Saturday, April 16, 2005

For This We Have Come...

So, dear one, all of a sudden, without warning, you find yourself in a place that seems foreign to you..yet, at the same time, somehow familiar. Most likely, you've had glimpses of this before, experiences that have penetrated your heart and spirit in ways you may not have been able to provide the luxury of introspection to, whether it be because it was necessary for you to live in the moment or to deal with many other influencing factors that prevented you from being able to make some level of sense of it all.

We arrive here for various reasons that I've found are mostly a result of an encounter, a crisis, a profound experience and even sometimes for nothing that is immediately apparent. Does everyone get here? I am convinced the answer is no. Could they? I am convinced the answer is yes.

Why don't they, you might wonder. I believe this is because most humans it seems, do not fully recognize, embrace or understand that one of the fundamental laws of spirit is the awareness that everything, everything we do, everything we live, Everything we experience is governed by Free Will. Simple as it sounds, difficult it is...Consider how the majority of this country alone looks for blame when "bad" things happen to's someone else's fault..and when that provides no answers, then it must be because God willed it or somehow it's His/Her/It's fault. Most rarely take it beyond that. Culture and upbringing and other complicated influences and factors determine this system of belief and as such, it's really understandable that few appear in this world as "masters"...i.e. Mother Teresa, Buddha, Jesus, Bucky, Dalai Lama, al. Yet, fame is not a requirement because the masters walk among us. When you explore their lives and others like them, you will discover common themes, common messages, keys perhaps, to open the door to what it means to be able to live in spirit.

You are in a place of discovery, wonder and awe...and I think with a sense that there lies much beauty ahead to be seen. Within you, you have the answers as to why this is happening now. What is “this” you ask but it is something only you can know. But, within this process of discovery, there comes one other awareness...and that is the awareness of pain. Pain, too, is a fundamental aspect of living this life, as fundamental as birth, the prick of the thorn of the rose, the fall of the leaf in a gentle autumn breeze. It is a necessary precipitator of growth and somehow, we have learned to experience pain as something to be rid of, something to scorn. As women, mothers, nurses, friends, sisters, however it is that we compartmentalize our own definition of self, we learn that we must find ways to take it away from those we care for, without ever once wondering whether the pain this person experiences is something that was governed by choices they have made on levels not seen or close to their own consciousness. Healing is hardly what we do.

So I think for now, as time allows, I will begin a written, hmmm..what could we call it? A guide? A Sharing? Or maybe simply the ramblings of a mad woman? :) Psychobabble run amok? That is for you to decide. But the buzzword is “Blog" so I'll capitulate to convention. Words are my toys, my favorite vehicle of expression; so, with that said, let us play.

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