Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A "New Direction" Alright...Straight to Hell

What in the HELL is going on here????

Who ARE these people???

And WHAT have they done with my country???

Well, you go on and feel free to buy it cuz I ain't. I will NEVER be a part of cult-worship or group-think; nor, will I EVER allow myself to participate in mass hysteria (OR hypnosis for that matter) because if this isn't that, then I don't know what is. (Up is down, black is white, right, Alice?)

Obamination. The United States of Obama. Oh, ya, baby, buhleeeeve it. All semblence of thoughtful discourse is gone. Don't trust me? Put on MSNBC. Pornography is the only word that comes to mind. If someone told me "QUICK, run to the TV! Matthews is masturbating live and Mitchell's blowin' Keith," I wouldn't be one goddam bit surprised. CNN - same church, different pew. And O'Reilly "rootin" for him too!

What is it, WHAT WHAT WHAT made you think that THIS, whatEVER it is, was gonna be better? Were you reduced to such a point of despair that any ol' thing that came along peddlin' hope would be enough for you to abandon your critical thinking skills and hop on a bandwagon to destination hell? Depression? Apathy? Ignorance? STUPIDITY???

He's got his own TV channel, didya know that? All Obama all the time for the hardcore types. Don't mind me...I'm just a little freaked out with it all today cuz W's pulling up stakes...what is it about this scene out there that reminds me of History Channel footage from Hitler's heydey...oh, come now, Mar, everyone just loves a party, right?

The arrogance on display is simply staggering. And so is the hypocrisy. Democrats who exoriated the previous (almost) adminstration for planning an extravagant inaugurationcoronation in the face of a war *wink wink* were silent when it came to the bucks for this exhorbitant, unprecedented gang bang. And we need bailouts? Wonder how those troops feel over "there" if they should be catching a little R & R in front of the tube knowing that no one invited them to THIS party...

One party rule. One party. One. Looks like it's "The One" after all as his mocking face is plastered on anything a blank space formerly occupied. Scam. Sham. Take your pick - either's fine with me.

At noon today, while you're leaving lip prints all over your screens and christ knows what else, you can kiss democracy (tongue in cheek) good-bye. But just remember - there were those of us who WERE here...who tried to tell you...who tried to warn...reason with you...teach you...appeal to your higher self as we pointed out again and again that it's the Lie that's the greatest sin of all, but, you bought it anyway. You wanted change. Be careful what you wish for, eh?

What was that bit about worshipping "strange gods before me?" Such is the stuff of lost souls...oh, wait...here's a better one...for you, Malloy...in fact, your OWN words I came to choke on..."there is nothing worse than gangrene of the soul"...Ya, that's it right, isn't it? 'Cept, when I heard those words, I forgot to factor in that they came from the mouth of an atheist...who. don't. believe. in. souls...ha-ha! Joke was on me! F-f-f-ool me...ohhh, why bother.

From where I stand, it is true. Every man does have his price. I just never in a million worlds would have imagined that ours would be so cheap.

Happy Obama Day.

NOT fooled here.

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navyvet48 said...

That was a wonderful and thought provoking post. I have added you to mu blogroll. I will be reading everyday. And I will stand with you anyday. I will be shoulder to shoulder with you when we march on DC. A day of reckoning is coming for the masses and we will lead the wayward and bamboozled into the wasteland of DC. They will hear our words and wonder when they are all thrown out of Congress. This will be the ultimate revenge!