Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Let me be the first to wish the new president St. Patrick Day greetings:

Happy St. Patrick's Day, President O'bama.

Oh...you mean it's NOT O'bama? And here I thought IRELAND had your original birth certificate!

Well, sorry for the faus pax if that's not the case...but you can just SAY you're Irish for the day, right? Hell, why not...everything else you say lasts for a day or so before you change it. Well, maybe that's a little harsh..."earmarks" did take a little longer and so did the economy you blasted McCain for saying was "fundamentally strong." Oh, you're such a fey little imp, aren't ya, eh?

Well, never mind. It's all what you say it is, isn't it, Mr. O'President. With or without a teleprompter.

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