Sunday, April 17, 2005

Down the Rabbit Hole

Speak to me, Silent Spirit, walk with me, warm the cold of my heart with the fire of your breath as I seek you in the magic of my forest.

The luminescence of the moon two days past full deceptively kept one step ahead of her as though presciently mapping her path through the thicket of wildwood before her. She came here often at this hour, seeking solitary intercourse in communion with earth's tear basin lakes among timber tall. She gazed out beyond the horizon where sky and water became one and musingly wondered how flat was once considered the destination of what lay ahead. Such depth before her, where the answers could all be found. I cry unto thee, Sacred Spirit, ease my troubled soul; I implore you, hear my call.

But what were the questions? Were they still waiting to be asked? In uncharted territory, each discovery is new. Ensnaring her sandaled foot, a tangle of brush gave her pause; the captor wishing to obstruct her path. Tossing it with vengeance back to the place it belonged, she smiled mirthlessly within as she released herself from its bondage. Does one form of bondage merely replace another? A question now no longer unasked.

What was that she felt? A change in the wind? The flesh on her arms, though, was not raised in chill. Overtaking her often, this response was more from soul. She looked to the North and saw not a thing. Her senses on alert now, she gracefully moved ahead as the wind caught her skirt in billowing wisps, her shawl a sail to her skin.

The magical mysteriousness that accompanies these chills without cold instantly engaged her attention as she forever sought to understand their source. She accepted them; yes, even welcomed them now as so often they spoke precaution, premonition or validation. Vigilant to her surroundings, she swept the landscape with her keen sight, employing only the corporal senses for now. Nothing informed her of irregularity.

The beat of her heart quickened in response to the heightening of Awareness and for a moment, an element of fear passed through her cognition. Respecting it as always, she wrapped her shawl more tightly about her. Gentle Spirit, give me rest, quiet the cacophony pounding through my mind.

A few steps ahead lay an oasis of majestic trees and wild shrubbery that formed a cove of unexpected privacy. As she approached for the rest she would take within hidden sanctuary, once again her flesh announced a reason for caution.
With a step misplaced as she paused to tighten her shawl about her, she lost her footing and found herself tumbling, turning, twisting, deeper into a cave unknown to her before. O, Saving Spirit, hasten to my aide...deliver me from my fear...rescue me from this paradise lost to my eyes behold the serpent of my innermost dread..speak to me now..leave me not for dead...what lies behind this wall before me, beckoning me to see?

Cerberus Snake, eyes of fire,
guarding, beckoning forth my heart’s desire.
Chill my bones, flesh my fear.
Forbidden secrets draw me near.
Why and how have I stumbled here?

Magical chamber made manifest,
I stand alone, a solitary guest.
Veil parted between dualed dimensions
Fills my soul with apprehension.
O, Magick Wall of transient tension.

O, Portal of pain, doorway changing face
Invite me through your loving embrace.

My soul births through my heart once torn.
My eyes behold her sparkling form..
Dance divine, she thus creates
Within her myst she holds my fate.
O Lady Light, she undulates.

Sun-birthed Moon, Midnight’s Noon
Heal me with your saving grace
Within this hallowed sacred place wrap me in thy love’s cocoon.

Vestal Virgin, sing to me.
Hear my prayer I offer thee.
Unclothe to me thy mysteries.

Creature unrevealed to me.
Veiled in Holy Mystery.
Sing to me so I might hear
Thy voice unspoken to my ears.
Let me see through blood-stained tears.

Relentless pounding of my heart,
Spoke she through lips that ne’er did part.
Oracle Fair, Maiden Divine,
Give to me a heavenly sign.
DonaCreiTun, whispered softly she, “You’re Mine.”

Sun-birthed Moon, Midnight’s Noon
Heal me with your saving grace
Within this hallowed, sacred place, wrap me in thy love’s cocoon

“Answers here you’ve come to find,
Searching far for Reason’s rhyme.
Locked within your Spiritmind.”

“Look to me, my Child of Love,
Find me in the stars above.
Gentle moonrays, sun’s caress,
Free your soul from Death’s Darkness.
See me in all you possess.”

Release me, now, Celestial Snake.
From my Darkness I awake.
Guardian of my ecstasy, bless my dream discovery....DonaCreiTun

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