Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vile, Filthy Corruption!

This Congress MUST go! Get it, fellow American? All of them! Democrat. Republican. Well, maybe Bernie can stay, but sorry, Joe, for old time sake, you have to go too. (though I do love your stance to filibuster on Healthcare Travesty HR #Up Our Asses again)

What don't you get yet - even you who can't be bothered paying attention to your duty as an American to watchdog those who represent you - just WHAT is it YOU don't GET about what's going on here??? You need a Beck, a Limbaugh, a Rhodes or a madmann Olbermann to inform you??? You forgot your job description as an American citizen somewhere after YOUR birth certificate?

Progressives - you've been outted. Liberals? Grow up. Conservative folk - knock off the proselytizing - and you "Party" people? Please...just make it official...surround DC in the biggest protest circle possible and fire into center - better yet; take your party labels and your perverted understandings of words like reality, history, truth, patriotism, freedom, republic, democracy, socialism, terrorism, fascism, marxism, bias, research, corporatism AND JUST LOOK 'EM UP, OK?????? Can you just MANAGE to do just that??? I KNOW the farm on Facebook needs attending - I KNOW you gotta get your dose of Simon and the Susan Doyles of the world...and YES, you need to know if Jon Eight Kate but for GOD's sake open up your eyes and just see what's going on here!

Dennis Kucinich is the ONLY congressperson who bothered to explain his principled vote. And it sure wasn't for what that other so-called body of "representatives" did to you when they screwed you royally Saturday as they worked sooooo hard on a b00-hoo unscheduled workday. Disgusting, revolting, obscene don't even come close to describing their performances on CSPAN.

But I'm not talking to them. They're, pardon the pun, SWINE.


*Sanders and your steps...maybe someday I'll be able to say "vote them all out EXCEPT" for you.

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