Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh Woe is Me...

Ohhelllllooo out there...yep...still here but barely. There comes a point where you just have to say, ya, ok, well, you did everything you could and it's still all fucked that's why words are hard to come by these days as I continue to actively keep MSM from penetrating my life with their propaganda....This week - oh how 'bout this one - If I see the face or hear the mouth of Susan Boyle ever again on my tv set, it might be the last image left when it blows. Can you stand it? Is it me? Do you care???? Do you REALLY want to know about it??? Cuz, let me tell you something. I don't. I don't care one nanosecond about it when it comes to my thirst for truth about what our government's doing. How many campaign promises have been broken by now? Well, ya know what? I don't care. Oh, that Guantanamo Bay business? Fuddgeehaboudit. Look. I'm not going to get into it. My feelings were well known on this blog and if you want to know my stances, go back and read them. Right now, I'm fed up. I, among many Americans, tried to get the truth out. Where did it get us? Nowhere. Carry on, Fellas....The jokes on us, fine citizens....did you happen to catch Bubba and W yukkin' in up and coverin' each others asses while refusing to be critical of the current joker up in Canada???...Google it if you doubt me. Ever seen a boy's club before, huh? Oh, ok. You decide for yourself.

Abortion. They can count on it every time to get all the peoples' panties in a tool of distraction ever...oh, and well gay marriage of course....Come on, people, don't we REALLY need what really REALLY REALLLLLLY is a matter of national importance reported to us? Um, like torture? Come mon Obama - you got my attention. Do you have the courage and the will to defend the Constitution of the United States, release these memos and let us hold those accountable to the maximum??? Do not be an accomplice in this - you don't have my respect but this could go a long, long way to at least getting my respect for one thing you've done. Bet you love your choice of Biden, huh? See how those "things" come back to bite ya? Stuck with the class buffoon. But torture, buddy? No torture, Sir. Do it. It is the only moral choice to make.

The previous administration deceived Americans in unprecedented ways. But come on...the facts are clear. You simply must know your history from the Nixon years on. That's not too much to ask now, is it, considering we've been here since 1776 or thereabouts, right??? We continue to be lied to...and oh, Cheney? You're not in charge anymore...crawl back into your coffin and pray to your devil god that Obama stays as ineffectual as he is and true investigations never materialize. But just SHUT-UP!

We were warned about what would happen by Eisenhowever and John F. Kennedy. And, didn't listen.

You Armaggedonists - you might just get your wish at the rate we're going here. But half of you continue to deny global warming. You make me sick - especially you scientists who argue whatever it is you do - Still, Al Gore is no hero of mine - he lied to us folks...I don't care WHAT went on in FL 2000 - I wanted to know simply the truth of it. The only person in the position to tell us was Al Gore. He didn't. Perhaps global warming was catharsis (and earned him a pretty penny too) - I don't know and I don't care but are we really hearing about the scientific facts pointing to flirting with planetary annihilation??? I understand but don't quote me, that the Big Spender-in Chief is having a high ol' time cavorting around in Air Force One - for dates with his wife and the like. While this country is broke. Does the hypocrisy never end???

Hey, what's up in know...that country they don't want us to think about anymore? The war that's still going on but you won't see them talk about it on MSM? Silly DON'T look over there but looky HERE to Afghanistan!!! The place the Ruskies had to abandon. But we'll git 'em, won't we...Gets to them each and every time....the "power" to hold life and death in their hands...the money....the power....the greed....

You believe it stops at the top? Do you really? Well, bro' or sis', you better think twice. The joke, as Clinton and Bush so clearly pointed out - is on us.

Who is really pulling the strings?



That's it. That's the best we can do with it.

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