Saturday, April 15, 2006


Dear Mr. President,

As you KNOW, because I am QUITE positive that you and your buddies are having some fun with my website and my political views, I can't stand you. I only wish I could have the opportunity to look you in the eyes to say that to you but since I can't, let me clarify my reasons for, shall we say my INTENSE DISLIKE for you and your policies? Nothing personal, mind you, I just can't abide liars. But now, as I think of it, to list all my reasons would mean that I'd then be tied up for the next three days and I really have to get my Easter breads into the oven.

So, I'll be brief, to the point, and focus on just ONE reason I despise you and your Fundie Friends.

I HATE your views about gays and lesbians in the name of Jesus, your Savior. Though you'll be pleased to know that I consider myself a heterosexual, I believe that ALL people should be treated equally and had you paid attention in grammar school, you would have believed that too. Frankly, I'm a little surprised that when God talked to you, He didn't throw that in just as a reminder.

I really don't give a flyin' Easter bunny who does what in their own bedrooms (unless it involves something that WE are paying for as in "suspect" visitors to the WH)., and NOOOO, I'm NOT referring to James Guckert Gannon but, I stray.

My reason for writing to you is this. For once, and this is most likely the one and only time so don't get too excited, you HAVE issued the proper communication from the White House. I learned this morning that ALL of the public is welcome to attend the Easter Egg Hunt and that your administration has no intention to make that into an "invitation only event" next year. I am very proud of you, Mr. President. I have to wonder now if Jesus really IS talking to you!

So, I'd like to acknowledge that you for once, have done something good. See? We liberals WILL give credit where it's due.

I have only one question of you that you may certainly feel the march of freedom in forming your decision as whether to answer me or not.

Will you be hiding any Easter eggs under your desk?

Happy Easter, Mr. President. I am praying for you---that's allowed, right?

"There is nothing worse than gangrene of the soul."Mike Malloy ~ 1/20/05


NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current President.

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elcymoo said...

It's all well and good to give Bush credit for admitting all children to the WH Easter Egg hunt, but I heard last night that he'd already spoiled that, too:

WH Easter egg hunt....

President Bush appeared and LEAKED where all the eggs were located.

---- David Letterman April 14, 2006