Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reverend Obama Racist?

Hmmm..lost track..or would that be "reverse racism?" Maybe Pastor Barack needs to remove a few planks out of HIS eyes?

Jesse Jackson Jr. (Obama’s national co-chair) implies Hillary is a racist.

Obama campaign memo that was integral in swiftboating the Clintons on race.

Obama spokesman continuing the swiftboating of the Clintons on race before South Carolina.

Obama praising Reagan, using him to attack Bill Clinton.

Obama attacks Edwards and Hillary in Iowa for what he would do himself in Nevada.

Obama takes a page from Rove and attacks Edwards in Iowa on his strength.

Obama attacks Edwards, using the familiar “Edwards is a phony” meme Obamites used on the netroots. “"Part of the problem John would have in a general election is the issues he's taken on now are not the issues or the things that he said four years ago, which always causes problems in general
elections," Obama said of Edwards,”
(To know what Edwards actually said four years ago read )

Edwards on Obama’s campaign tactics.
Earlier in the debate (this is what Edwards was alluding to. Obama is replying to Hillary):

St. Obama: But when you comb my 4,000 votes in Illinois, choose one...... try to present it in the worst possible light, that does have to be answered. That does have to be answered.

Later in the debate:

EDWARDS: The question is, why would you over 100 times vote present? I mean, every one of us -- every one -- you've criticized Hillary. You've criticized me for our votes.
OBAMA: Right.
EDWARDS: We've cast hundreds and hundreds of votes. What you're criticizing her for, by the way, you've done to us, which is you pick this vote and that vote out of the hundreds that we've cast.

David Axlerod, Obama’s top adviser, claimed on television that he could not remember anything Edwards had done in the Senate—even though four years earlier he was listing the great things Edwards had done in the Senate when he was working for Edwards. Is his memory that bad or was he lying?

The Obama campaign smears Bill Clinton with a lie:

We've just obtained an email that shows that the Obama campaign yesterday circulated a negative, and ultimately false, story about Bill Clinton -- that he allegedly made money giving a speech on September 11, 2006.
This email is unusual in that it is flagging something potentially negative not about a primary rival but about the former President -- one who obviously isn't running in the Democratic primary and who remains popular with Dem primary voters.
The email, which was sent out by Jen Psaki of the Obama campaign and circulated to reporters (not us) on an off-the-record basis late yesterday

The story spread about Bill ultimately turned out to be false. It ended up on Drudge yesterday, where it was given heavy play for many hours, though there's no proof that it was given to Drudge by the Obama campaign. After Drudge posted it, The Observer's Politicker blog thoroughly debunked the
story, pointing out that Bill's schedule proved that he'd actually given the speech the night before, on Sept. 10.

The Obamite thread about Hillary included two criticisms Hillary mundane criticisms Hillary leveled against Obama, including one in which she said Obama offers false hope. There is no need to document the countless attacks, usually veiled, that Obama has made on Hillary and to a lesser degree
Edwards. We all know it. He does so in almost every speech! Here is a sampling, courtesy of the website /

(Obama went on the attack two days after beginning his “positive” campaign)

02/12/07 HEADLINE: Obama's first salvo targets Hillary Clinton

06/15/07 Obama campaign pushes opposition research falsely accusing Bill Clinton of giving paid speech on 9/11/06.

06/16/07 Obama campaign pushes opposition research referring to Hillary as ‘(D-Punjab).’

07/27/07 HEADLINE: Obama likens Hillary to Bush; Hints at poor foreign policy

10/12/07 Obama says Hillary is leading 'because she's Hillary Clinton as opposed to Hillary Rodham.'

10/11/07 Obama accuses Hillary of trying to 'massage the past.'

10/12/07 Obama campaign says it questions 'what principles, if any' Hillary has.

10/13/07 Obama says Hillary is willing to 'go along with Bush policies.'

10/15/07 Obama says Hillary is 'the most calculating politician in this race.'

10/28/07 Obama says Hillary believes 'you should hedge and dodge and spin, but at all costs, don't answer.'

10/30/07 Obama chief strategist: Hillary 'has a special-interest obsession.'

10/30/07 Obama says Hillary 'has not been truthful and clear.' /

11/01/07 Obama chief strategist says Hillary passes 'everything through a political calculator' and is not 'forthright.'

11/01/07 Obama campaign said Hillary 'offered more of the same Washington political calculation and evasion.'

11/02/07 Obama said Hillary has 'one position one day and one position another day.'

11/07/07 HEADLINE: Obama: Clinton flip-flops on energy

11/14/07 Obama surrogate Larry Tribe: ' not really a phony, though she plays one on TV.'

11/18/07 HEADLINE: Obama accuses Clinton campaign of mud-slinging with Novak column

11/27/07 Obama Mocks Hil 1st Lady Role

12/18/07 Obama Hits Hillary In New Hampshire Mailer

12/21/07 Obama Camp Registers Anti-Clinton Web Sites

12/18/07 Clinton makes nice, but Obama questions her character

12/27/07 'Barack Obama's right hand man thinks may have had something to do' with Bhutto's assasination.

12/27/07 Obama's campaign links Bhutto's assasination with Hillary's 'different judgment'

12/27/07 Obama links Bhutto's assassination to politicians like Hillary who 'have not made particularly good judgments.'

12/28/07 Obama's campaign says Bhutto's assasination was 'yet another manifestation' of Hillary's poor judgment.

01/09/08 Obama supporter calls Hillary one of the ‘guardians of the status quo.’

01/10/08 Obama supporter mocks Hillary’s teary moment and says ‘don’t cry’ to Obama. /

01/10/08 Obama supporter doubts Hillary’s sincerity and says ‘those tears have to be analyzed.’

01/11/08 Obama supporter suggests Hil’s tears were crocodilian.

01/18/08 Obama suggests Hillary was not truthful and was 'willing to say anything to get elected.'

01/18/08 Michelle Obama says Hillary represents 'the same old thing over and over again'

01/18/08 John Kerry says Hillary uses ‘the kind of politics I expect from the other party.' /

01/21/08 Obama accuses Hillary of being 'willing to say anything to get elected.'

Yesterday: Obama releases a lying ad in Wisconsin.

For months: Obama has lied about his plan being universal, aside from a short interlude of honest which disappeared as soon as Iowa and New Hampshire approached.

Race Baiting

Everyone thinks race became an issue in January. In fact is was introduced into the race in November by the Obamas. Remember this was at a time when Hillary looked bulletproof in Nevada and led big in New Hampshire. Obama was in a close three way battle in Iowa (this was before Edwards faded in
Iowa, only to recover late but it was not enough). He needed to build a firewall in South Carolina. The exit poll from the South Carolina primary makes it very obvious how he did it.

November 12, 2007:

With polls showing African-Americans have yet to give overwhelming support to White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), his wife Michelle said "black America will wake up and get it" in an interview running on MSNBC on Monday.
(this was at a time Obama was in the 40’s with black voters in an eight candidate field. Clearly his wife expected him to get well more than the 40’s and we now know what tactics they used to go from the 40’s to the mid to high 80’s)

Obama supporter Charles Barron, a NYC councilman, (November 2007): “Why wouldn’t black people support a black candidate who is ready to lead America?"

November 30, 2007. Obama supporter Chris Rock at a Harlem event:
A few minutes later, the comedian Chris Rock picked up on that theme. “You’d be really embarrassed if he won and you wasn’t with him,” Rock said. He altered his voice to comic affect. “‘I had that white lady. What was I thinking? What was I thinking?’”
Jesse Jackson Jr. implies Hillary is a racist.

Obama campaign memo that was integral in swiftboating the Clintons on race.

Obama spokesman continuing the swiftboating of the Clintons on race before South Carolina.

Jesse Jackson Jr. playing the race card to win over superdelegates.

In an interview, Cleaver offered a glimpse of private conversations.

He said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois had recently asked him "if it comes down to the last day and you're the only superdelegate? ...


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great blog post, thanks.

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Great blog post, thanks.

Hillary 2008!