Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is it possible.....

Is it possible, Mr. President, to sit your ass down for 24 hrs and do some WORK????

Is it possible for you to knock off the campaigning mode and at least TRY to become a president???

Nothing personal, but I'm SICK SICK SICK of seeing your face plastered all over my t.v. - sick of hearing that phony accent you use when talking down to people....sick of your arrogance...sick of your empty rhetoric...sick of the red herrings you raise...sick of the czars...sick of your inept foreign policy....sick of your apologizing and blaming America for the world's ills....sick of your photo-ops, sick of your petty, mean arrogance and your rooster bearing...sick of your lack of experience exemplified by your lack of understanding the Bill of Rights and freedom of the press...sick of being called a racist and watching you race bait every chance you get...sick of your irresponsible and unprecedented spending, sick of your lies about Obamacare, sick of your bots, sick of community organizers...sick of watching you try to pretend you're JFK hoping we make an impossible connection...I can't BELIEVE what you've done and continue to do to the country of MY birth...the philosophies you embrace and act upon illustrating your regard for socialism and Marxism....remember, it was you after all who challenged us to judge you by those you associate with...ya...YOUR words, not mine. No one really paid attention when you said you were about to change this country "fundamentally." Yup...that's what you said. Little did the bots know just how literal you were but those of us who had your number knew what you meant. And I won't even raise the topic of Afghanistan...or the Patriot Act....or gay rights...or Guantanamo Bay...I mean you've onlyyyy been there 10 months, right? Besides, it's all "the past administration's" fault as you remind us again and again and again.

I really, really REALLY wish you'd resign. I wish you'd decide this job is WAY over your head and decide to do the right thing by the American people and cut your losses and leave town. I really wish someone in the House had the moral fortitude necessary to draw up articles of impeachment and save this country from your "fundamental" change. Believe me, I KNOW you'd never do narcissist in good standing would. So I guess the only hat we have to hang our hats on is that America WILL wake up and boot you back to just wherever it really is that you came from and give us our country back. By the time you move along here, it will be unrecognizable. Please. Please RESIGN!!!

So, is it possible, America? Is it possible we can throw out ALL the koolaide...ALL of it that BOTH sides are intoxicated with...Can we do it? Though he'd like to think so, this is NOT Obamanation. Remember OUR roots???

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - author in question.

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