Saturday, June 04, 2005

A prayer..

Dance of Love

The moon is full of lusty light,
Take my hand, we’ll dance tonight.
Receive Her Love in Heaven’s sight,
Raise our power with all our might.

The Dance of Love enjoins our power,
We make Magic in this dark hour.
Skin to skin, flesh to bone
The Mystery awaits, no longer unknown.

Earth and Air, Water, Fire,
We summon the shield as we fill with desire.
Sacred Circle, cast in love
As is below, so it is above.

Round the fires we dance and embrace,
The light plays gentle upon your face
But faster, faster we move in grace,
O, Lady stir me with quickening haste.

Her Power aligns with ours within
We come together, this is not sin.
Our love releases, pours forth from our souls
Our union complete, again we are whole.

Communion shared as the gift we partake,
Goes forth to the world, from all we create.
Our Dance of Love for Her to see
Is the bond that unites and sets our souls free.

Who-ever You are, What-ever You are, He/She/It of all Creation, in the name of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, or Yahweh, behold the one who reveals himself as False Prophet, Deceptor, Hypocrite and Murderer. I beg You from each cell that I share with the Oneness of all You've created that is good and is holy, awaken the Light that dwells within your universal children and help us reclaim the gifts You have given us, those of grace, of truth, of peace and of love; and may the recognition of You in each other ignite and fuel the fires of outrage enough to burn out the vulgarity upon us as others who have gone before us have done.

Freedom misused, abused and misunderstood insults what You've given us and we've called Free Will. Awaken from their slumber those who have squandered Your gifts intoxicated by all that is material. Give them the hearts that the eyes can see through and let them know their sister and brother. Let them restore and renew all that is below their feet and above and around with commitment to never dishonor again the home You have provided us. May Awareness and Responsibility grow in all; may for-granted turn for-given.

May we live in Peace.

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