Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Is There Life Out There?"....

Uhm..ummm...well, helloooooo anyone else noticing out here that the entire world seems to be coming apart???

It, whatEVER "it" is, had already gotten into the fabric by the time many began to wake up the past several years but now, it's coming apart at the seams...a rate increase perhaps??? But, did ya HEAR that what I just said???? IT'S COMING APART AT THE SEAMS.

Still not angry enough? Really. Then, really! Just WHAT is it going to take??? Don't tell meee - just FIND it! Somewhere! Ask the RIGHT questions, ok?

And for the sakes of all the gods and goddesses, if you understand or care to know nothing more about the rest of any of it, understand this:

Republican? Democrat? Independent. Lieberman Indepentent dependent CT Dem or WHATEVER that "other" party is - IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! THEY'RE ALL THE SAME...CORRUPTION IS CORRUPTION. WE NEED TO CLEAN IT UP. ALL OF IT AND IT'S A GREAT PLACE TO START: CLEANING!


Anonymous said...

Every day this fraud of a (Kenyan born) President drives a spike further into the fabric of what used to be the world's premier Democracy, and every day those who fill Congress hand him the sledge hammer. Yes this sham of a man is a Prophet alright. but one of evil wrought upon this world via the demonic "New World Order" and those elitists who feel themselves to be above all others. Vaccines deliberately contaminated with cancers and viruses. genetically modified foods which hold our health hostage, bacteria laden foods sold in the local market, and ginned up plagues surely to come is but a part of our now Socialist State. And who is the messenger? The Democrats of Washington. You disgusting, crazed lunatics,.. its change you wanted. it's change we must now all suffer with.

Mary said...

Here, here! Couldn't have said it better myself. Thx - M