government will indelibly mark our future as fascist in the truest sense of the word. Is this what we want? No, I don't believe so. In fact, I know so. I know because WE ARE THE PEOPLE and WE have the power to change things even though the horizon appears dark. But if you stand at the edge of the shore and the boat you are gazing at seems to disappear, has it? No. It is simply out of your view. WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT NOW, TOGETHER AND UNITED BY OUR COMMON HUMANITY AND OUR THIRST, NO, DEMAND FOR THE TRUTH, for what is right, what is holy and what is good.

Judge Alito wants to take our rights away. He wants to give the president "unitary executive" which simply means that the president may act as a lone ranger and we all know what a mad cowboy can do. Alito loves Mr. Corporate - he cares nothing for you and me. He likes being the big guy, stepping on women, strip searching children, dismissing the people's right to be heard and all with the blank stare of a sociopath. WE MUST NOT ALLOW HIM TO TAKE OUR SUPREME COURT AWAY! HE IS AN EXTREMIST!

Below is an all-purpose way to suit your own preferences of communication, fax, or email.


Please. Let us not let our children and our children's children know us by what we did not say.

Toll-free numbers for Congressional Switchboard:1-877-851-6437 or 1-888-355-35881-888-818-6641 or 1-800-426-8073Free, One-Step Online Fax to 12 Key Senators!!

Please contact key senators who can provide critical support to the filibuster effort! Click here for free, one-step faxing to 12 key senators ->

EVAN BAYH, Obama, Dodd, Lieberman, Biden, Bill Nelson, Durbin, Snowe, Reid, Schumer, Clinton, Chafee, Feingold.Sign Senator John Kerry’s Open Letter to AllSenators: /

One-Step Email to 14 Key Senators(list above + Senators Boxer & Feinstein):

Got 5 more minutes? Email Red State Dems who are currently being targeted by ads created by the folks who brought us the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (AR) 202-224-4843Webform: Sen. Mark Pryor (AR) 202-224-2353Webform: /Sen. Mary Landrieu (LA) 202-224-5824Web Form: Byron Dorgan (ND) 202-224-2551Email: senator@dorgan.senate.govSen. Kent Conrad (ND) 202-224-2043Webform: Sen. Tim Johnson (SD) 202-224-5842Web Form: Sen. Robert Byrd (WV) 202-224-3954Web Form: Ken Salazar (CO) 202-224-5852Web Form: Sen. Susan Collins (ME) 202-224-2523Web Form: /

Warmed up? Ready to Go For Broke?

Toll-free numbers for Congressional Switchboard:1-877-851-6437 or 1-888-355-35881-888-818-6641 or 1-800-426-8073Direct Phone Numbers:Bayh, Evan (Democrat – IN) Phone: (202) 224-5623Lieberman, Joseph (Democrat – CT) Phone: (202) 224-4041Biden, Joseph (Democrat – DE) Phone: 202-224-5042Nelson, Bill (Democrat – FL) Phone: 202-224-5274Durbin, Richard (Democrat – IL) Phone: (202) 224-2152Snowe, Olympia (Republican – ME) Phone: (202) 224-1946Reid, Harry (Democrat – NV) Phone: 202-224-3542Chafee, Lincoln (Republican – RI) Phone: (202) 224-2921Feingold, Russell (Democrat – WI) Phone: (202) 224-5323

Help contact the Alito 48

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