Monday, October 12, 2009

"A New Kinda Wah"

Earth to Oslo...Earth to Oslo!

Attention, please!

Your new peace prize candidate has just declared another war, yes! Another one! And, it's on Fox News!

Well, thank God at least. Heaven forbid any news outlet speaketh against the Almighty One, King of the World - it's WRONG, dammit, just WRONG to present the other side of the story, unlike the Chris Tingle Legs Matthews, Mentally Deranged Olbermanns and Nakita Brezinkis of GEMSNBC who lost all journalistic ethics eons ago feeding you your daily dose of propaganda pablum. CNN at least has Lou Dobbs but we can go ahead and include them among the group of O sycophants too.

I am so relieved, so goddamed relieved that this administration continues to blow our taxpayer dollars on things of importance. Troops - are you listening? Your needs just took a back seat that blows you right out the back seat and under The One's bus already in danger of blown tires and serious front end misalignment.

It is kinda weird that I'm defending Fox News, huh? I'll give you that. But it's also kinda weird that we no longer have ANY cable mainstream media that will even REPORT on the issues that are concerning those of us who see that there are two parties - the Republican and the Obama Party, two heads of the one monster. Fox, though many things disturb me about them as well, are the ONLY ones who at least attempt to shine light on the deliberate dismantling of what remains of this democracy and so for that, I'm going to give them credit. And thanks for ACORN and Van Jones, Glenn. Guess it's true where there's smoke there's fire. BAD Fox News! BAD, BAD, BAD!

We've been taken over, folks. If you don't get that by now, then by all means, crawl back into your caves with your dog-earred copies of The Communist Manifesto and dream. Karl Marx would be very proud of you. And I bet Michelle Who Is Recently Proud of Her Country would be too.

VOTE THEM OUT! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM (except maybe Feingold - he flips though so not quite sure about him but let's give the benefit of the doubt for the moment) CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS AND TERM LIMITS!

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