Saturday, September 02, 2006

Please sign Mike Malloy petition...

Please click on the link below to add your voice to the despicable attempt to silence a Voice of Truth for all time. Those wishing to check in to see for yourself, please go to and click on the archived shows Ben Burch so generously gives to all of us. Mike will rise again because truth always does but in the meantime, while we wait, please take this action on behalf of all Truthseekers and as Mike would say at the end of each show, "watch your back." Thank you all SO much for your support.

We endorse the Reinstate Mike Malloy on Air America Radio Petition to Air America Radio.

Read the Reinstate Mike Malloy on Air America Radio Petition

And one more way we can express ourselves against the growing movement trying to control what we hear or don't hear on the airwaves is to write to the people below:

Many people are fighting this in their own ways and I respect their view(s). Examining carefully as many issues I can considering there is no official report of facts yet, my position is that AAR needs to get a message. And that message from me is "if you are going to make business decisions that result in keeping the voice of truth from us, then I cannot, will not support you in any way." I want the truth in my life. Air America Radio? That is no longer represented by you. Our country is where it is right now for many, many reasons but among them is that we, as Americans, have become complacent regarding truth and perhaps more importantly, understanding the VALUE of truth.

I am one American who is not willing to sacrifice the truth ever again. That is why I was among a group of CT citizens yesterday to ask the New Haven Registrar of Voters to reconsider her rejection of the petition to remove Joe Lieberman from the ballot because he is falsely representing himself. I'm sick and tired of duplicity, deception and deviousness within our elected leaders that we know results in the corruption of government and friends, if you feel as I do, it is time to hold their feet to the fire. In fact, it's past time. The next question is:

Tea, anyone?


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