Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This One's for You, Michael...

Lies. Corruption. Fraud. Apathy. Ignorance. Bail-outs. Robbery. Greed. Change-HA! Cabinet. Insiders. Reruns. FISA. Affirmative. Israel. Silence. Palestine. Silence. Big extravagant party. Mobsters. Complicity. Duplicity. Pay-go. Pelosi. Impeachment. Off. Table. Re-anointed. Reid. Dirty. FISA. A- Ok. Press conferences. Radio Addresses. Silence. Constitution. Gone. Iraq. Where? Afghanistan. Bigger. Malloy. Lost. Foreclosures. Dodd. Mortgages. Frank - as in Barney. Audacity. Caroline. Dynasties. Entitlement. Aristocracy. Plutocracy. Corporatocracy. Panetta. Joke. Richardson. Karma. Unemployment. Prisons. For. Us. Chem-trails. Troops. Who? Oh Come, Oh come, Emmanuel. Blagojevich. Denmark. Rotten. Debt. Ten Trillion. Republicans. Democrats. Same. Pardon me? Brain-washed. Media. Bought. Owned. Slogans. Rhetoric. Hypocrisy. Betrayal. Sanjay Gupta. Hilarious. Failure. Snake-oil. Lincoln. Defiled. Martin. Never. Birth certificate. Poof. Burris. Banned. Cover-up. Jackie-O. No. Disinformation. Everywhere. Sexism. Racisim. Vogue. Big Pharma. Toxic. Healthcare. Reform. Sure. Cheney. Rove. bush. Free. Accountability. Who cares. Wall St. Winners. Main St. Losers. Independent commissions. Dream. Daeschle. Nightmare revisited. Podesta. Rerun. Lieberman. Victorious. Robert Gates. War. More. Status quo. Recession. Depression. Are you? Madoff. Ponzi. Thief. Air America. NovaM. Morphs. Into. Rightwing Talk radio. Reversed. Equal. Hatred. Spewed. Americans. Duped. Asleep. Democracy. Illusion.

So, dear Readers, behold the flight of ideas that has rendered me speechless since the grandest scam of all has been perpetrated against us...and is it any wonder that it is difficult to find coherence now that the deed is done? Is it this way for you as well? I know that those who have inquired about my silence feel the same...but what about YOU? Have you seen it yet? Does it even matter anymore? Is it bigger than all of us who seek truth? PNAC? New World Order? The perfect "One" in place? Do you know your History? Do you look beyond what you're told? The French Revolution? The demise of the Soviet Union? The Fall of the Roman Empire??? Come on! Do you think we're any different? Why? We are not a nation of peace...we never have been. Look at us now. Is it too late? From where I stand, that appears to be the case. So...where do we go from here? Do you think the word "hope" is your solution? Or "change?" I've seen neither.

I am living a Stephen King novel. Except, it's real.


Anonymous said...

Mary,, a cluster bomb of poignant, acerbic points crafted in a most amazing, magnificent seamless mosaic. It pains us all to feel the depth of despair we find ourselves in this day..

Anonymous said...

My favorite part, obviously, is the title.