Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Laugh A Minute That Jokester Prez!

Um, Mr. Presiopenmouthinstertfootdent -

Guess they don't know this song in Kenya or wherever it is you are really from...shame on you for your deplorable remarks regarding the Special Olympics...who raised you anyway???


navyvet48 said...

I love Peter Paul and Mary....a lot better than Obama and his crude comments and his attck on veterans...he needs to be impeached just for being dumb!

Mary said...

Navyvet48 -

Thank YOU for your comment AND your service to our country - something this narcissistic Incompetent knows nothing about.

I am appalled at what he's pulling with our Veteran's insurance benefits - what a slap in the face and I'm being kind. And his minions aren't outraged yet??? Could there BE nothing more insulting to those who haven given up everything to selflessly serve and protect ALL of us?

But, what would a sociopath know of that?