Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Don't Let Us Down, C-span!

Calling all fans of the Downing Street Memo/Minutes!!!

Your calls and emails are desperately needed for C-span to consider airing Congressman Conyers' hearing on the same which is being held at 1:30 on Thursday. Please do what you can...just a few words will do. C-span has listened to us in the past and this is the 11th hour now. Here's the information for you. I thank you and our future grandchildren will thank you.

C-SPAN TELEPHONE NUMBERSMain Number: (202) 737-3220Viewer Services: (765) 464-3080 (for programming questions)C-SPAN Archives: (877) ON CSPAN or (877) 662-7726 (to order tapes)Employment with C-SPAN: (202) 626-7983 Washington Journal: Democrats (202) 585-3881Washington Journal: Republicans (202) 585-3880Washington Journal: Others (202) 585-3882
C-SPAN EMAIL ADDRESSESC-SPAN PROGRAMMING: SEND COMMENTS/QUESTIONSBook TV: Booknotes:>C-SPAN Radio: Washington Journal: Ask a Guest a QuestionWashington Journal: Contact the Producers PROGRAMMING QUESTIONS & SUGGESTIONSViewer Services: Questions about our schedule, how to buy videotapes, and for any other general comments about C-SPAN -

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