Monday, May 01, 2006

Colbert's Coup

Stephen Colbert, entertaining at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner this past Saturday evening, may be standing in the Unemployment line soon and with this administration on board, may face far worse.

In a scathing commentary ranging from the crimes of bushco missing very few of the reasons they're now at 32% approval rating, Colbert demonstrated complete lack of discrimination as he ripped the press a new you know what.

Initially, it was my sense that his timing was off or that perhaps he is much less well-known in DC circles because there certainly wasn't a great deal of laughter coming forth from this motley crew both in the audience and the head table. It's always such fun to see Boy george made a fool of, especially because normally, all we have to do is watch him. This time, a singular, faux conservative voice did that quite deftly while hopefully managing the attendees to turn inside and search for their consciences that evidently left them years ago. Don't hold your breath for that though.

But did you happen to notice that this public egging of the leader of the "free" world was virtually ignored by the same charlatans much of Colbert's rhetoric was directed to? Therefore, I think it belongs in the Non-News Daily and just for fun, I've thrown in a few more items.

Non-News Daily

1. Stephen Colbert's Fallen Flat Humor
2. Rush Limbaugh's Arrest (would WE have a job after that?)
3. Live coverage of the NYC peace protest of over 350,000
4. Fornigate featuring a sterling cast of horny Republicans
5. Bombs away in Las Vegas on June 2, 2006
6. Rumsfeld's heckuva job
7. Abramoff's two week vacation while under indictment
8. Ned Lamont's energizing CT while Joe whines.
9. What was in george's glass at the WHPC dinner?
10. Why has President Rove lost so much weight?

CIA leaks, new plans for pre-emptive strikes, strangers visiting nuclear energy plants, genocide of Medicare recipents, economic lies and distortions, anonymous dead soldiers we don't want in our beautiful minds, Katrina...but alas, the list is too long. When you dismiss 750 laws as reported in the Boston Globe this weekend, it's awfully hard to keep up. But, you get my drift.

We don't mind! We really, really, don't mind or seem to care about WHAT that goddam piece of paper, that stupid Constitution says even though it's built right into it that we have the means to rid ourselves of this blight upon the earth. We've got our SUVS and our dwindling double incomes, we've got Survivor (I so love the irony of THAT one), the Sopranos, and American Idol to keep us entertained and cemented into the status quo that we just love.

Stephen Colbert? I'd like to shake your hand - the hand of a real American who's not afraid to speak truth to power and truth to morons. That's what courage is all about. But sir, please watch your back. Nothing is beyond this madding crowd. Be safe...and be strong. And thank you.

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