Thursday, November 19, 2009


I beg you, faithful readers, BEG KNOW I was a liberal Dem through and's all HERE right in this blog! Go back! Read my archives! And you already KNOW I speak to you from the depths of my breaking heart and deeply troubled mind and spirit.....THIS ADMINISTRATION IS A NIGHTMARE....You DIDN'T read his was ALL right there!!! (exemption here for those who did)...He is hell-bent on DESTROYING our country as we once knew it. You MUST MUST MUST get involved. You MUST MUST MUST do the research and stop trusting this despicable traitorous media. You MUST MUST MUST stop confusing "progressivism" with "liberalism" and thinking in terms of two parties - THERE ARE NO TWO PARTIES....THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT and serving ONLY themselves! NOT you! NOT me. But THEMSELVES! And, they are robbing YOU, your CHILDREN, THEIR children's children of the futures we could only dream for them. They MUST be shown that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge here and what they're doing to us is a SIN of the HIGHEST order. I don't CARE if you're a Republican. I don't CARE if you're a Democrat. What I CARE about is that YOU are an American - just like me - and our government has been HIJACKED!!! All the pieces fit now. Obama is HERE to usher in his version of new world order - DON'T YOU GET THAT??? Don't you KNOW your history??? Can you NOT separate yourself from the label you wear and use your eyes, your ears and your brain to figure out what's happened here???

This is it, fellow Americans. If we don't get these usurpers out of OUR White House, OUR House and OUR Senate, we are done. Over. Screwed to the wall.

Our ONLY hope is the mid-term election. That is IT. And then, in 2012, we complete the second phase of house-cleaning and vote EACH and EVERY one of these despicable thugs OUT OF OFFICE.

Who will come to lead us??? Is it YOU??? And if the answer isn't "yes," it's "me" because I CAN do "hope and change" with my vote and their punishment, then I don't know, America, I guess it's just good-bye.

Oh, and Reid, Dodd and DLC with your stinkin' emails to me today announcing your "Big News?" Here's some BIG NEWS for you. We are coming for you, oh yes we are. And WE, the REAL Americans you have dismissed, maligned, ridiculed and insulted will rejoice in the streets the day WE give YOU the pink slips when we meet again at the polls.

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