Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Then so be it. I am a Racist.

There is a choking rage inside me. It's foul. Bitter and bloody with a bile tasting of outrage and fury. I am sickened with disgust and anger toward those I must direct it and should you find yourself among them, then, good I say. I want you to FEEL it. No apologies. No explanations. And most of all, no excuses.

Maureen Dowd. Mike Malloy. Joan Walsh. Eugene Robinson. President Jimmy Carter. Randi Rhodes. And every single one of you vile hypocrites who DARE to call those of us who disagree with the present "administration" racists. Shame on you. No! Spit on you!!! How can you shame the shameless??? You...the supposed enlightened ones. The ones purporting to be the morally superior - the champions of the underdogs, the downtrodden. Whitened sepulchers in the TRUEST sense of the phrase are you.

Unable to defend this mistake in the White House that you drunkenly and blindly followed as the very sheeple you mocked without question - WHOSE conscience was it soothing when you voted for a man you tricked yourselves into believing was the answer to the causes you celebrated as you smugly called yourselves activists for Civil Rights??? No. Martin he ain't.

How DARE you conclude that people who DO have bona fide, legitimate reasons for not supporting not only the campaign of The One you assigned divine properties to but the thus far failed policies, positions and actions he's undertaken since ascending to his throne??? You, who would have otherwise been discerning, cautious, carefully examining facts and records, whirled yourselves into a state of brain-washed frenzy that surpassed anything Falwell and his ilk could have whipped up in a crowd of thousands. You suspended your critical thinking skills for what exactly??? A candidate of experience? Leadership? Upstanding associations? Principled views? Brilliance demonstrated through original rhetoric?? Voting consistently for the causes you espoused? Fie on you. Willing to shill, shilling at will, whose guilt were you attempting to assuage?

Oh, surely it must be the PH.D's in psychology you possess that place you in positions to pronounce racism as the disease afflicting those who refused to jump on your swerving bandwagons. Surely you're privy to the hearts and minds of those who sincerely question the Perennial Candidate and denounce their dissent with a blind dismissal and conclude - oh well, they're all racists. Again, how dare you?

You're playing with fire and you participate in a dangerous game. Unable to comprehend that you have become the very things you've mocked, you fail to see your own role in playing the race card - each and every time you find yourselves unarmed and defenseless in explaining how it is that your candidate just doesn't seem to be doing the things you HOPED he'd do. Well I have a surprise for you. Had you DONE the research, you'd have already have KNOWN he wouldn't be doing the things he seduced you with as he spoke his velvet words. You FELL for it and now, you can't admit you were wrong. And I mean YOU, so-called Progressive Liberals, a label I, too, once carried. He's sold you out - hey, did you notice? Where's your healthcare? Where's your ending of the war? Where's even your damn public option you so desperately sought??? Yet already, I notice it's all ok with you. You just change the goal posts, making excuse after excuse after excuse as you willingly participate as spectators in this Kabuki theatre playing out before your glazed eyes.

Each and every time you call out someone as being a racist when they disagree with your pseudo god, you unwittingly reveal the depth of your own. Do you eat, breathe and think in colors??? Do you have nothing of substance to fall back on when you attempt to defend the President of the United States who I remind you was voted in with a majority of WHITE voters who evidently were able to "overcome" the issue/non-issue of the color of one's skin? And for that matter, did you happen to notice when you read his books (which you obviously didn't as demonstrated by your inability to read between the lines and make a far better assessment than you did) that HE HAD A WHITE MOTHER??? Your accusations of racism don't even fit the bill so to speak.

ACORN is now a surprise that has caught you all off guard...and why should you even care about the facts? Psst...they were all there...well before he strode to Mt. Olympus. You were negligent in your roles as those who consider themselves opinion makers. You were deaf, dumb and blind. The war(s) continue - you know - those pesky little things that used to keep you awake at night. Well, I, the RACIST, am STILL awake at night, worrying sick about our troops. And where are you??? Why, busy calling those of us who HAVE kept the faith RACISTS. So GO AHEAD, CALL me a racist! Your opinions no longer matter to me. You're jesters. Fools. And paid ones at that. I wonder if that makes you similar to the fine folks at ACORN who facilitate prostitution for a living? The ones people like Charles Gibson know nothing about? Odd. We knew. How come didn't you???

Malloy - who guffawed and instigated many a rant against "the bush crime family" had NO problem whatsoever calling him a chimp and far worse, (and for the record, neither did I) nor spoke up in outrage when bush was boo'ed over and over again by the Democrats. I guess there was damn good reason Mr. Malloy would note many times that he believed the Feds were listening to his show....and with good reason. Hypocrisy at its finest here. A self-proclaimed "truthseeker." God, you make me want to puke.

Randi Rhodes - how lovely of her to actually call US the "N" word only she didn't use "N." And called Hillary a "whore." Oh yes...let's censure Joe Wilson but of course. I'm not going to detail the rest of these folks who are dangerous with a microphone or a pen. But I AM going to point out that you are doing everything possible to instigate those who really MAY be racists into actions that might result in the very things you proclaim to be against. Intellectual masturbation is usually harmless - except when it manipulates and encourages potential violence and further divisiveness...seems to me you won't be happy until you DO piss off enough people who are fed up and take to the streets but not for the reason you're peddling.

You make me sick. All of you. Your "Audacity of Hope" is the mirror image of the audacity of despair - how sad that I expected better from you. You're pissing off the wrong people. The ones you OUGHT to be pissing off are your own "flying monkey" left - those who are lying down and letting this administration toy with the dreams you'd HOPED would what have you got? From single-payer to public option to triggers and co-ops. How's that for meshing with your agenda? Well, from what I've seen, I guess it's ok with you as you continue to scratch your sorry asses and wonder what went wrong. I place the blame SQUARELY on you. MY hope lies within REAL Americans. Those who are fed up, see the lies continue and have the courage to voice their dissent - you know - DISSENT - the thing you ALL cried was patriotic. But, I guess that only applies when it's YOUR dissent.

So, you take your "racism" and your race cards and SHOVE THEM. Shove them good and hard till they come out your eyeballs and maybe, just maybe, it will be then that you see the light and see the horrific crimes, yes, MORAL crimes you're committing each and every time you call us racists. Your emperor has no clothes. Maybe in the light of day, some day at least, you'll have the guts to see and admit that. But from what are I see, YOUR brand of Kool-Aide is addicting. And, like all intoxicants, eventually, it will poison you. Let's hope you can save yourselves before that occurs.

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