Monday, June 13, 2005

Well, now what are we gonna do???

"It doesn't matter who's wrong or right just


Ya, so who's got the last laugh, Jacko???

Oh, well, at least he got his 15 TRILLION minutes of fame, eh? Who cares how many soldiers died today. Downing Street what??? Oh, go down 2 blocks, take your first right, second stop light turn right and it's the first house on the left...duh. Wild man Dean done did it agin...didn't he know we were locking up "BAD" people??? How dumb can one unlovable guy be??? Just LOOK at the benevolent sneer on Sick Dick's face as he castigates the only Democrat to tell the truth in ten years. But as long as we know what brand of deodorant Michael Jackson wore to court today, all's right in our little world. Oh, and by the way, you stupid so-called media...Michael wasn't "stoic"...he was STONED you jerks!!!! Sedated off his ass!!! Get it yet???

Some days, it just doesn't pay to get up in the morning. I sure hope some celebrity commits a crime soon; otherwise, it's going to be a pretty boring summer.

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