Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dear Joe Posted Under Your Nasa/Space Topic...

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? I thought this would be a fitting "issue" to select since I would imagine by now that you're feeling a bit on the edge of outer space given last night's MESSAGE to you from those of us who tried to tell you.

I wrote you and called you to the point it became almost a part time job for me, studying your votes, your positions and your behaviors as the so-called "Democratic" senator from CT. I TOLD your staff repeatedly that you had a big surprise coming to you with the grassroots practically delivering it to your doorstep.

You didn't listen and last night, you got the first evidence of our power - did you like it?

War, Senator, yes, that IS your biggest issue - you, the one who so cavalierly embraced(s) this disgrace to all of humanity. Alito, remember him? Remember how you voted? Remember how you stood up and APPLAUDED your friend, Governor bush as he lied his way again through the State of the Union address, a yearly event he couldn't even name??? I'm not even going to touch "the kiss." That's more of a Mafiosa kind of thing and if I know one thing, it's that you're certainly not Italian.

I'll tell you my final straw, Senator, not that I really had any misgivings about supporting Ned Lamont, because contrary to your thinking, this IS the issue. Everything else trickles down from there. What made me ravenously hungry to see you ousted though, was your now famous position re women needing ER services following rape or sexual trauma.

As a registered nurse, I'll tell you quite frankly that you made me PUKE when you advised women to toddle right along to the next hospital who would treat them - WHO ARE YOU TO DETERMINE THE PROFESSIONAL CODE OF ETHICS THAT MANDATES THAT WE ADMIT AND TREAT ALL PEOPLE THE SAME, REGARDLESS OF GENDER, CONDITION, RACE OR FAITH??? That, Senator, was the tolling of the bell for you among women and healthcare professionals - though I must admit that your Terri Schiavo position was dastardly as well. Oh, I could write an entire book about you had I the space and time AND keep in mind, as I've told you before when you weren't listening, YOU WERE THE VERY FIRST DEMOCRAT I EVER WORKED FOR AS A TEENAGER. How in the world do you think I feel looking at the sham you've made of all our hard work?

You're no environmentalist - I saw you get on board the Long Island blow torch in the Sound long after movement had started. Just another photo-op. Just another political calculation. You present yourself as Mr. Nice Guy but you know what, Senator? You're not a very nice guy at all. What you ARE is a traitor to our beloved Democratic Party and your history with the DLC believe me is not unnoticed. We stupid grassroots people DO know how to connect the dots..surprised? We've been watching you the whole time.

Money is your God, Senator and we know it. How much is sushi a pound these days? I don't know...I can't afford it. And if nothing else was made clear to you last night, it ought to be the power of the NON-CT bloggers you summarily dismissed.

I'll tell you what, Senator, I'll make you a deal. Call me. I dare you. I've left my name and number so many times I can't even count now but here it is anyway...***-****. If you had even one ounce of creativity, you might even consider attempting to woo one of my kind...remember us? The ones who PUT you there? I know you're counting on big money, particularly from your pet defense manufacturers and your buddies from Big Pharma. But guess what, Senator? YOU WORK FOR ME. FOR US. FOR THIS COUNTRY. FOR THE PROTECTION OF OUR PITIFUL CONSTITUTION YOU HAVE GIVEN PIECES AWAY OF AS THOUGH THEY WERE HOLIDAY DREIDELS. AND I SAY NO. NO MORE. ENOUGH. I'M DISGUSTED AND I VOW TO YOU AGAIN THAT I WILL WORK 24/7 TO ASSURE THAT NED LAMONT, a REAL Democrat, will be the standard bearer who has the guts to stand up to the evil of this administration in truth, integrity, commitment and REAL patriotism.

So, come on, Senator...give me a call. Let's see if you have the same qualities referred to above. We'll chat and I'll tell you what I need from you as a Democrat, a wife, a mother, a nurse and a HUMAN BEING.

Something tells me I don't need to sit by the phone.

Freedom IS on the march and our goal is one thing. LIBERATION FROM LIEBERMAN. We are TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!!! COUNT ON IT!!!

To be fair, I'm giving you notice that I am posting this on my blog. And should you call me, I will also post it on my blog. Now that I think of it, why don't you come on over here and sit with me a while...I know you like diners, I'll even feed you, ok?

Mary ****

MIKE MALLOY - 1/20/05

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