Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, well, Senator Joe, that's not very good vetting now, is it? Can any old "joe schmoe" hook up with you without even a background check? Now this is something that might make me mistrust ALL the polls your campaign releases because it seems to me you'd think even your Mr. President Hi-Tech Spy On Citizens NSA guy would have caught this dude's unsuitability. Well, then again...

Or, *wink *wink *nudge *nudge was there something both you fellas knew about him?

Thanks and all credit to WTNH for some good sleuthing!

Polling company employee pleads guilty to fraud

(New Haven-AP, Sept. 19, 2006 5:05 PM) An employee of a company that conducted campaign polls for President Bush, Senator Joe Lieberman and other candidates for office pleaded guilty today to making up poll results.

Darryl Hylton of Hamden pleaded guilty in federal court in Bridgeport to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The Guilford-based company, Data-U-S-A, is now known as Viewpoint U-S-A.

Hylton admitted that he conspired to falsify survey and polling results to meet deadlines or other requirements that Data-U-S-A otherwise could not meet. He also admitted that he directed other Data-U-S-A employees to falsify results in a variety of ways, including changing demographic information, such as gender, to satisfy client requirements.

Hylton faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to 250 thousand dollars when he is sentenced on December Eleventh.

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*****The rest is a FACTUAL report from WTNH.

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Anonymous said...

The Lying Pollster - not even the tip of the iceberg. Even here in redneck Alabama , it is hard to imagine that 40+% of the idiots available still support
Prezdent Dum-Dum. Gallup and Rasmussen have been paid a hell of a lot of money to do polls for the Repubs over the years - no way they will give them results that resoundingly state "the people think you suck".