Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letterman, Master Hypocrite!

See, I don't have to watch David Letterman and give him the satisfaction of increasing his already, well-deserved, tanking ratings. I also don't have to watch him to know that he's one of our finer hypocrites given the circumstances of his own "relationship" that began out of wedlock...thought we'd forgotten, Dave ol' Buddy? And I don't have to watch him to know that his penis is minuscule and even at that, probably requires Viagra by now....oops...sorry, Dave...just a little *joke*...all in good fun of course.

But I do have to speak along with every woman and male who stands against the blatant and despicable trashing of women, ALL women.

David Letterman deserves to be fired - it's as simple as that. Make that happen. Alert his sponsors. Until we stop allowing this kind of behavior, women will continue to be second class citizens which is still the sad truth.

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