Friday, April 22, 2005

Celebrate Earth Day

It seems it never really caught on, doesn't it? Valentine's Day is definitely bigger. St. Patrick's Day works for everyone, even if "O' " doesn't precede your surname. Try wishing a co-worker "Happy Earth Day" and see what kind of a strange look you get. No gift exchanges, no ribbons to wear - not even a bumper sticker as far as I can tell. I've never seen traffic halted or re-routed because of an Earth Day parade, have you? And even if you were so inclined as to pin a makeshift green ribbon onto your shirt, you run the risk of being labeled a leftist liberal or even worse, God forbid, a tree-hugger! Global warming? Surely it must be a myth and certainly, it will never affect us anyway...right??? That's eons away and by the time it really matters, "they'll" have probably figured out a way to pierce the CO2 bubble we oil gluttons cleverly called the "greenhouse effect" while tooling around town in our SUV's searching for a gas station charging 4.00/gal for a real bargain. By then, Earth Day won't even be a tiny italic reminder on a Day-Timer calendar.

I wonder how the president is celebrating today? Halliburton? Bechtel? GE? Raytheon? Do you think Kenny-boy will visit the White House tonight and belly-laughs over ANWR, his Clear Skies Act and abysmal environment policies will waft over the lawns as cigars are passed and some non-alcoholic champagne is sipped celebrating one more joke on the American people? On the world?

And how did you celebrate today?

From John Denver ~

Celebrate morning,
The cry of a loon on a lake in the night
the dreams that are born in the dawn’s early light
Celebrate morning

Celebrate living
The laughter that sings in the heart of a child
The freedom that flies at the call of the wild
Celebrate living,
Celebrate evening
The stars that appear in the loss of the sun
Whispering winds, “We are one, we are one”...

Celebrate earth Day, every day
Celebrate earth Day, every day
Celebrate land and sea
Celebrate you and me
Celebrate earth Day, every day
Celebrate land and sea
Celebrate you and me
Celebrate earth Day, every day, every day, every day.

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